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ErgoChair Pro Review: One of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2024
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ErgoChair Pro Review: One of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2024

|Nov 3, 2020

This comprehensive Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Review gives everything you need to know about this model.

For those who work from home or spend a lot of time in front of a desk, using a good quality ergonomic chair is crucial for comfort. While choosing a working chair, it's important not to focus only on the most affordable price you can find but rather on functionality and durability.

This ErgoChair review will show you exactly why the chair is the right choice for those looking for extreme comfort in an ergonomic office chair, which is going to last you years. We’ll discuss why the chair is so well regarded across the globe, as well as run through its specs, packaging, and assembly. The Autonomous chair review also goes through both the pros and cons of this model. Let's make ErgoChair Pro review now!

What Is an Ergonomic Chair? 

Ergonomic chairs are chairs that offer several adjustable features. Their main goal is to maximize comfort by adjusting the chair's shape to fit with any user's unique height, posture, and sitting position. Adjustability makes an ergonomic chair a universal choice as it can be easily changed for a short or tall person, for people with incorrect posture, and for people who have scoliosis.

While a simple minimalistic chair may seem an obvious choice to suit any style of interior, an ergonomic chair is more importantly, functional. More often than not, a regular chair becomes uncomfortable after long hours of work or gameplay in front of a computer. They also usually don’t offer neck or hand support, which are crucial to avoid back pain caused by extensive sitting. What Is an Ergonomic Chair

By simply swapping your normal chair over to an ergonomic chair, the body feels relaxed, your mind becomes more focused, and any stress is automatically reduced. Your employee satisfaction and business performance will improve dramatically without doubt.

The Hype is Real

It seems like everyone is talking about the ErgoChair Pro (ErgoChair 2) from Autonomous. Many ErgoChair Pro reviews confirm that this model is the right choice for anyone seeking the best working chair. From thousands of ErgoChair Pro reviews the model holds the highest rating amongst all of the ergonomic office chairs offered by Autonomous. 

From leading publications to millions of satisfied customers, with so many rave reviews it’s pretty clear that the ErgoChair Pro is one of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market. Here are some reasons why the ErgoChair Pro is one of the best:

  • Superstar rating: The ErgoChair Pro is currently rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 2,000 ErgoChair reviews on the Autonomous website.
  • Online presence: The ErgoChair Pro clocks up over 1,000 online mentions per month across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Online News, Forums, Blogs, and more.
  • Numbers talk: Since its launch, the ErgoChair Pro has made over $50 million in sales.
  • USA Today: Rachel Moskowitz includes the ErgoChair Pro as one of the best ergonomic chairs of 2022 to help you work from home more comfortably. “The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is one of our favorites for its adjustable headrest and great lumbar support.”
  • Gear Patrol: Will Porter includes the ErgoChair Pro as one of the best deals of 2022 to upgrade your work-from-home setup. “The ErgoChair Pro has a ton of adjustability — armrests, seat pan, seat cushion and the lumbar — making it one of the best value office chairs you can buy. And that's before the $50 savings the brand is currently offering.”
  • Teach Radar: The largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site names the ErgoChair Pro as one of the best PC gaming chairs of 2022. “No matter how your body is built, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable while gaming. The mesh back is also far more breathable than a leather one."

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro Review

1. What Specifications Does the ErgoChair Pro Have?

This model of ergonomic office chair has a responsive tilt tension mechanism. The user can enjoy 360 degrees of flexible full-body support whilst seated. The Korean mesh back is super breathable and responsive so that it adjusts to the user's body and provides ultimate comfort.

The seat height can be regulated between 18 and 20 inches, and dimensions of the seat pan are 20 inches in length x 20 inches wide. Together with the headrest, the dimensions of the chair back are 21x28 inches wide and 31 inches high. The chair’s tilt range of 20 degrees provides full comfort for the user at all times. And the height of the chair’s armrests can be adjusted between 11 and 14 inches, providing much needed support to the arms during every hour of work. To quickly glide between one desk and another, the ErgoChair Pro has five smooth caster wheels, each 2.36 inches in diameter. 

What Specifications Does the ErgoChair2 Have?

This chair’s weight is 48.5 lbs, and holds an impressive weight capacity - suitable for one person at a time of up to 350 lbs! The best thing about this chair? Users don't need to believe any Autonomous chair review they find on the internet. They can test it out for themselves! Autonomous offers a 30-day risk free trial within which the customer can use the ErgoChair Pro and decide if it suits all of their needs. Every ErgoChair Pro also comes with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

2. What Colors of ErgoChair Are Available? 

In addition to its functionality, the ErgoChair Pro has a universal design that will easily suit any interior. Let's get ErgoChair Pro review with its colors. Autonomous offers this model in five stunning colors:

  • Evergreen - is a perfect match for bright interiors, particularly well lit Nordic spaces. The Evergreen colorway packs an organic citrine punch.
  • Cool Gray - is perfect for any minimalist who wants to add order and calm tranquility to the workspace.
  • All Black - is the best choice for dark vintage interiors, or even more modern industrial spaces.
  • Baby Blue + Red Apple - are sure to bring joyful energy to any room and is a popular choice among students and gamers.

What Colors Are Available?

3. Packaging

The ErgoChair Pro is shipped in a cardboard box. Buyers can expect a well packed and secure double box with shipping dimensions of 29 inches in length x 27 inches wide x 19 inches high. The total weight of the package is 67 lbs.

The ErgoChair Pro comes disassembled. Inside you’ll find all required components for the chair, which can easily be connected with hex screws. The package also includes a hex wrench to help with chair assembly.


4. How to Assemble ErgoChair Pro? 

Complete assembly instructions are provided with every ErgoChair Pro. According to many ErgoChair Pro reviews, assembly of this model isn’t too complicated and shouldn't cause any problems while proceeding step by step.

To assemble the ErgoChair Pro - connect the backrest, headrest, seat, five castors, base, gas lift, armrest, and control mechanisms. In order to do this, use the 19 bolts of four different sizes, 15 washers of two different sizes, and eight spring lock washers. All of this is included inside of the box, so once the buyer receives the shipment, they can start assembling. The pack also includes a screwdriver to help with assembly.

How to Assemble ErgoChair 2?

For the first step, connect the castors to the base. Simply flip the base upside down and attach the wheels to it. Then insert the gas lift into the base. Using the screwdriver provided, tighten the aligned washers and bolts into the holes of the base.

Once the above assembly is complete, position the control mechanism and push into place. Secure the mechanism by using the screwdriver provided to attach the bolts, spring lock washers, and washers to the base. 

Now attach the chair back to the seat pan and carefully lower onto the gas lift. In the last step of assembly, attach the headrest to the top of the chair back. 

Ensure that all bolts and parts are firmly tightened before use. If any component is missing or damaged upon delivery, or worn down with use, it should be replaced only with manufacturer's parts from Autonomous. Even though the chair has a high weight capacity, it is designed to seat only one person at a time. Please be aware that not following the instructions provided or using pieces that are not from the manufacturer can result in serious injury.

5. Experience Full Adjustability with the ErgoChair Pro

According to many ErgoChair Pro reviews, the ErgoChair Pro was engineered to be completely adjustable to as many users’ needs as possible. They are designed for maximum seated comfort, even while working (or playing) for long hours. The ErgoChair Pro adjustment is super easy.

Here are some main features of the ErgoChair Pro’s adjustability and a bit more information on how to enjoy the ergonomic office chair to its fullest:

Seat Tilt

The angle that a person sits in front of their desk is very important for comfort. Thanks to the adjustable seat angle, users can counterbalance good posture. For correct adjustment, make sure you have your feet flat on the floor and back resting on the chair's back without any effort or strain. To adjust the seat’s tilt, activate the seat tilt function by flipping the handle clockwise. When you feel that the seat has the right position, lock the handle by flipping it counterclockwise.

Adjustability of ErgoChair 2

Back Tilt Tension

The chair’s back tilt tension keeps the chair balanced while giving users the ability to recline. Increase the back tilt tension to elevate the force required to make the chair recline, or decrease the tension if the user wants their ErgoChair Pro to recline more easily. To increase the tension of the back tilt, rotate the handle clockwise. Rotating the handle counterclockwise decreases the back tilt tension.

Back Tilt Tension

Tilt Angle

Increasing the chair’s tilt angle can help to relax the back and spine during working hours. Adjusting the tilt angle of the ErgoChair Pro is very easy to do. Just use the lever located on the seat's back.

Tilt Angle

Back Recline

The perfect ergonomic office chair should allow the user to regulate the chair's back recline, so that the user isn’t slouched or leaning too far forward. To re-adjust the back recline of the ErgoChair Pro, simply push the handle back to activate the tilt function and then actively recline until you reach your desired angle. To lock your desired position into place, simply pull the handle back up. 

Seat Height Adjustment

To maintain correct seated posture, keep both feet planted flat on the ground while working. This way, minimal weight is placed on the backs of your legs. This prevents back pain and poor posture. To adjust the seat height of the ErgoChair Pro, just pull the handle up and then release it when it's at the proper height.

Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Depth

The seat pan of your chair should never press against the calves. The ErgoChair Pro has a regulated seat depth that can easily be adjusted to cater to any person's height. To adjust your seat pan, just push the handle up and then release the handle to lock. 

Seat Depth

Headrest Adjustment 

To fully support the neck, the ErgoChair Pro has an adjustable headrest that can be angled up to 45 degrees to reach your perfect position. The headrest is one of the most popular features of the ErgoChair Pro and also provides the option to move up and down to suit everyone.

Headrest Adjustment

Armrest Adjustment

Placing your arms and shoulders in the right position while sitting is just as important as having good posture. When used, forearms should rest easily on both supports and not feel strained. To adjust the armrests on the ErgoChair Pro, place your arms on the armrest and use the tab located under them to adjust their height. 

Armrest Adjustment

6. Is It Possible to Order the ErgoChair Pro if I Don't Live in the USA? 

The answer is yes! Autonomous offers worldwide shipping. Of course, like any international shipment, international orders may incur extra costs depending on your country of origin.

7. How Much Does the ErgoChair Pro Cost? 

An effective and functional ergonomic working chair is never cheap. However, it's an investment in your health. And you can’t really put a price on that. In comparison to other ergonomic office chairs on the market, the ErgoChair Pro has a more affordable price point than most others. The ErgoChair Pro starts from $499 for all colors. 

If your budget can’t quite afford this price at the present time, Autonomous offers a convenient monthly payment option with Affirm. By choosing this option, the price of the ErgoChair Pro is only $47 per month!

How Much Does the ErgoChair 2 Cost?

Is the ErgoChair Pro Worth It? 

Like any other product, the ErgoChair Pro has its pros and cons. The best option is to test the chair and check if it suits all your expected needs. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, make use of the free 30-day trial and you won’t have to pay a thing. Autonomous will cover the cost for return shipment of your product, so it’s a completely risk free way to check if the ErgoChair Pro is worth its price!

ErgoChair Pro

  • icon checkLong-lasting and durable construction that lasts for years.
  • icon checkWide variety of adjustability features and choice of colors to suit any space.
  • icon checkBreathable fabrication keeps things cool and comfortable. Perfect for any temperature.
  • icon checkTwo years warranty.
  • icon checkEasy to assemble with all components and tools needed included in the shipment.
  • icon timesAs the ErgoChair Pro has many adjustment options, it may take a while for the user to work out how to use them.
  • icon timesSome people say that the seat cushion wears away over time and becomes slightly less supportive with extended use.

At the End Of the Day ...

The ErgoChair Pro was engineered to effectively support the back, improve your sitting posture, and prevent back pain with ergonomic chair for back pain, even during long hours of work. Equipping the office with a quality ergonomic work chair will significantly improve your work performance. You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed, and work free of back pain or neck strain. With this ErgoChair Pro review, you can decide whether it is suitable for your workplace or not.

There really isn’t any reason to postpone investing in an ergonomic office chair. The longer a person is exposed to incorrect posture or tension caused by an uncomfortable work chair, the higher the risk of developing serious health conditions such as scoliosis, back strain, and chronic muscle tension.

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