Autonomous Fireside Chats: Pandio, Data Management, and the Future of Work
Hybrid Working

Autonomous Fireside Chats: Pandio, Data Management, and the Future of Work

|Aug 18, 2021

We're all looking for some inspiration these days to assist our businesses move seamlessly to a hybrid work future. You're not alone if you're having trouble understanding this new shift or looking for new strategies to deal with it. There are many other businesses who face the same issues and have the same concerns as you.

In order to gain insights and discover great new innovative ways to transition to a hybrid workplace, Autonomous has launched a fireside chat video series called "The Future of the Workplace," in which we introduce the perspectives and experiences of various businesses and entrepreneurs from across the US, including IT, accounting and finance, consulting firms, public services, and more, on the hybrid work movement. We'll release a new episode every two weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Autonomous channel so you don't miss out!

You could learn fresh and interesting ways to move your team to a successful working future, as well as face some of the issues that many firms are encountering as we transition to a post-pandemic world, with their insight and instructive tales. It's a thrilling new frontier, and what better way to prepare than by learning from other companies and executives in a variety of industries?

The future of workplace

For this week’s episode, we’re joined by Pandio founder Gideon Reuben. Gideon Reuben describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”, with a master's in Management Science, where he focused in Applied Statistics. This, he says, is what forms the foundation for his extensive knowledge of data use, which would eventually come in handy when he founded Pandio.

Pandio, data management, and the future of the workplace

Gideon Reuben’s company, Pandio, is a software startup that specializes in AI solutions for data management. Pandio is a “permanent, modular, flexible, and capable” solution for data management that helps serve as the “middle man” between founding businesses and the data they’d like to access and use for their products. 


Typically, this process would require a lot of manual work building a custom infrastructure, which is very complex and takes a lot of time and money. Fortunately, Pandio works to automate the process with the power of AI. It is also easily scalable for multi-faceted companies that need it for a variety of different clients and projects.

When it comes to the future of work and hybrid working, Gideon describes his team as already quite flexible before the pandemic. They were an international team, some based in the US and others in Europe or Vietnam, so they were able to take a lot of the lessons they had already learned before the pandemic and apply them when the whole team was suddenly shifted to working remotely. 

During the pandemic, the Pandio team faced challenges with accessing the tools they needed to work from home. So Gideon allowed his employees to take home office equipment like smart desks and chairs, so they’d be more comfortable and productive working remotely.

Pandio team

Now, after the pandemic, Gideon says he’s learned the value of in-person collaboration and its positive effects on company culture, camaraderie, and team building. He’d like to ideally have a “core” team that meets at a physical location during set days and times throughout the week, and have these local teams develop and build up a workstyle in-person that is more efficient and dynamic than it could be if they were working remotely on a permanent basis.

The future of work at Pandio is hybrid, and Gideon looks forward to a future of working where remote workers and local workers can synchronize their schedules and mix their work styles for an optimal result.

Check out the full video here:

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