Autonomous Dream Setups. Your Perfect Workspace is Just One Click Away.
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Autonomous Dream Setups. Your Perfect Workspace is Just One Click Away.

|Jun 22, 2022

Do you work remotely from home? And are you struggling to fit-out your “makeshift” workspace? The truth is that most homes aren’t really designed for full time desk work and millions of remote professionals across the globe find it challenging to create an adequate setup that properly supports both their physical and mental health, work performance and productivity.

The struggle is real and to help with this problem Autonomous has done the hard work for you, with curated packages that supply everything you need to set up your dream workspace - with just one click. Whatever your personal style, whatever sized space you have to work with, and however you like to work and play, there’s an Autonomous Dream Setup catered to you.

The Dream Setups.

We all work in different ways, use different tools on the daily, and get inspired in different ways. Whether you work across multiple displays, are a digital nomad who relies solely on your trusty laptop, scan through mountains of paperwork everyday, or maybe you’re a hardcore gamer looking to upgrade your gamezone. Autonomous has thoughtfully put together a range of complete office fit-outs with the best tools to support your personal needs. Offered in an array of colors and textures to suit your individual taste.

Green Dream Concept.

This Dream Setup has everything you need to set up the ultimate “Scandi-vibes” sanctuary. Shades of blonde oak, crisp white and a pop of evergreen will brighten any home office and bring calm tranquility. The compact-sized standing desk measures 43” x 27” and comes with under desk storage and a hook for your back or headset. Perfect if you’re particularly tight on space. 

This complete ergonomic fit-out includes an Autonomous Chair Ergo to pair nicely with your standing desk, and an ergonomic balance board that makes standing while you work way more comfortable. And to support a dual screen desk setup that’s powered by your laptop, the Green Dream Concept also includes a monitor stand and laptop stand, both in matching shades of oak and birchwood.

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Green Dream Concept

Wood Lover Concept.

Refresh your work zone by bringing a bit of the outdoors in. This complete office setup features sustainable bamboo and birchwood to help you feel just that little bit closer to nature. Starting with the best selling Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous, with its beautiful bamboo tabletop for an organic touch - program up to four preset heights and adjust your entire setup to your preferred seated or standing height with just the push of a button. 

Keep your desktop and headspace clutter free and organized with the matching desk organizer that can be customized to accommodate all of your tools, just the way you like. And two birchwood laptop stands allow you to seamlessly transition between nomadic work on-the-go to working in your home office for long hours. Did we mention that the ergonomic chair with super breathable mesh and smooth-glide rollerblade casters feels like heaven?

Take a closer look at Wood Lover >>

Wood Lover Concept

White Haven Concept

For those that like things crisp, bright and white. The compact-sized standing desk with tempered glass table top is great for smaller spaces. The best part? You can charge up to 5 devices directly from the standing desk thanks to 4 ports and a wireless charge pad integrated right into the glass desk top. 

We all know that when you’ve got limited floor space to work with, storage is everything. The White Haven Dream Setup includes a filing cabinet to store all of your essential equipment and important documents, and doubles as additional desktop space to position your laptop, printer, supplies, whatever you need. A monitor stand helps display your screen at the perfect ergonomic height and provides additional storage for your stationary. And for all round comfort and posture support, the best selling Autonomous Chair Ergo from Autonomous pairs well with the ergonomic balance board from FENGE. 

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White Haven Concept

Cookies & Cream Concept

For a clean black & white aesthetic, this delicious setup is for you. The all-white Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and matching filing cabinet look stunning against the all-black Autonomous Chair Ergo and deep black desk pad made of vegan leather. Power your devices directly from the water, scratch and stain-proof desk pad thanks to its integrated wireless charge pad. And for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort, engineered for the digital era, the white Carpio Wrist Rest by DeltaHub is a dream for avid gamers.

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Cookies & Cream Concept

Back to Black Concept

Because everything is better in black and classic black never goes out of style. This monochromatic Dream Setup is super sleek and oh so chic. Packed with all the ergonomic comforts and work essentials as the previous Dream Setups. Includes a Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), Autonomous Chair Ergo, Monitor Stand, Desk Pad, Wrist Rest and Filing Cabinet. Feel like an absolute boss during every minute of work and gameplay. 

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Black to Black Concept

Which is your Dream Setup?

Everything you need to build your dream office, in one neat package. Why? Because you deserve a setup that fits you just right. Whether you like Scandinavian wood with a pop of color, or prefer to keep things clean and minimal with just white and black, the Dream Setups from Autonomous are the perfect building blocks to get you started on building your ultimate sanctuary.

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