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Amazing Deals Loyal Customers Can Expect From Apple on Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 15, 2018

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What must-have Apple products have you been missing to buy but the price turned you away? There are many amazing deals loyal customers can expect from Apple on Black Friday. This day falls on 23rd of November 2018 is the perfect time for you to try your luck. Actually, if you plan well, it is not about luck. You have to have a shopping strategy with you if you would like to enjoy these competitive prices.

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Here are a few things you can do:

  • Create a shopping list with the Apple items that you need
  • Give priority to the items that you need most, not want
  • Consider including a couple of old generation Apple items in the list
  • Come up with a shopping budget which you will not exceed
  • List the retail outlets where you will look for discounts
  • Consider shopping online too

When fall sets in, you know it is time to prepare for shopping. Many people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. However, they do not know that the shopping holidays creep in incognito from as early as October.

However, now that you are keenly waiting for Black Friday, and have probably been saving money for several months in anticipation, you must be looking for some of the best deals. Apple provides discounts on Black Friday. It also helps a lot that Fall is the time they choose to introduce new products.

There is every reason to hold your breath as you wait to pounce on Apple deals this black Friday. What are some of the things you can look forward to? Of course, no one can say sure-fire what will be on offer. However, going by the past trends, we are 100 percent sure that there will be many deals from Apple. It could be in the form of slashed prices or otherwise, but there will be deals and that is the most important thing to know.

Get a chance to own top of the range consumer electronics

Apple products are great. It is one of the best names, actually topping the list, of the best makers of consumer electronics. This is both good and bad. It is good because everyone wants to have the best and it is bad because their products are expensive. For the best you have to pay the most. That is why every Apple enthusiast looks for an opportunity to save some money on the best products.

Apple also wants to cash in on the Black Friday shopping rush. That is why they offer many of their old and new generation products at good discounts on this day. This way, their most loyal customers can have some of the best products in the world at very affordable prices.

Different shopping outlets, both online and offline will be offering Black Friday Apple deals. Thus, it is best to plan in advance where you will start looking, what order you will follow and so on. Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy always offer deals on Black Friday. Some of these deals are going to be on Apple products. There is no better time to become a deal hunter than right now.

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What happened the year before can show you the trends

You can never know for sure what is going to be discounted on this big day until the day of the offer. However, you can look at the past years. What has been on offer is most likely going to be on offer this year.

In 2017, they offered their customers discounts in forms of gift cards on select items on Black Friday.

But even without having to wait for Black Friday, there are still some discounts going around. Whenever there is a new product on launch, you know there is a good deal going down, on both the new products and the old generation ones.

Firstly, Apple has launched a new series for smart watches, and it is expected that several of these will be offered on discounts. Other new products from Apple to watch out for include XR, XS Max and iPhone XS. Now, while it may not be possible for you to get these new products, you can definitely get the old generation products at reduced prices.

In 2017, Apple offered its loyal customers some discounts in the form of gift cards, which were worth $150. They held the shopping event for one day only on the 24th of November. Customers could buy any of the select items that were on offer then with the gift card. Some of the deals that were going down included Mac for $100, Apple Watch for $25, iPad for $100 and an iPhone for up to $50.

Well, someone would say that that line up was not all that much, and that would be true. However, you should not look for Apple deals directly from Apple only. As a smart shopper, you want to look far and wide, and mostly start with renowned retailers that offer Apple products.

Some customers enjoyed discounts of up to $250 on select Apple products on Best Buy and at Target. Others got up to 30 percent off the prices of some products. There were also discounts on iTunes. Remember, every retailer has something to offer on this big day, so watch out from all fronts.

While you are at it, do not concentrate on getting the Apple deals so much such that you miss some of the other deals that will be going down. On the contrary, stay alert for other shopping deals. For example, starting 1st November, many retailers start giving different types of discounts. For some, it is free shipping on items bought on a particular day, for others it could be slashed prices on select products.

Some of the rules governing free shipping are waived. For example, there might not be any minimum purchases to meet. It could also be free shipping and so on. If there is a deal on an item that you would have bought anyway, take the deal. A discount is a discount in whatever form it is offered.

Do not limit yourself to brick and mortar stores. Online marketplaces like may also run offers on Apple products. In fact, these marketplaces run many offers all the time. You should make a habit of checking out for such offers whether it is shopping holiday or not.

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Apple items that you may buy on Black Friday

While we do not know whether there will be Apple offers going down on Black Friday, but if they follow the 2017 trend, there will be discounts for their customers the following day, or even a few days before. The best thing to do is to keep your ears open for any discounts going down.

Keep scouring many retail outlets so that you can know of any deals going down. The best thing is to start as soon as October. In addition, even after Black Friday is over, do not stop looking. Keep scouring around for discounts because most retailer spread the shopping holiday out.

If you have been looking forward to upgrading your Apple electronics, this is the time that you should look for the best deals going down.

Some of the items that you may get on discount offers on Black Friday include the following:

MacBook Pro

You know that the MacBook Pro is one of the most expensive yet it is one of the most advanced laptops in the market. It is one of the must-have Apple gadgets. You should check on Best Buy because there is likely to be an offer for this laptop.

If you can be able to save even $400, that is still a handsome discount. You might also want to try for the refurbished ones from places like Groupon, which also offers good deals on consumer electronics.

MacBook Air

In 2017, this laptop earned a good discount to customers in retail outlets like Best Buy, saving buyer up to $200. However, that is not all because refurbished laptops and other devices were offered at much lower prices in other places.


Some of the iPhones that you want to look out for on Black Friday include the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X and perhaps even some of the newer models. However, it is more logical to expect discounts on the older generations than on the newest models. When a company like Apple makes consumer electronics that everyone wants a piece off, they hardly offer the newest models on discounts.

You can check out discounts from Target, Walmart, Best Buy and other retail outlets. Walmart has been known to offer even up to $300 on iPhone. However, be keen on the conditions because some offers are offered on iPhones on certain carriers only.

Some of the retailers offered iPhone 6 at incredible discounts in 2017. For example, Best Buy was offering a discount of $150 on iPhone 6 activated on 3 carriers.

When looking for an iPhone, you also want to clearly understand which one is on offer. Some offers may be for all iPhones, but this should not be taken to imply that the offer stands even on the latest iPhones. So you had better find out from

Most of the retailers offer iPhone discounts on gift cards, but it is possible to find one on a cash discount. You may have to look harder though.

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iPad Pro

Many retailer will be offering discounts on the iPad Pro. These discounts will be on all models of this iPad, including the 12.9-inch one. However, different retailers may be offering different iPad deals. So, Best Buy may offer the 10.5-inch iPad on discount while Target may have the 12.9-inch one on a discount. Once you have made up your mind what iPad you want, then you should look for just that.

Even if it may be a discount of less than $100, take it if you have been looking for this device. A discount is a discount no matter the size, especially if it is offered on an item that will be of great use to you.

There will also be offers on the 5th generation iPad, especially the 32GB one. Some of the iPad models may actually get discounts of hundreds of dollars.

Apple Watch

There is a new series of Apple watches, but it is not yet known whether there will be any offers on that. Usually, there are limited offers on new products to just get a few people on board, but we know very well that most Apple offers are on old generation products. In 2017, Kohl’s offered cash discounts on Series 3 while Macy’s  was offering a discount of 50 dollars on Series 1 watches.

How to get the best discounts on Apple products

There is no special formula, apart from getting actively involved in the hunt for discounts. No one really knows when a discount is going down until it really starts to happen.

If you want to be among the first people to know about discounts for a certain product, you know the best option is to subscribe to the retailer’s website. For example, when you want to know about the latest and discounted office furniture from Autonomous, you subscribe to the email list. Just do the same with the major retailers of Apple products so you will be notified in your email when the Black Friday discounts go on offer. That way, you can be among the first shoppers to get lucky as these deals are usually limited.

Try shopping online on Black Friday instead of thronging the stores. It works just as well, only that you shop from the comfort of home. Look at shipping terms. Is the retailer offering free shipping on the items? If they are, you can take it after calculating how much money you will save.  


These are just a few of the amazing deals loyal customers can expect from Apple on Black Friday. If you have been looking for a chance to upgrade your iPhone, laptop and other devices, this is the time. Remember, the offer does not stop with the end of Black Friday, at least not on many of the items. So even if you do not get what you wanted, keep looking with the major retailers.

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