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Affordable Ergonomic Chair: Pros & Cons You Should Know
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Affordable Ergonomic Chair: Pros & Cons You Should Know

|Jul 24, 2021

Before talking about the pros and cons of an affordable ergonomic chair, it's essential to know what the ergonomic chair is. Unlike regular chairs, the ergonomic chair is the one whose design allows one to maintain correct sitting posture, support, and comfort. It is due to the design that ergonomic chairs are becoming the top choice for most office spaces. But like every other thing, an inexpensive ergonomic chair has both pros and cons. Let us start by discussing the pros of having ergonomic chairs.

Pros of An Affordable Ergonomic Chair

Less space

One of the main reasons why offices are choosing affordable ergonomic chairs as they require less/minimal space. Since office spaces are confined spaces, it will need furniture that requires less space. The ergonomic chair feature helps it to get fit even in the narrowest of space.

No wear and tear

No wear and tear

When you choose leather/fabric chairs, it starts to wear and tear after a period of time if you don’t maintain it. If you want to install these chairs in your office, then you have to remain extra careful; otherwise, you might end up damaging them. But on the other hand, ergonomic chairs don't need such delicate care while you use them. Even if you rough handle them, they'll be fine. Ergonomic chairs can handle any type of weight and pressure and yet remain new. This is possible due to the structure and design of the ergonomic chair.



Another reason why people are going for an affordable ergonomic chair is that it's super comfortable. Unlike other chairs, these come with a headrest, armrest, full backrest as well as footrest. So when you are sitting on a high back ergonomic chair, you don't have to crouch or lean over the computer's screen. You can do your work comfortably for long hours without getting headaches or back pain. Also, the presence of a footrest makes sure that you don't stress out your muscles by hanging them for long hours.

Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation

When you sit in a leather chair for a longer time, you'll notice that your back starts to sweat. The reason being there's no scope for proper passage of air. Be it plastic chairs or leather or any other kind of chair, you'll face the same problem. But when you choose ergonomic chairs, this doesn't happen as most of the affordable ergonomic chairs have a mesh design that allows proper ventilation. As a result, one can sit in these chairs without getting sweaty and uncomfortable for long hours.

Easy maintenance

It always remains a headache that it will be hard to get the stain off if something gets spilled on your chair. But with the ergonomic chair, you don't have to worry about stains. All you need is a cleaner and water, and your chair will be as good as new.

Cons of An Affordable Ergonomic Chair



Good things are bound to be expensive, and so are the ergonomic chairs. Compared to regular chairs, ergonomic chairs tend to be on the pricier side. This might increase the cost of the office or organization that is purchasing them. Since they are costly, it becomes hard for everyone to afford them. But with an inexpensive ergonomic chair, the quality and features are not as excellent as other ergonomic chairs.

No cushion at times

No cushion at times

Since one has to work for long hours, a cushion becomes an integral part of the chair. Unlike leather chairs or other chairs where you can customize yourself a sofa, with ergonomic chairs, you can't. Most inexpensive ergonomic chairs don't come with a cushion. As a result, it becomes difficult for some people to sit on the mesh design for long hours. It might also end up hurting one’s tail bone or butt! The main reason why your tailbone might hurt is that the mesh structure fails to distribute your body weight.

Little/no variations

If you compare a normal chair with that of an ergonomic chair, you'll find the former has various designs, unlike the latter. There are very few designs/models available for ergonomic chairs. You might end up having different colors of the same design! As a result, there is very little to choose from.

Not so durable

With the recent study it has been proved that an affordable ergonomic office chair isn't as durable as they were thought to be. Since for most ergonomic chairs, the basic structure is of mesh, it isn't as sturdy as leather/wooden chairs. Though it can handle any kind of weight with time, the place where one rests their butt tends to sag. Once it starts to sag, it becomes hard for anyone to continue sitting as it becomes uncomfortable.

Not for everyone

If you are too long or too short, then inexpensive ergonomic chairs aren't for you. Even though one can adjust the chair's height according to their comfort, it isn't for everyone. If such people use this chair, then in the long term, they will face some discomfort and also have bad posture.

It's a bit uncomfortable

It's a bit uncomfortable

Due to its mesh structure, many people with sensitive skin might face some problems. Unlike other chairs, these tiny holes keep rubbing against the skin of the person who sits on them. People with super sensitive skin or those who wear very fine clothes find it hard to sit on these chairs. There's a chance that if one wears clothes made of silk or intricate thread work, it might get stuck in the mesh.

Wrap Up

Thus, to sum up, an affordable ergonomic chair has both pros and cons. Since ergonomic chairs are a bit expensive, one must go through all the pros and cons before making the purchase. Also, having the right chair helps one to maintain the correct posture and shape. As many of you spend the majority of time at the office or working from home, the right chair is all you need. The right kind of ergonomic chair makes sure that you can do your work at ease and for long hours too. Also, use Autonomous promo code to get discounts if you are about to buy ergonomic chairs.

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