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Airthereal Air Purifier Reviews by Autonomous
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Airthereal Air Purifier Reviews by Autonomous

|Aug 18, 2022

Air purifiers effectively remove harmful contaminants and particles from the air. Several different kinds of technologies are available today, and not all are appropriate for every situation. In fact, a HEPA air purifier is capable of removing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. There is a brand of room purifier called Airthereal that seems to have transformed the typical room purifier into something much better, with its most comprehensive Airthereal air purifier reviews down below.

These Airthereal air purifier devices are made by Airthereal, an air quality company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. An American company with a small but growing market share. In addition to removing pollen, dust, dust mites, and pet hair from the air, air purifiers can also remove pollutants. An Airthereal filter (True HEPA) is included in your air purifier. So, therefore, you could be certain it will proficiently eradicate these particles. And that is what the purifier is all about. We've taken a full look at it, inside and out, here in this Airthereal APH260 review.

About The Brand - Airthereal

About The Brand - Airthereal air purifier

With Airthereal, you can improve the air quality in your home and office from 2018. According to them, the main cause of poor health is poor air quality. A belief that all wellness efforts will be useless if you don't take steps to reduce indoor air pollution. In order to improve air quality, this company is constantly searching for new methods. An ozone generator, for example, eliminates bacteria, viruses, and odors by eliminating them through an air purifier that uses HEPA Airthereal air purifier filters. There is an air purifier called Airthereal this time. 

Review All Airthereal Air Purifiers

1. Airthereal AGH550 Air Purifier (750 sq ft model)

Airthereal AGH550 Air Purifier (750 sq ft model)

If you are looking for a large space air purifier, the Airthereal AGH550 will remove 99.97% of pollen and dust. Additionally, the PM2.5 laser sensor counts and determines the size of airborne particles using a laser beam. Using an energy-saving design and powerful purification performance, the air is exchanged at least five times per hour using a 360° cylindrical system.

Inside, you'll find a true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns and bigger. You’d be surprised to find that the air purifier operates at a near-silent quietest air purifier 22dB noise level even with so many advanced mechanisms integrated. Indeed, you might forget that it is removing pollutants next to you.

2. Airthereal Flame Aroma Diffuser with Remote Control

You'll get a flame-like glow from your Essential Oil Diffuser with the LED light. Whenever you want to relax at home, you can enjoy soothing scents. In addition to being a diffuser, the humidifier can also add humidity to a room. The mist output in your home can be adjusted using two settings. With this diffuser, you can only choose between low and high mist outputs for ease of use.

The diffuser can be set for 1, 3, or 6 hours of operation and will automatically shut off once the timer expires. Additionally, you can choose between three lighting effects: flickering, flashing, or constant light. As well as essential oils for this dancer you can also purchase them from our website. Six scents are available in 10 ml bottles: serenity sleep, ocean, rosewood, bergamot, calm relaxing, and happiness blend.

3. Airthereal AGH380 Air Purifier (510 sq. ft model)

Airthereal AGH380 Air Purifier (510 sq. ft model)

With the Medical Grade filtration and UV-C sterilization of the Airthereal AGH380, you can remove harmful airborne particles and pollutants from your home. An H13 medical grade HEPA filter installed on the air purifier can remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.1 microns.

The PM2.5 sensor allows you to breathe fresh air without excessive noise levels. In case of room air quality changes, the fan speed will automatically adjust to restore a healthy level of air quality.

LEDs display air quality: the green color indicates good air, the orange color indicates moderate air, and the red color indicates unhealthy air. With 224 CFM (380 m3/h), AGH380 can cover a wide range of rooms, including living rooms, classrooms, and offices. Despite its small size, it has a massive capacity.

4. Airthereal SG100 Portable Mini Dehumidifier (55 sq ft model)

Airthereal SG100 Portable Mini Dehumidifier (55 sq ft model)

A small area of 55 square feet is appropriate for the Airthereal SG100 air purifier and dehumidifier. For dehumidification, there is no need for batteries or electricity. A portable dehumidifier can be positioned in bookcases, closets, wardrobes, gun cases, RVs, musical instruments, as well as other tiny spaces.

With a lifespan of 300+ cycles, the bag can absorb 4 oz/100 ml of water for every cycle. No cords, no batteries, and no cables are needed. Depending on the humidity level in the environment, the dehumidifier can last up to 14 days without needing to be recharged. Up to 55 square feet of space can be accommodated. Small spaces, which do not have admittance to electricity, such as closets, bookcases, wardrobes, cars, RVs, and boats, are ideal for using the best UV air purifiers.

5. Airthereal TOSOT Shiny 10,000 BTU Portable AC

Airthereal TOSOT Shiny 10,000 BTU Portable AC

TOSOT Shiny portable air conditioners are ASHRAE-rated and are perfect for cooling small rooms up to 400 sq ft (6,000 BTU 2017 DOE Standard). Throughout the night, the operating noise level is 49 decibels, which makes it possible for you to sleep like a baby.

Cool, bigger, 400 square feet spaces with an ASHRAE-rated 10,000 BTU cooler (6,000 BTU 2017 DOE Standard), perfect for home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. A portable air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier in one, this device can remove 2.54 pints (1.2L/hour) of water per hour. It feels much cooler and works more efficiently when the air is drier than humid.

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