Autonomous Chair Move Review: Active Sitting for Home Office
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Autonomous Chair Move Review: Active Sitting for Home Office

|Nov 4, 2020

Workplaces are consistently evolving, and you need to as well. Gone are the days of the traditional desk and chair set up in a workspace. Many of these desks are now being abandoned in favor of adjustable standing desks, while many conventional office chairs are being replaced by their ergonomic counterparts. The said counterparts include special-purpose chairs and stools. This Autonomous Chair Move review covers all the bases on active sitting, and it also goes over why it's a great idea for you. 

Why Change to an Ergonomic Chair & Stool?

Autonomous Chair Move color Choice

What is the reason for this progressive change? The sedentary and repetitive lifestyle that most desk workers have results in a plethora of issues, including chronic pain and physical conditions that develop over time. Unfortunately, the consistent sitting that office workers engage in is not conducive to the body's design.  

That's one of the main reasons while standing desks ended up in the mix. Now people have the option to stand and work, as opposed to remaining consistently seated. Is standing healthier than sitting? Standing certainly has its benefits, but it also creates various issues unless it is done in moderation. 

Realistically, your body is meant for movement, which means that any position characterized by a static position can be a problem. However, standing is more advantageous than sitting since a greater muscular engagement and better calorie burn are associated with it.

Ergonomic Chair

It turns out that there is a third option, which is active sitting. This Autonomous Chair Move review is going to be covering a product that is the epitome of active sitting done right. Now, you have a mechanism at your disposal that allows you to sit at different heights and tilt your seat as you see fit. 

Apart from just sitting on a flat surface, you're going to have to use some level of balance to get this seating option to work the way it's supposed to for you. As you sit and work, you are going to be engaging muscular groups, such as your legs and core.  

You are also a lot more likely to get up and move around every so often when you use a stool instead of an office chair. Even children can get in on the active setting formula with saddle chair alternatives. Without any further ado, it's time to dive into this Autonomous ergonomic stool review, to see what it can do for your health and productivity.


Autonomous Chair Move Review 

1. Specifications & Colors

The first stop in this Autonomous Chair Move review is at the physical specifications of the product. This information gives you a general idea of what to expect based on the design choices that Autonomous made. 

First, there are the dimensions. It's not the largest item in the world, as it measures 13" L x 13" W x 25" – 35" H. That overall dimension can be broken down into the seat dimensions and the seat height. The former measures 13" L by 13" W, while the latter measures 25" – 35". 

Adjustable heigh

The Autonomous Chair Move leans heavily into active sitting principles, which means that you can angle it from its central position when you desire. You get a 30-degree angle for the range of motion, which provides enough movement without being too over the top. As the angle gets larger, there is greater potential for the user to topple over. Therefore, a number, such as 30, makes for a perfect allocation. 

The only adjustable area is the seat height. If you think about it, what else would you want to adjust on a stool anyway?

The seat has a molded foam interior that is enclosed by polyester fabric. The frame takes advantage of a nylon plastic design, which makes for an incredibly durable product.

Fabric of Autonomous Chair Move

Stools, such as this one, need to meet quality standards before office workers use them. The Autonomous Chair Move has a UL 2818 certification, highlighting a design that stays within an acceptable range for chemical emissions. 

If you want to coordinate the color of your Autonomous Chair Move with the rest of your office furniture, you can choose from cool gray, evergreen, all black, and navy blue alternatives. 

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While the Autonomous Chair Move weighs a very light 22 pounds, it can accommodate up to 264 pounds of weight at a time. The shipping dimensions are greater than those of the product, as the measurements are 53" L x 37.5" W x 33" H. Note that the delivery package weighs 26 pounds.

Package of Autonomous Chair Move

2. Assembling the Autonomous Chair Move 

What kind of Autonomous Chair Move review would leave out important details, such as how to assemble your new active sitting hub? There is no need for you to panic, as the assembly process is not a difficult one. This applies, even if you are no more than a beginner at DIY tasks.  

The item is shipped in three parts. The first is the seat, the second is the leg, and the final one is the base. The leg has a cylindrical shape and a gas release button that is used to adjust the seat's height. During shipping, it's possible that this button could be pressed repeatedly, which may have adverse effects. Therefore, there is a plastic cap on the gas release button when you remove it from the box.

Autonomous Chair Move parts assembling

Your first order of business is to get rid of that plastic cap, after which you can dispose of it. Next, you need only insert the leg into the stool base, after which you should place the seat atop the leg. You're going to need to apply a little force here to ensure that it sits in place.  

There are two buttons on either side of the stool that activate the gas release mechanism, which is used to control the seat's height. Under normal circumstances, the seat is supposed to move upward. However, some people find that their Autonomous Chair Moves are stuck. If this happens to you, there is no need to panic, as it means you forgot to remove the plastic cap that sits atop the gas release. You'd be surprised to know how many people this happens to. 

So, it's time to teach you what to do when you find that you forgot to remove the cap. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as removing the seat from the leg anymore since the cap is no longer fixed atop the gas release button. At this point, the cap is inside the seat, which means that removing it requires a more intrusive process.

Remove cap before assembling Autonomous Chair Move

The first step is to remove the seat from the leg and place it upside down. Remove the on the underside, and the seat should separate into two pieces, which are the top and the base. The cap is located inside the base but getting to it means removing the internal screws and washers present. Once you do that, you should see the stuck cap in the cylindrical part of the base. 

You're going to need to knock it out of place, so it falls out the bottom. Once you're done, replace the internal screws and washers, then affix the seat base to the top by reseating the external screws. 

Getting through these instructions is even simpler than it sounds. So, if you are a visual learner, you can check out Autonomous' video on how to assemble the Autonomous Chair Move and address the issue of the stuck cap if it happens to you. The whole video is less than two minutes long, which goes to show how straightforward everything is.

3. Features for Active Sitting

What kind of Autonomous stool chair review would this be if it didn't speak to the features that the seating option offers to promote your active sitting needs?

Strengthening core and back

First, the Autonomous Chair Move is conducive to the progressive strengthening of your core and your back. Achieving this means that the stool needs to stay in place at the base, no matter how much you angle the top. Autonomous designed the said base to get an unbelievable amount of traction, so its position remains constant. This traction is possible on an incredible range of different floor surfaces.  

What this means is that you can maximize the 30-degree movement range while you are seated. Additionally, you get the benefit of dynamic sitting, which does a very good job of copying the frequent posture changes synonymous with standing. Therefore, you get a boost to both your energy and the amount of movement you do.

Autonomous Chair Move help strengthen core and back

Wide Height Adjustment Range

You no longer need to lower your standing desk to adjust your position, making the Autonomous Chair Move the perfect complement. If you want to enjoy a low-impact standing break, you need only perch on the stool. People tend to take more efficient breaks when the seating option allows for it. Thankfully, Autonomous Chair Move design means taking a quick break is a simple task, which means that you are going to be able to stand for long periods at a time.

There is also the benefit of a 10" height adjustment range with the Autonomous Chair Move. Therefore, you can use it at a regular desk, just as easily as you can use it at a standing desk. Sitting on the stool is enough to keep you active without pushing it to the point of making you tired. It's great to be able to allow for healthy blood circulation while sitting relatively comfortably.

Improve your sitting posture


Low back pain is often a product of poor posture, and you put yourself at risk for degenerative disc disease. Sitting on a backless product, such as the autonomous ergo stool, forces you to build your core and back strength with active sitting. 

Therefore, you naturally improve your sitting posture, which allows you to mitigate pain and degenerative conditions progressively. It's the perfect multi-faceted ergonomic office tool to have with your adjustable standing desk.  

Pros & Cons of Autonomous Chair Move

Now it's time for this Autonomous Chair Move review to look at the advantages and drawbacks that come with owning and using an Autonomous Chair Move. Since it's always a good idea to start things off on a good note, here are the upsides followed by the downsides of the product.  

Autonomous Chair Move

  • icon checkTake advantage of three distinct movement patterns for your active sitting needs: lean motion, a wobble motion, and circular movement, which means that you get to exercise your back, core, and hips in various ways
  • icon checkThe product's dimensions are all very minimal numbers
  • icon checkEasy adjustments and a very convenient way to take efficient standing breaks
  • icon checkThe core and back strengthening benefits
  • icon checkEasy assembly process
  • icon check30-day trial to test the waters first
  • icon timesAn intentional design choice in active seating, not comfort as much as ergonomic office chairs
  • icon timesThe maximum weight accommodated by the stool is significantly lower than that which is possible with an office chair
  • icon timesGetting used to sitting in this way and taking advantage of the core and back strengthening properties takes a little getting used to


Active sitting makes it possible to work at your desk without worrying about chronic pain and degenerative issues that are synonymous with continuous sitting in traditional office chairs. The Autonomous Chair Move is a comprehensive seating option that allows you to strengthen your back and core as you work.

Why you should buy Autonomous Chair Move

It works very well with a standing desk since it allows you to take efficient breaks and get in the kind of movement you need.  

While there are numerous benefits to owning an Autonomous ergonomic chair, developing the habit of using it comfortably and effectively takes a little practice. 

Hopefully, this Autonomous Chair Move review gave you all the information you need to understand why having one in your office is a good idea.

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