Choosing Suitable Apartment Plants for Indoor & Balcony
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Choosing Suitable Apartment Plants for Indoor & Balcony

|Sep 10, 2022

If you have been working from your apartment lately, you would have thought about stylizing it a bit. Have you thought of choosing the right apartment plants to do that? You might be unaware, but putting around apartment balcony plants and a few indoors helps you create a healthy remote work environment.

We understand that everyone does not have a green thumb; that's why most people often wonder why they should have indoor apartment plants. Those who are aware of its importance are unaware of the best apartment plant ideas; thus, they fail at creating a green workspace too.

Considering the needs of both these sorts, we have shared a detailed blog on plants to grow in an apartment here. But let’s first answer the question of why it is good for you to have plants in your apartment. 

Why Having Plants is Good for Your Apartment

Some people think that plants are only there to add up to the aesthetics of your apartment. However, there are a lot more. Not only do they work as a thoughtful décor, but they also help you brighten up your living space.

Putting around plants adds a new life to your room and promotes wellness. Plants are also known for enhancing your productivity, so you can think of them as one of the best additions to your living space.

Since plants build a connection between you and nature, they help relax your muscles and eliminate stress. Often sitting in the sun makes you stressed, but having plants around can be therapeutic in such a situation. In addition, certain plants can help absorb harmful chemicals and pollutants from your environment; thus, they act as air purifiers.

To summarize, plants are best at abating stress, increasing focus, enhancing productivity, reducing fatigue, and providing horticultural therapy.

The question that now arises is what are the best plants to grow in an apartment. So, let’s get to that part of our blog. 

Best Apartment Plants for You

We have curated a list of apartment plant ideas that are pet-friendly and would be ideal for your apartment-based office. 


Succulents apartment plants

Everyone is not too good at taking care of their plant's maintenance, especially if they are beginners. The succulents are great for these people because they do not require much maintenance. The good part is that there is a large variety of succulents. The ones like echeverias or hens and chicks are pet-friendly. All you have to do is place these apartment balcony plants in bright light and water them once every two weeks. 

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant is one of the best indoor apartment plants. The Chinese evergreen performs well in low light and only needs to be fertilized twice a year. You may think of placing this plant in the corner of your standing desk or on a floating shelf to add the green element to your workspace. As far as their maintenance is concerned, you only have to water the soil when it's dry. 


Bamboo apartment plants

Lucky bamboo is one of the feng shui plants that is known for promoting positive vibes in your workspace. These plants bring energy and fortune to your life. Since bamboos can survive in low light as well, you may place them indoors. Ideally, people place such plants at their desks or coffee tables. The good part is that you can choose the medium (water or soil) in which you wish to place this plant. 

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm plants have a bamboo-like stem. These plants can grow up to 6 feet tall in indirect light. You may think of keeping one of these indoor apartment plants in the corner of your living room to enhance the aesthetics. The good thing is that these plants can survive in low light and require watering once every two weeks or one week when the soil gets dried completely. 

Zebra Plants

The zebra plants are ideal for people living in small environments because they require a humid environment to thrive. Their shiny striped leaves and dark color make them look great in your living space. All you are required to do is place them in a corner in a well-drained soil pot. If taken care of, these plants will grow up to 2 feet tall and create bright décor for a small apartment. 

Polka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant is the best fit for a small apartment. You can simply place it on your windowsill to add the green element to your apartment. You have to keep these plants in bright indirect light and ensure the soil stays moist to maintain them well. If taken good care of, their pink or white polka dots will lighten up your space. 

Lace Flower Vines

Lace Flower Vines

If you are into hanging plants, you will love to have lace flower vines in your apartment. You are required to place them in a hanging planter, so they will not take up much space. Their stems usually grow up to 3-feet long, but you can easily cut these stems to maintain their chic look in your small apartment. 

Some Products for Growing Plants

If you are really into gardening, but your apartment space is not allowing you to accommodate more plants, you may think of using certain products to grow plants. We have listed the ones that Autonomous offers below. 

Altifarm Pico Small Indoor Planter

Altifarm Pico Small Indoor Planter

The Altifarm Pico is a small indoor planter that is made using BPA-free materials. The Pico planter is installed with features like telescopic lights, multiple mounting options, and a self-watering mechanism. Being an affordable and easy-to-maintain planter, the Pico planter can be a great choice for growing plants indoors. 

Smart Garden by Click & Grow

Smart Garden by Click & Grow

As the name suggests, the smart garden is pre-seeded plant pots that you can buy from the Autonomous store. These plant pots have 100% organic soil content that is free from GMOs. You can easily use them to grow herbs, salads, fruits, and flowers. We have a variety of 75 seeds in these planters.

How to Hang Plants in an Apartment

If you have less space on your apartment floor or your apartment is too compact for plants, you can hang plants in your apartment. What you can do is install a hook in the walls or ceiling to hang these plants. However, these hooks should be stable enough to hold the plant's weight. Once done, you may hang plants using string.


If you are living in a rented apartment and cannot drill holes, you can think of getting some stick-on hooks to make your life easier. The adhesive hooks stick easily on walls and ceilings once you peel off their adhesive backing. You can then use these hooks for hanging plants or vines in your apartment. 

Bottom Line

We hope that you have gained some useful insights from this article and that growing apartment plants won't be a tough task anymore. You would be glad to know that we not only deal in the planters we mentioned above, we also have a big stock of high-end office accessories and furniture like standing desks and chairs. You can fetch those products at discounted rates under the Autonomous employee purchase program. All you are required to do is create an account using your corporate email to sign up for this program, and you will be all set to avail discounts.

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