Adjustable Height Office Desk Knows What You Need for Healthy Habits
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Adjustable Height Office Desk Knows What You Need for Healthy Habits

|Jun 19, 2022

A sedentary lifestyle, including sitting for extended periods, can have serious health repercussions. Those who spend more time sitting have an increased risk of cancer, coronary heart diseases, and type-2 diabetes, to mention a few. Researchers noted that double-decker bus operators were significantly more likely to have heart problems than their bus operator counterparts in the early 1960s, establishing a relationship between diseases and sitting.

With so much information about how unhealthy lifestyles may harm your health, it's no surprise that height-adjustable workstations have become more prevalent in workplaces. Employees can avoid chronic back pain and improve their work, attentiveness, and motivation while reducing downtime by using height-adjustable workstations. In this article, we'll go over all of the advantages of adjustable height office desks and why they're so important in workplace setups.

What is An Adjustable Height Office Desk?

What is An Adjustable Height Office Desk

Workers can effortlessly transition from sitting to standing positions with adjustable height tables (also known as sit-stand workstations). All those who utilize them offer a better, more pleasant, and efficient workplace environment. They've evolved from an office curiosity to a significant presence in several modern offices throughout recent years.

However, sitting in an office chair for 7 - 8 hours per day, five weeks a week, can cause sore shoulders, back difficulties, and chronic joint discomfort when seated in a favorable ergonomic position. Aside from physical symptoms, sitting for long periods can hurt workers' well-being. Doctors' warning that "sitting is the new smoking" looked melodramatic at first. But, many medical specialists now feel it is correct.

According to several studies, sitting for long periods has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, becoming overweight, diabetes, and cancer. It's no surprise. However, height-adjustable workstations are now becoming a popular and modern office furniture choice. Because they improve workers' health and performance, they also create a flexible, agile workplace by giving employees more control of their surroundings.

Types of Adjustable Height Office Desks

Types of Adjustable Height Office Desks

Manual sit-stand workstations, electric sit-stand workstations, standing desk conversions, and portable standing desks are the 4 different sit-stand office desks available in the market today.

Manual Adjustable Height Desks

Despite its low cost, this manual adjustable height home office desk has several drawbacks. It has a narrow range of heights, but most do not rise high sufficiently. These will frequently have a low load capacity and a restricted overall size. Finally, people already injured or disabled will find them too demanding or stressful on their bodies.

Electric Sit-Stand Desks

These are entire tables that elevate and descend the desktop using electric motors using push-button settings. The durability and sound levels of the engines are two things to keep an eye on. Inexpensive desks are frequently equipped with a single motor which is rather noisy and struggles to handle greater loads. A higher-quality sit-stand desk should have one engine for each leg and run smoothly and quietly.


Standing Desk Converters

A sit-stand converter stands on top of the regular desk and may be modified to the desired height. Many standing desk conversions, such as the Mount-It! Standing Desk Gas Spring Converter, work by having the user release a lever on the side of the device, which raises the table using gas or piston-assisted struts. Convertibles are perfect for offices with built-in workstations and limited capacity, preventing extra furniture installation.

Portable Sit-Stand Desks

A portable standing workstation or a mobile standing desk is perfect for employees who want to move about throughout the day at their workplace. These are perfect for medical offices where employees walk among spaces with their laptops, instructors move all around the classroom, and technicians move throughout their shop.

How Do Adjustable Height Office Desks Work?

How Do Adjustable Height Office Desks Work?

Every adjustable table has a method that enables the users to adjust the elevation of the desk. Many adjustable office desks employ electric motors to elevate and reduce their elevation, while others rely on human modifications. To help raise its surface, manually operated adjustable desks use knobs, handles, manual pedals, and gas cylinders.

There's a lot to be learned about the operation of adjustable tables. We will explain the mechanisms behind each adjustable desktop in the subsequent sections. 

  • Electric height adjustable office desks use electric motors to work smoothly. The electrical motor is controlled by a touchpad with 2 or more buttons. A single button is normally used to raise and decrease the desk's elevation.
  • Analog actuators control desk height modifications on manual height-adjustable workstations. They work by using your hand to control the lever, crank, and gas canister. The technique is slightly different whether you have a hand wheel or a counterweight height-adjustable desk.

Adjustable height work tables with drawers improve greater ergonomics by allowing each user to work at their preferred ergonomic table height. It removes back and shoulder problems and the pain that comes with sitting for lengthy periods. By encouraging greater mobility, adjustable workstations aid in caloric loss as well as improvement in overall physical health. Furthermore, research reveals that flexible workstations improve happiness and efficiency in the workplace.

How Tall Should an Adjustable Height Office Desk Be?

How Tall Should an Adjustable Height Office Desk Be?

Standard workstation elevations in companies around the country are between 28-29 or 30 inches long. This sized workstation is ideal for those who are 5'8" to 5'10" tall. Yet, not everyone who works at a desktop is in this range! Short people and perhaps tall require a more optimal table height to be relaxed and avoid future issues. Many more individuals will be more ergonomically correct if they choose an adjustable office desk that customizes its elevation range between 22 to 33 inches.

Although typical desk elevations only consider a person's height, we all understand that not everybody has the same characteristics. The lengths of your neck, arms, and torso all play a role in determining the ideal ergonomic table elevation. When sitting, the best approach to determine your ideal height is to check that the desktop is at elbow height.

However, a stable desk at the proper height is preferable to that at the incorrect height. The ability to move from sitting to standing positions while working is far superior in terms of overall ergonomics. Staying in the same posture during the day can be dangerous for health. If adjusted at the appropriate elbow height, sit-stand workstations allow you to change your position during the day. This helps place less strain and tension on specific body parts for longer periods.

Furthermore, Autonomous is a fantastic place to go if you require high-quality ergonomically designed office equipment, such as an adjustable height standing desk. The autonomous employee purchase program is something you should think about. The company's Employee Purchase Program, developed for anyone looking for high-quality technology at a fair price, presently offers excellent discounts.

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