Aesthetic Retro Office Ideas For Recreation
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Aesthetic Retro Office Ideas For Recreation

|Feb 24, 2021

A retro office idea is easy to come by. It is easy to fall in love with the calm and happy atmosphere that seems to exude even in the pictures. What is even easier is getting a headstart on creating your own retro office! Here is how you can create the perfect retro office decor.

Retro Workspace Idea

The retro design being so popular as it is, it now has a myriad of reference pictures to look through when designing your own office space. The retro office decor isn't particularly hard to master or recreate; it only has a few key elements to keep in mind.

Retro workspace idea

Bold Combinations

Any retro workspace idea or inspiration picture will show you bold color combinations. A big part of the retro office idea is using bright colors and prints to brighten up the room and boost the mood. Even the subtler or classic retro designs have some bold prints and colors that will instantly brighten up your mood.

If you’re looking to go quite bright, then colors such as bright green, pink, yellow, and turquoise are commonly used in this style. If you’re looking for a polished version, then wood finishings are a great way to immediately step into the retro theme.

Even if you're using modern ergonomic chairs and a standing desk, then make sure they fit the style. Getting a white standing desk or wood standing desk gets you into a retro-style almost immediately. These colors are also very easy to style, as you can use the signature accent walls and colors through the rest of the space.

Cool contrasting colors such as deep blue or olive green go very well with wood furniture. The accent pieces and walls go with any tones of wood you keep around the office.



Your office desk is the most important piece of furniture in the room. Everything from the color of the walls to the lighting fixtures is picked out based on the color of the standing desk you buy. A good choice of color is white. It fits well with the retro office idea and is also extremely easy to encompass into a color palette.

If you’ve got your desk in place, then it is time to move onto the other pieces of furniture that you will require. It is recommended that you match your other furniture to your desk. So, if your desk is wood, then get a wooden chair and wooden storage unit. By matching the furniture to the desk, it becomes easy to slip into a clean yet still retro design.

Any storage that you are using will generally be sleek. From dressers to table drawers, there might not be a ton of space. But this isn’t the rule, just a general theme. If you’re looking for storage space, then it is definitely possible to repurpose an old storage unit to look retro.



The accessories are what give a retro-themed office space life. Accessories include lamps, bards, dustbins, curtains, wall decorations, and more. Any of these accessories can be bright and colorful or sober and dark. They can also match your furniture if you want the classic retro style.

When using wall decorations or other office accessories, make sure that they fit with the color palette you’ve chosen. A wooden frame would work better than a sleek metal frame for photographs, the pillows you use don’t necessarily have to be bright if your whole office is in tones of white and brown.



Lighting fixtures may be a type of accessory, but they are very important. Lamps are crucial to any vintage office design. They don’t have to be over-the-top vintage lamps that only use obscure bulbs that aren’t manufactured today. Even a simple lamp will go well with a retro style.

The type of desk lamp you choose will depend on the aesthetic you have chosen yourself. Classic retro-themed office space can manage with a simple lamp for your desk. The vintage-themed retro look might require a more traditional lamp.

Tips for Retro Designs

Whether it is a vintage office design or a country retro office idea, there are some common tips for all retro-themed spaces.


Keeping your desk in front of a window is for more than just a great source of natural light. The light can be used to brighten up the desk and, therefore, space. All the natural sunlight also goes very well with the retro aesthetic.


If you don’t want an office that is just overwhelming with its color, then bright green may not be the color for you. A sober retro aesthetic involves using darker shades or a more cool-toned color palette.


Don’t be afraid to play with print and layering different textures. A retro style is all about comfort and energy. If you want bright pink wallpaper in your office space, then nobody can stop you.


Tips for retro designs

Your desk is your most important part of your office, both in terms of design and functionality. Pick your desk and accordingly choose your color palette.


Going antiquing is a great way to find beautiful vintage furniture and items to use for your office. You can try going to fairs, antique shops, or second-hand shops to find some amazing accessories.


Whatever style of space you’re using, greenery is the perfect asset. In the case of the retro style, flowers are a great option. There are tons of options for antique or retro vases, or you could even repurpose some old bottles to be a vase.


With a few coats of paint or some distressing, any chair, desk, desk drawer, and wall can go from being boring to new and exciting!

Importance of Creative Workspaces

Creative workspace

The importance of a creative workspace for employees has always been a point of contention. Many companies are unaware of the productivity boost that comes from having a creative and bright office space.

Inspires out of the box thinking

If the office requires ideas, thought, and creativity, then it is necessary to have a fun and creative workspace. Not only do you feel fresher, but the colors around you can influence your thought and ideating process.

Comfort equals productivity

Even with the best retro office decor, comfort is key. Whether it is an office chair or the storage space a drawer gives you, it is necessary to be comfortable in the workplace. If you’re comfortable, you’re bound to be productive.


A creative workspace is important when it comes to boosting productivity. Using a unique aesthetic and a comfortable workspace will boost your productivity. Using any retro office idea can combine the best of both worlds and leave you more productive than ever!

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