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Autonomous Christmas 2018 Sales: 12 Days of Deals
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Autonomous Christmas 2018 Sales: 12 Days of Deals

|Dec 7, 2018

Do you want to upgrade your office? Are you planning to ditch your traditional office furniture and replace it with smart desk and ergonomic chairs? Have missed out the great deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on certain items? If yes, then December is the right month to execute your plan. There is still a chance to get those deals back. Autonomous is still spreading the Christmas fun!

Autonomous Christmas 2018 Sales: 12 Days of Deals

Autonomous is rolling out its annual 12 days of deals promotion. Every day until December 15, Autonomous will feature a new set of deals on everything including smart desks, ergonomic office chairs, luggages, backpacks, mattresses and bed sheets. The Christmas deals will only last 24 hours, so you have to move fast if you don’t want to miss out those deals again and want to save a lot. You can come back every day to see our favorite picks but before that bookmark this article. You have a limited time to shop our best items and get a high discount.

List of Items for Christmas Sales 2018:

1. Standing Desks

Today, almost every office employee suffers from back and neck pain issues occurred due to sitting for long hours in the office. However, nothing can be better than a standing desk to get rid of this problem. It allows the employee to spend 8 hours a day and perform their duty while standing. Buying standing desks can be expensive on the pocket on normal days, but on the event of ’12 days of deals’, Autonomous is offering huge discounts on the standing desks; the price for smart desks starts from min $199. The desk is available in two different models to serve the basic as well as the business requirements.

The business edition of this desk has a sleek and sturdy design. It is a 53-inch motorized desk which you can get at affordable prices. The assembly of the Smart Desk is pretty much simple that can withhold 300-pound weight. It is powered with dual motors, enabling you to adjust its height. It is available in a variety of colors such as white, Black, Walnut, Light Oak, and Bamboo. The finish of the Smart Desk2 is very solid and durable which is not easily marked or scratched. The best part of this desk is that it comes with all the tools you need to support yourself. If you don’t want to buy the business edition of this desk, then you can choose to buy its home edition.

The Home Edition of the desk is available with a 52-inch top which can withstand a load of 220 pounds. It draws its power from dual motors and enables you to adjust its height. The desk is the best bet for all the daily basic activities like working, studying, gaming, reading, etc. During this Christmas sales, you can purchase the home edition for a standing desk at $249 which is quite economical. The desk favors good posture and regular movement which will make you feel enthusiastic the entire day.

Standing desk

2. Ergonomic chairs

For an office employee, it is not easy to spend 8-hours in the office while sitting on a chair continuously. It is crucial to use a comfortable chair that doesn’t cause backaches. Ergonomic chairs are designed especially for office workers. Autonomous is known for its high-quality ergonomic office chairs. Autonomous has listed out some models of ergonomic chairs on sales on the event of ’12 days of deals’; min price of ergonomic chairs is $99. These chairs are the result of 20 years of R&D done by the experts.

The perfect design and built mechanism make these chairs ideal for your office furniture. They provide complete support to your body. You can make various adjustments including headrest, footrest, armrest, lumbar support as per your requirements. You can adjust the height as per your comfort. Not only these chairs are comfortable to sit but also made up of durable material.These chairs are tailor-made to support people of all shapes and sizes. They all come with 360-degree tilt mechanism which allows you to move freely without standing up from your chair. Not only these chairs are ideal for office use, but you can also use them in your homes while studying or playing games.

Sometimes buying ergonomic office chairs in bulk can be expensive, but if you are looking for outstanding deals and great offers, then you should check out our website now. We are offering heavy discounts on our best items. You are running out the shortage of time as these deals are for a limited time. So, hurry up and check out our Christmas sales of 2018 and place your order now.

3. Luggages

Whenever we have to go out for a business meeting or on a trip during vacations, luggage bags are something that is necessary. You can’t imagine stepping out without your luggage bag. If you want to buy durable luggage bags, then it is the right time to shop luggage bags. Autonomous is offering heavy discounts on its luggage bags that you won’t get on ordinary days.

Our luggage bags are lightweight. It comes with wheels and a telescoping handle so that you need not to lift this bag. You can adjust its height as per your convenience. The wheels of the bag can spin at 360-degrees, making it easy to maneuver. We have used durable material and high-quality metal zippers for our bags which make them sturdy and durable. This sleek designed travel bag is compact in size that can fit in tight places as well.

These luggage bags come with a 30-day trial. If you don’t like our product, we will return it for a full refund. We also offer a warranty of 1-year so that if anything goes wrong, our customers can ask us to fix the issues. On the event of ’12 days of deals’, we are offering luggage bags at min $69. This Christmas deals of 2018 on luggage bags is for only one day; you have to hurry up and check out our offers on a wide range of luggage bags.


4. Backpacks

If you want to a small backpack, then you can check out online on our website. This cool gray color backpack is spacious. It is made up of durable fabric. We also offer a warranty of 1-year with this backpack. The chances are few that you will not like our product, but in case, you find it is not fulfilling your requirements, you can return it within 30-days. Only a few pieces of this backpack are left. We don’t want that you miss out this awesome deal. So pick up your credit card and place your order now.

5. Mattresses

Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep also plays a vital role in good health. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can lead to serious health issues like depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. It also impacts your productivity and efficiency. However, it is crucial to have the right mattress for a good night sleep. The right mattress provides comfort while helping you to have good postural alignment. In order to enhance your productivity and right body posture, you need to think about investing in a good mattress. However, the price of good mattresses is high, which can be expensive on your pocket.

If you want to buy a mattress at affordable prices, then it is the right time to buy it now. Ditch your spring mattress and get rid of those restless nights, neck aches or stressed-out morning. Autonomous is offering a huge discount on advanced memory foam mattresses which ensure a better night’s sleep. With the use of latest textile engineering, we have used anti-bacterial, odor-resistant bamboo memory foam which allows our mattresses to breath.

These mattresses are solid and eco-friendly. 4-types of high-performance, multiple layers of foams with complementary densities provide support to your spine and enable you to have right body posture. The viscoelastic memory foam provides superior motion isolation. Paired with antibacterial bamboo memory foam, these mattresses don’t require much maintenance. On the event of Christmas, Autonomous is offering great deals on mattresses. So, if you are planning to buy mattresses, then you should execute your plan now and grab the best Christmas deals now.

6. Bed sheets

Bed sheet

There is nothing more heavenly than sliding into a soft bed covered with cool and crisp bed linen at night. Like mattresses, bed sheets also contribute a lot to a good night sleep, but many people overlook these crucial items. If you want to enhance your sleep quality, then you can think about buying some Egyptian cotton bed sheets on the Christmas sales.

Autonomous is offering more than 50% discount on its Dreamer bed sheets, made up of soft Egyptian cotton. Unlike plain, rigid weaves, the Dreamer’s complex satin weave make it supple and durable. Instead of weakening, these high-quality bed sheets get more comfortable after multiple washes. You need not to use any special detergent to wash them. They don’t trap heat, which allows them to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your sleep. Moreover, you can use these bed sheets for any mattress size up to 15”deep. Its handy ties and inner corners provide you with freedom of movement. The Dreamer bedding set comes with a 1-fitted sheet, 1-flat sheet and 2-pillowcases.

While these are some products that Autonomous has added to the list of Christmas sales of 2018. You won’t get such deals once these deals are over. The stock of each item is reducing with the passage of each second. So you have to move fast and check out our website to capture the best deals. For more information or place your order, explore our website.

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