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A SmartDesk for Offices of the Future
Smart Products

A SmartDesk for Offices of the Future

|Jan 27, 2022

Autonomous is trusted by over a million customers and 100,000 businesses worldwide, providing industry-leading smart products for customers who work from anywhere. Whether it’s at home, a formal corporate office, or a casual tech startup, our range of smart ergonomic chairs and standing desks are designed to adapt to your needs and conform to your unique work style using forward-thinking new approaches in hardware and software. 

SmartDesk Connect

SmartDesks have long been a trending favorite among office workers who spend long hours working in front of a computer, built with useful user-centric features like effortless and quiet height adjustment, as well as four memory settings that ensure your desk always lifts and lowers to the exact right height, every time.

Now Autonomous is proud to introduce the next big thing: brand-new hardware that we’ve developed alongside custom software for smart ergonomic office furniture that’s more adaptable, smart, efficient and convenient than ever before.

SmartDesk Connect

Smart desks, smarter software

The SmartDesk Connect is Autonomous’ latest implementation of software designed to accompany rock-solid and reliable hardware, bringing the internet of things to your everyday tools. In this case, SmartDesk Connect not only functions like a normal sit-stand desk, but also allows you to wirelessly control and schedule sit-stand sessions right from the convenience of a mobile and desktop app, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS. 

SmartDesk Connect

The SmartDesk connect is designed for comfort and ease of use, with an extended height range and built-in anti-collision sensors that prevent the desk from hitting any obstructions above or below. The app even lets you adjust the sensitivity of these sensors in order to better suit your safety needs—an industry first. It’s perfect for shared spaces with kids and pets.

SmartDesk Connect

Change the way you work

The SmartDesk Connect includes functional benefits, like seamlessly automated reminders to sit and stand throughout the day that are guaranteed to improve the way you work and feel. It’s a desk that sparks excitement and a renewed sense of wellness as it helps you keep track of your sitting and standing schedule throughout the day.

SmartDesk Connect

We have put this product and its accompanying app through rigorous testing, tweaking and modifying them with tons of refinements in order to achieve what we feel is the ultimate experience of ease, comfort, and convenience for developers, creatives, and working professionals around the world. Feel inspired, re-energized, and ready to tackle any workday with a software-integrated desk that works with you, and keeps you fit and healthy throughout the day.

SmartDesk Connect

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