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An Ergonomic Office Chair – A Best Buying Guide

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 15, 2018

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In today’s world, most of the jobs are sitting jobs. And, almost every office employee spent at least 8 hours a day in office premises while sitting on the chair and in front of the desktop. Due to this sedentary lifestyle, they are suffering from many health issues like back pain, neck pain, obesity, etc. In addition to this, an uncomfortable chair can worsen their health and make it difficult to focus on their work. So, it is essential that the chair on which they are going to spend more than half of their time is comfortable and does not cause a backache.

If you are an entrepreneur and concerned about your employee health, then you should think about buying the ergonomic chairs for your office. It is one thing of utmost importance in the office. It is the thing that is noticed first when someone enters the room. As most of the offices are smart nowadays, which means they rely more on machines and smart gadgets rather than manual labor, so ergonomic office chair is designed in such a way that they can meet their standards.

how to buy an ergonomic office chair

If you are looking forward to buying ergonomic office chairs for your office, then it can turn out to be the best decision of your life. There are different types of model available in the market. That is why it becomes daunting to decide which one to choose. Before you go ahead, you need to make sure that it is comfortable and it has the ability to reduce pressure on the spinal cord, thereby reduce the chance of muscular and nerve disease and maintain the correct body posture.  Apart from comfort, you can choose your office chairs based on the office interior.

So without wasting much of the time get straight to the tips to buy the best ergonomic office chair which fulfills your office needs and at the same time focus on comfort and body support.

How to buy an ergonomic office chair?

1.       Make sure that the ergonomic office chair must contain different adjustments: An uncomfortable chair can hamper the working efficiency of an employee. The main focal point in an office chair is that it must be adjustable in all direction. The chair should include the provision of moving up and down along with this it can tilt side to side. The best office chair must have at least five, but some come with fourteen different adjustments. Important adjustments must include features like height adjustments, arm adjustment, back angle, tension control, etc. Hence, it is an essential thing to consider while buying an office chair because your body posture depends upon the moving ability of the chair.

2.       Make sure that the chair must have a fullback: The office chair is that companion in the office with whom an office employee spends 90% of his/her time. So it is essential that the chair must have fullback because it will give full support to the back and working on a fullback chair is more comfortable than sitting and working on a halfback chair. Not only it will reduce the absenteeism, but also enhance productivity. However, before choosing full back chairs make sure that it is supportive and result in proper maintenance of the body posture.

3.       Make sure that the chair must have waterfall seats: Sitting all day in office is very tiring, and if the seat is not comfortable, then it can ruin the entire day. It makes it difficult for the employee to focus on the work, which further impacts the productivity. The seat pan with a waterfall front is a must in the office chair because it prevents the seat from catching the user behind the knees. The seat must be contoured to allow weight distribution and comfort which is of utmost importance. Make sure that the edge of the seat is soft otherwise it can cause compression of thighs and buttock. The rear of the seat pan should provide support to the person sitting.

The seat of the chair must give a feel that you never want to leave the chair and stand. The seat fabric must be of good quality so that it does not cause itching to the body.

4.       Joints must be comfortable at 90-degree: There are numerous ergonomic chairs available in the market, but the right fit chair is one where the angle of hips, knees, and ankles are comfortable at 90 degrees. And, if the hips, knees, and ankles are not at a 90-degree angle, then the chair is either too short or too tall. The reason behind it is that it won’t cause any pain in the joint. So, before buying an ergonomic office chair make sure that your joints easily adapts to the 90-degree angle while sitting on the chair.

how to buy an ergonomic office chair

5.       Consider upholstery as a top priority: No one wants to sit on itchy, abrasive or something that may cause your body to overheat. Hence, the upholstery is an essential part of an office chair. The chair must feel pleasant to touch; otherwise, it won’t be comfortable to sit all day. Choosing the right upholstery for the office furniture can be a tough task, but a little research is worth it. You can consider the upholstery material; it will also help you to determine how long your furniture is going to last. Moreover, you can consider the color and the location of the furniture as colors define the mood and develop a relaxing atmosphere.

6.       No use of tools for chair adjustments: Recognizing how important an office chair is crucial for employee health. It is suggested to choose a chair that is easily adjustable, and all the modifications are made without the use of tools. The tool adjustments are very cranky and time-consuming. Apart from this, carrying tools all the time just for seat adjustment can be frustrating.

So, before you book a chair for your office, it is recommended to consider its methods used for adjusting the arm, seat, and back. Don’t feel shy to ask for a demonstration as it will give a clear picture of the chair and make you clear whether to buy that one or not.

7.       Support your back in bad times: An office chair is the most supportive item in an office. It stays with you in bad times and supports your back. From bad times, we didn’t mean the bad times you face in office, but the back problem that will affect your working efficiency. And, support refers to slightly recline the chair for proper support. But too much reclining can cause strain in the neck when trying to see the computer screen.

So, before you buy a chair, make sure that it provides back support to the user, and it should not recline much which cause neck problems. Some chairs come with a spinal cord shape back cushion which adjusts according to the user needs. Hence, it is recommended to make sure that the chair is comfortable and has the backrest support features because sitting long hours on an uncomfortable chair can give rise to many muscular problems in the human body.

8.       The seat must have a supportive backrest: It’s considered that a comfortable chair adapts the user sitting posture and habits properly. If the seat is too big or too high according to the user, even it has a supportive backrest with lumbar support employees may continue to expose to static loading as they cannot take advantage of the backrest. Therefore, instead of leaning on the backrest many people sit forward so that their feet touch the ground. It can affect the natural curve of the spinal cord and causes problems in the disc which can be very dangerous in the long run.

So, before making a final decision of buying an ergonomic chair, make sure to purchase the one which provides a provision for the seat that fits the user for the backrest to work. The chair must contain this adjustment so that it is convenient for any size individual.

9.       Must have wheels for movement: Movement in office premises from one employee to the other for work is often quite frequent. Standing again and again from the chair to see the person who is only two steps away is very annoying. However, a moveable chair can solve the problem. Not only it saves your time, but also allows you to work without any interruption. Make sure you check the wheel quality and its ability to handle the weight before buying an office chair. And don’t forget to take a test drive before making the final payment.

10.   Don’t forget about arms and shoulder of the ergonomic office chair: Armrest and the shoulder support is something that defines a chair. If a chair can't support your arms and shoulder or you have to shrug your shoulder to get the elbow on the armrest, or you don't feel comfortable while sitting on it, then it should be rejected without a second thought. A comfortable chair provides complete flexibility to sit the user on his/her way. The arms should be appropriately tested before buying the chair as this is the most delicate and the most used part of a chair.

11.   Check the lumbar support: A comfortable office seat will have a provision to provide support for the lower back. Some office chairs have the movable lumbar support that enables the user to fit the seat to their lower back. This is essential in anticipating back strain that can intensify and move toward becoming sciatica, a condition which can be crippling.

So, it is wise to invest in the chair that has lumbar support because prevention is better than cure. And, this will not only enhance the company profit but also reduces the employee leaves because of back pain.

These were some tips that you can keep in your mind when buying an ergonomic chair. If you still have any confusion, check out this video

Why it is good to spend on the premium quality ergonomic chair?

In addition to having less back strain, improved health and productivity, there are numerous advantages to having a good ergonomic office chair. A decent, steady office chair averts discomfort and fatigue that can originate from sitting in a similar seat for a considerable long duration.

Studies have demonstrated that comfortable employees are more gainful and add a more favorable environment in the workplace than discomfort employees. At last, having the right office chair lowers the number of breaks the worker need because of being awkward.

Companies know how big a chair issue can be in an office; about 10% to 15% of the office budget is spending on the chair. The value of the chair is beyond just comfort and aesthetic; it is mainly linked to the health of the individual.

Many proven facts stated that promoting the ergonomic office chair on the premises can increase the overall productivity by 17%. The employees tend to have lesser muscle disorders and a lower rate of absence and error.

The buyers are not the chair experts, and they don’t have a keen interest in doing in-depth research on office chairs. But, we all know the difference between sitting on good chairs, and bad chairs and how our back feels after a few hours of working at the computer. On the off chance that your workers sit at a work area for expanded timeframes, an office seat might be a perk they discuss daily. Seated at the work area for 8 hours daily which means 1,200 hours per month is not an easy task. It seems a small problem, but it is a bigger one as it can lead to many health issues. And, imagine how tough it would be for a worker to work on an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours continuously.


These were the essential tips that the buyer should keep in mind while making the final bargain. An office chair is not just a piece of furniture used for sitting but is the health of your company’s human resource. Investing in an ergonomic office chair is a long-term investment whose return will be seen gradually. So don’t think about how much money will be spent thinking about the future benefit you will get in the coming time. We hope that this small guide will help you to make the right decision

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