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Apple Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jan 17, 2022

Designing a workplace while considering a worker's capabilities and limits is called workplace ergonomics. A job with ergonomic risk factors, such as awkward postures, excessive force, or high repetition, will be more challenging and frustrating. The result is decreased productivity. As a result of ergonomic improvement through our Apple employee discount, ergonomic risk factors are reduced, and worker-worker interaction is improved. With these Apple employee benefits, productivity can be improved, and job tasks can be accomplished faster. The ergonomics process made better with our Apple employee referral program encourages people to work in their comfort zone, which results in less fatigue and more efficient and accurate work.

Introducing the Programs for B2B From Autonomous

Buy now (discount according to company level)

We provide your employees with easy access to their employee benefits online through our Autonomous Apple employee purchase program E-Store.

  • You can submit your work email at
  • A "magic link" will be sent to your inbox to complete the registration process.
  • Using the benefits portal of your company, you can now receive discounts at Autonomous.

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

As a company benefit portal, how does it work? It's time to learn more about the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program. Your company discount is gradually increased over time with the employee perks program. Sign in now to use your company discount.

Our volume pricing plan, which offers progressive savings, is available to your team members if they purchase multiple units or work from home kits through this employee referral program in one transaction.

Pay for me (charge to the company)


Can you imagine a future where you do not have to approve, receive, or reimburse expenses? If you created an employee purchase program, these tasks would not need to be done. Employees can easily select and order products with the help of their work-from-home platform. Employees can also apply for approval for bulk office furniture purchases using the same platform. Employees can request to be charged for products purchased through the Autonomous store of the company by following the steps below:

  • This page requires you to complete a payment form.
  • You can now send a request by clicking 'Make a Request.'

Some Popular AutonomousProducts

1. SmartDesk

SmartDesk in apple employee discount

The SmartDesk series of height-adjustable or standing desks is something we’re extremely proud of. These desks are designed to help you work on the move. The line comprises the SmartDesk Core, the SmartDesk CoreDuo, SmartDesk Corner, SmartDesk Pro and Pro+.

These office standing desk models all have a range of useful features that can be useful for most home office users. As part of this one-time employer purchase program event, we have added our exclusive SmartDesk Design Collaboration series. This new series includes a SmartDesk bespoke desk collection with a customizable frame and surface made by Wistopht and Timotion.

2. ErgoChair

ErgoChair in apple employee discount

Using a comfortable ergonomic office chair can make remote working more enjoyable. You can choose from a wide range of bulk office furniture options. Ergonomic chairs usually provide good comfort and support to get them; first, see how to use Autonomous EPP.

Surprisingly, the memory foam in the seat is so thick despite its highly malleable nature. Nevertheless, the chair's seat and tail end may become compressed to a maximum of 2 inches when your weight is on them.

Padded mesh backs and lumbar cushions support 300 pounds per chair. Furthermore, each chair provides multiple lock positions and ergonomic adjustments, allowing it to recline between 18° and 25°.

You can adjust the angle and the height of the headrest (to a maximum of 30 degrees vertically). This adjustment is permanent. Avochair and Ergostool are available at a special price as part of this offer.

3. Smart Accessories

Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp in apple employee discount

Some lamps are available from Autonomous in the Apple employee discount program that can be installed on a desktop or the floor. Aside from our LED desk lamp and Light Bars, we offer items from other brands. The lamp Lumicharge prefers is the LEP lamp. It is available in three light colors and ten brightness levels. In addition to the USB port, it has a built-in charger.

Brightech's other LED offerings include the Logan LED office lighting, and the Swoop LED floor lamp. Swoop is always a talking point due to its unique asymmetry. With this lamp's gold and black accents, any room will look more sophisticated. Natural linen shade, black marble base, and the metal arc will add style to any setting.

Standing Desk Mat

Standing Desk Mat in apple employee discount

To make your Smart desk even more comfortable, we offer anti-fatigue mats and desk pads. Micro-movements can lead to stiffness or strain on anti-fatigue mats. By encouraging micro-movements, the anti-fatigue mat can reduce any stiffness or strain that might occur.

A scientifically proven way to relieve back pain, the Autonomous anti-fatigue mat keeps your spine balanced at angles that relieve pelvic and lumbar pain. Furthermore, they keep you energized at the desk by improving your posture. The sloped and ridged surface of the anti-fatigue mats relieves foot pain with the 2" rise.

4. Other Brand Products


In addition to wireless charging stations in the Apple employee discount, City Energy's Office Accessories let you stream music, videos and make hands-free calls. Additionally, Qi-enabled smartphones can be charged wirelessly. In addition to a 5000mAh power bank with a USB-C or USB-A port, this company also offers a USB-C power bank.

The charger is thermally managed so that it will charge quickly. SmartMike+ is a Wireless Microphone by SabineTek that supports full-duplex stereo. You won't need cables for it! Wireless technology made this microphone even better!

The best-looking and most comfortable desk pads and mats in the Apple employee discount program are polyesters and eco-friendly rubber. Polypropylene mouse pads are incredibly grippy and provide great traction. Their smooth surface makes them incredibly comfortable to hold. Your mouse pad is non-slip because of its rubber base.

We also have these machine washable desk pads made from these materials and amazing desk pads made of these materials. Each desk pad is dyed sublimated for a flawless print. In addition, the original cork tree shavings and vegan leather desk mats retain their durability and clean, machine-stitched edges.

There are nine different colors of our dimmable LED lamp and three attributes: waterproof, dimmable, and dimmable. A mushroom lamp with nine LED colors has been described as emotional and expressive by its manufacturer. The mushroom lamp's head is equipped with a dimming switch.

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