A whole month of Autonomous Black Friday!
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A whole month of Autonomous Black Friday!

|Nov 1, 2021

We all know Autonomous Black Friday is a great time to do your holiday shopping, or just to score a great deal and treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on. For people who’ve transitioned to working from home, Autonomous Black Friday is also a great opportunity to pick up some fantastic home office tools that can benefit not just your productivity, but your health and mindset as well.

But what if we told you that this year you don’t have to wait until Black Friday? 


Unlike any year before, Autonomous is putting on specials for a month-long Black Friday event It’s our biggest Black Friday ever—a month of Black Friday—and we’ve got a lot of incredible office tools you’ll definitely want to add to your wish list. 

These are tools like height adjustable desks, which easily adjust to sitting or standing positions, and come in different sizes to fit even a tiny inner city apartment. Beyond office furniture, we’ll also be featuring deals on everyday office and gaming gear that can help you stay organized, reduce clutter, and give your space a more personalized touch to make it really feel like your own.

This year, give the gift of durable, long-lasting, and stylish office tools and gaming gear from the Autonomous Black Friday month of sales. We’ve partnered with trusted vendors to deliver a greater variety of high quality products than ever before, which gives you tons of great choices and ensures you’ll find the product that fits your needs uniquely. 

Daily deals

Every day, we’ll be featuring a standout item from our catalogue, offering limited quantities at a lower price than usual. The earlier you shop, the better deal you’ll get!

In addition to our special deals for different products every day, we’ll have an ongoing sale where you can check out everything discounted as part of our month of Black Friday promotion. As an added bonus, you could score a $9 deal on our featured item at random times throughout the day. If you see it pop up on our website, be sure to check out immediately so you can snag it before someone else does. 

We’ll be featuring Autonomous Black Friday products like our new Autonomous Desk Connect, which is a desk that can be controlled via a convenient app which remembers your user preferences and can automatically control your desk height based on your custom sit-stand schedule. This means you can sit and stand for set times throughout the day, without having to worry about your schedule or remember when to lift or lower your desk. This desk makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs a rock solid foundation for their home office.

Additionally, we’ll be featuring our Pod products. Pod is an all-in-one prefabricated solution that gives you the ability to set up a separate multi-purpose space in your own back yard. No need to deal with expensive contractors, red tape, and the months of planning and construction you’d normally need to add a room to your house. You can set up Pod in just a few hours and enjoy the benefits for years.

We’ll also feature our incredible lineup of office chairs, including the Autonomous Chair, as well as chairs customized for gamers. Give your back the support it needs to work or game for hours on end, without feeling fatigue or pain. It’s the perfect gift for anyone you know who needs a fantastic, highly adjustable solution for their home office or gaming setup.

Additional terms

Our month of Black Friday deals will start at morning every day for customers who login with their company Employee Purchase Program accounts. Create your Autonomous account now to get a better deal at an earlier time! 

Discount codes and referral codes are not applicable for products on sale, and discounts cannot be stacked.

Black Friday Promotional Offers are only valid on the Autonomous official website and cannot be applied or redeemed elsewhere.

All Autonomous Black Friday prices are as shown on the site at their discounted rate.

All purchases are "first come, first serve", which means another customer could complete checkout of limited stock products before you. Be sure to complete the checkout process completely to get your product at the sale price, as all items are sold in limited quantities.

Influencer gift codes, cashback and much more

Customers also have the option to receive cashback. After making a purchase, if they share the information on social media to receive email instructions to gain cashback from our partner - MyConstant.

We also have many different activities on social media to celebrate Black Friday month. Make sure to check out on our activities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and our brand new TikTok channel to receive exclusive information about our promotional program.


Autonomous Black Friday sales are the best way to get Black Friday office furniture for your friends and loved ones this holiday season. It’s an entire month of deals on Black Friday office chairs, Black Friday office desks, and other great Black Friday online deals. Autonomous discounts are happening every day this month, so keep an eye out for all our great Autonomous sales every day. 

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