Amazing Scandinavian Office Design for 2024
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Amazing Scandinavian Office Design for 2024

|Jul 14, 2021

The Scandinavian interior design is often used in planning office layouts. It is known for its minimalist influence, neat layout, and coziness. These elements can transform a workspace by adding more flow, comfort, and accessibility. It is possible to add bits of this design trend to build a Scandinavian office. You can even make your look by adding some linen, focusing on clean lines, going with a different color scheme, natural materials, and using less furniture.

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How is a Scandinavian office?

A Scandinavian office has better function and form with lots of greenery, art, textiles that liven up the work environment. The secret to setting up Scandinavian office design correctly is to know how to put together these elements in a cohesive manner and build a nice working space. Also, don’t forget to set up office furniture and check out Autonomous Chair and Autonomous Desk from Autonomous.   

scandinavian office

Design ideas that follow the Scandinavian style  

1. Lots of lighting

A lot of Scandinavian countries don’t receive a lot of sunlight. This is why most of the décor ideas originating from this country involve ample lighting. So, when planning out your Scandinavian-style office, the focus point should be bigger windows.

The windows are large enough to let in as much natural light as possible. They are kept free of thick curtains and other window treatments. You can add artificial lights: lamps, mood lighting, spotlights, task lighting, etc. If you do need curtains, apply the sheer fabrics that allow light to filter through.  

lost of lighting

2. Light-hued floors

Most Scandinavian floors involve lighter colors in hardwood. The floors can even be painted white for a brighter, spacious feeling. If you can alter the hardwood floors, then opt for muted area carpets of floor heating during the winters.

3. Neutral colors

The colors that make up the rest of the room are normally white, browns, blacks, and greys. This scheme applies to textiles, furniture, wall, and art pieces too. All colors do need to be in a neutral tone for a calmer space. You can always personalize this color pattern by introducing pastels, subdued colors, or even a pop of bold color.

This neutral color scheme can be broken up too. Stick to the neutral color scheme at large, and complement it with oddly colored accents: yellow, black, bronze, etc. These little bits of color can be added in the form of shelf brackets, light fixtures too.       

neutral colors

4. Minimalist build

Scandinavian style office layouts are free of clutter, and the few pieces that are included are laid out well. Such a space works well for creating ample storage by adding built-in or modular furniture. All furnishing that you do add should have a thin, lightweight build with a modern look. A floating desk or other   

5. Clean contrasts

The Scandinavian office furniture always has clean lines with lots of mid-century pieces. When you set up office furniture to go with this easy and creative office layout, focus on the mid-century design. This design scheme features rounded edges, natural hues that contrast with others or are monochromatic.

For example, a Scandinavian design desk may have a bamboo top fitted on a black metal frame.  This wood and metal finish is seen on all furnishings and makes the smart standing desk a great addition. Other furnishings include metallic accents like pendant lights, ergonomic chair legs. 

clean contrasts

6. Understated décor

The Scandinavian design outlook is always simple, free of décor that is bold, intricate, or flashy. The décor that is added is warm, in neutral colors, natural items paired with lots of textiles. Symmetry is maintained when placing all your décor with your furnishings.

If you feel like your workspace could use a little luxe, then add some metallic accents. This can either be on the furnishing or smaller, individual décor pieces. Curate unique shapely figures or displays to create drama in such neutral spaces.

Look for sculptural furniture that can have the same effect as the light falls on them. You can group ceramic pieces or curved vessels that draw attraction on the window sill.  

7. Soft textiles

The textiles that are added are normally there for warmth: like cotton, sheepskin, wool, etc. Textiles can be added in the summers in the form of throws. All textiles are muted colors like charcoal, greys, rust, brown, and other earthy tones. 

soft textiles

8. Shelving

You need plenty of storage to make up for the minimalist look. The easy solution is to fit the walls with cabinets that have simple and creative office layout lines. If possible, pair these with open wooden shelves along the walls. You can fill these with décor, flowers, and other items you may use.

Open shelving lets you display vases and is a great way to add color to the room. Floating shelves are compact and neater but don’t give you the storage you require. Full wall grid shelves are better suited for a minimalist office.     

9. Greenery

The Scandinavian office outlook involves a lot of nature, plants, flowers, and succulents. It adds a touch of freshness and breaks up the monotony of the muted colors. This factor is easy to customize to your liking: you can add bigger, bolder plants with a deeper green color.

Your other options include colorful flowers that can make the room more vivid. If you wish to add more character, you can set up an aquarium or a terrarium.


10. Focal points

Add a twist to this Scandinavian office look by creating a focal point in any room. In your office, this could be a big table that doubles as a conference section. You could even set up a double standing desk for two employees and save on space that way.

Other focal points can include a statement window that you surround with plants, a sky window, and any other room feature. You can even add your own focal feature like an aquarium, fountain, or terrarium.   

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