All Things You Need to Know About Artisan Keycaps
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All Things You Need to Know About Artisan Keycaps

|Nov 3, 2022

Enjoying the perks of having a personal gaming station is something that every gamer wishes to enjoy. Some of them go a step further and make efforts to stylize and personalize their gaming station. Customizing your keyboard, mouse, and CPU is one of the major peripheries where they love making alterations. Most gamers think of using artisan keycaps when we talk about stylizing a keyboard.

One of the easiest ways to give your keyboard a new look is to get yourself a custom artisan keycap. Although the artisan keycaps are not something new, some of you might not be aware of them. That’s why we have decided to share all the details about the artisan keycaps in this blog.

Things like what is an artisan keycap or artisan keycap’s meaning are also discussed here, so you don’t need to go somewhere else to learn the basics. The best part is that we have also discussed the best place to buy artisan keycaps and how to make them in this blog. So, stick with us while we explore the details. 

What Is Artisan Keycap?

What Is Artisan Keycap?

The artisan keycap is a customized button that looks different from your typical keyboard buttons. These keycaps are different in colors and design, and gamers usually use them to stylize their keyboard to give it a chic look. The unique thing about these keycaps is that they are handmade and can be built of clay, metal, resin, and different forms of plastic.

These unique pieces of art look great on a wireless mechanical keyboard or a compact gaming keyboard. At times, gamers like having a bunch of artisan keycaps as a hobby of collecting unique keycaps.

Mainly, there are three types of artisan keycaps: the profiled keycap, pure sculpted keycap, and the figure. All these types are handmade and three-dimensional. People who make these keys sit for an entire day at times to paint every detail, and that's what makes an artisan keycap unique and limited. 

How Good Is an Artisan Keycap?

An artisan keycap is hands down the best choice for people who are looking to enhance the aesthetics of their gaming station. These keycaps are handmade to satisfy the users in the best way possible. Since they pop out on your keyboard, the artisan keycaps are quite recognizable. So, people often experience that their typing speed enhances with artisan keysets.

One of the most desirable aspects of a keypad is its durability against any damage. The good thing about artisan keysets is that they are designed to have a protective layer that enhances the lifespan of your keyboard.

We know that all that sounds quite amazing, but one thing to note here is that the artisan keycap often has a sizing complication. Newbs cannot determine how thick an artisan keycap would look on the keyboard. So, you must select them mindfully.

It is vital to align your choices and plan before buying. The final selection of your favorite artisan keycap depends upon your budget. The artisan keysets are available in a wide range of processes. From $20 to $200, you can find a wide range of unique artisan keysets. But why is that so? Let's figure it out! 

Why Are Artisan Keycaps So Expensive?

Why Are Artisan Keycaps So Expensive?

The artisan keycaps usually come with large price tags; why is that so? Well, the reason behind that is their uniqueness. The makers invest a lot of time in making the aesthetically pleasing keycaps. By the rule of thumb, the more intricate the design is, the more you will have to pay for an artisan keycap.

It all boils down to what your intention is and how much your budget is when you are buying an artisan keycap. If you find that the market is too expensive, you only need to know how to make artisan keycaps. But once you have made up your mind, all you need to know is how to choose artisan keycaps. 

How to Choose Artisan Keycap?

Since you know that there are multiple artisan keycaps and that they can be made using various materials or 3D printed as well, you must know what you are supposed to consider before buying the right one. Doing that will help you get the best custom artisan keycap.

Here is a short checklist that you must go through to buy the most authentic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing artisan keycap. 

Keyboards & Mice

Measure Your Keyboard

Your keyboard form’s measurement is a vital aspect that you must know before investing in an artisan keycap. The reason behind that is people mostly face the issue of mismatch between the size of the keycap and their keyboard. If you have a compact keyboard like a 60% keyboard, a tenkeyless, or a full keyboard, the keycap sizes would be different for all. So, once you have measured how many keycaps will fill your keyboard, you may move towards the next checkbox. 

Evaluate Choices in Terms of Your Keyboard’s Profile

Evaluate Choices in Terms of Your Keyboard’s Profile

You might have a backlit keyboard or one without the backlight feature; you must determine this beforehand. If your keyboard is backlit, you should go for the more translucent pudding caps to get the best look. However, if that is not the case, you can go for the single-shot keycaps too.

Ideally, the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) keycaps are ideal if you want to have more brightly colored keycaps. At the same time, the ones that are made using PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) are better if you wish to have better durability. 

Find the Right Place to Buy

Knowing the best place to buy artisan keycaps is important as well. You may find secondhand keycaps on eBay. However, if you are looking for unique artisan keycaps, it will be better to turn towards Hirosart. You may also find a limited number of options on Amazon as well. 

Bottom Line

Coming towards the end, we hope that you have a comprehensive understanding of what artisan keycap is now. So, selecting the right one won't be challenging anymore for you. All you need to do is get the right gaming furniture, invest in the right desk accessories, and shop for the best custom keycaps. However, make sure that you get a demo for typing sound before buying your favorite keycap. A typing test would help you judge better. So, go ahead and buy your first keycap following our guidance.

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