Autonomous Hybrid OS: Your Hybrid Office, Simplified and Sorted
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Autonomous Hybrid OS: Your Hybrid Office, Simplified and Sorted

|Jul 27, 2021

Traditional work environments have abruptly—and dramatically—changed over the last year. Now, after a year of limitations, surges, and ever-changing safety standards, the globe is slowly recovering. We're gradually approaching a new normal. This means things will probably feel familiar, but there will be some significant changes as well. One thing is certain: work in the future will be hybrid!

Google and Microsoft have indicated that, while they would accommodate remote employees for as long as it is essential for their health and safety, they are ready to return to an office-centric work paradigm. Other firms, like Spotify, have stated that pandemic-related adjustments would be permanent.

Regardless of which side you support, your firm will very certainly have to deal with a new reality in which hybrid flexible work arrangements become the norm, but how that manifests itself in your company may be very different from how it manifests itself in other organizations. More and more businesses and business influencers feel that now is the moment for leaders in all sectors to strategy and plan for a future of hybrid flexible employment.

Hybrid work provides several advantages, including unrivaled flexibility, time and money savings as firms cut expenditures and streamline office space utilization, satisfied workers, and so forth. It's not simply a scary and unpredictable period; it's also full of chances to improve the workplace by making it more dynamic and accommodating to all employees.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Working

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This approach, as the name indicates, mixes onsite and remote people, similar to the split teams concept, except that some employees work from home rather than at a separate location with a separate team. This approach is frequently referred to as "remote friendly" or "hybrid remote."


  • Because the remote-working sector may include workers from all over the world, a company's employment choices using this method are nearly limitless. This expands a number of possibilities that were previously limited by the existing co-located setup.
  • This method allows remote employees to have a more flexible schedule, allowing them to more loosely divide their working hours and work on their own terms. This may mean more time with family and friends, as well as more freedom to perform activities that would be difficult in a 9-5 office setting.
  • For remote employees, a private home office can be set up. Thanks to the rising popularity of smart ergonomic furniture for individuals working from home, it's easier than ever to find affordable and ergonomic solutions that are more personalized and visually appealing than a basic office cubicle.
  • This method has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by allowing important work to be done on-site in a collaborative atmosphere with small gatherings, while minimizing virus transmission by allowing other workers to work safely from home.

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  • This plan requires a well-organized and structured vision for the team to ensure that the right people are working in the office and that as many people as feasible are working from home on the same schedule while meeting critical deadlines. This may be tough depending on the size of the team and the amount of work that can be done remotely.
  • Employers must be able to train both existing and new remote employees. This may be particularly challenging for leaders who prefer a more hands-on management style. It demands the use of alternative methods, which may or may not be as effective as in-person training, depending on the scenario.
  • There may be substantial communication gaps because team members work different schedules and are difficult to reach at critical moments.
  • Maintaining a cohesive team spirit and corporate culture is very hard when the bulk of the team works remotely and seldom interacts. While Zoom parties can help with team building, they don't have the same impact as in-person events.

Tackle Hybrid Work with Autonomous Hybrid OS

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Make use of the most up-to-date tools to help you balance and manage workplace resources for people who require them when they arrive. Without the newest technology solutions, keeping track of desk reservations and which staff will be utilizing certain workstations on different days may be a nightmare.

According to Duy Huynh, Founder and CEO at Autonomous: "It’s so important to correctly fit out the workspace for your employees and ensure a seamless transition back to the office. Your company’s corporate needs will differ greatly from any other, so ensure you have the suitable tools (hardware and software) to build your personalized hybrid work model."

The Autonomous Hybrid OS is a must-use organizational tool that takes care of all the scheduling and logistics for you. With this tool, your employees can book their desks and see what’s available in a simple and streamlined interface that ensures maximum efficiency without confusion. Hybrid OS lets you effectively manage a hybrid flexible working environment without the hassle of having to micromanage every employee’s schedules and bookings.

Hybrid App

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The Hybrid App is your overview with all the information and controls you need for hybrid working, right at your fingertips. The App lets you set your work schedule, reserve desks in the office on days you’ll be working on-site, book meeting rooms, and see what your co-workers are up to so you can be sure to come in contact with key team members when you need them.

It’s a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate app that works with your employees’ iOS or Android devices, and it seamlessly organizes the entire hybrid office so you and your HR department can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s hybrid management made simple, with the future of work in mind.

Hybrid Desk

Hybrid Desk.jpg

Hybrid Desk is Autonomous’ trustworthy, flagship Autonomous Desk line, optimized for your hybrid office. The desks sync seamlessly with your Hybrid App to save individual user preferences and remember them when users book desks via the Hybrid App

This means when you book a desk, it’ll unlock only for you during the time you’ve scheduled it for personal use. It’ll also automatically adjust to your preset height preferences so you can work sitting or standing without even thinking about it. You can even pair the desks with a Smart Lamp and Smart Frame which remember each users’ lighting preferences and custom digital art or photos. With Hybrid Desk, your personalized work experience is always ready for you when you need it.

Hybrid Meeting Room

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The Hybrid Meeting Room is a flexible, easily adjustable and configurable meeting space that fits anywhere in your office. It can be resized, depending on how many people need to use it, and it’s lightweight enough to easily move around to optimal locations throughout the day.

Meeting rooms can be reserved via the Hybrid App, which then communicates with the room (integrated with August Lock hardware) to ensure it only unlocks for users who have booked it. Hybrid App users can easily see meeting room schedules so they know when they will be occupied and when they and their team members can book it for their own use.

Working for a better future with Autonomous

With integrated software and hardware solutions, Autonomous has you covered for all your hybrid needs as the world moves into a new normal with distributed employees and a greater need to balance unique needs and schedules for every worker. Now you can do it all seamlessly with Hybrid OS, integrated with reliable Autonomous hardware that ensures you’ll be working productively and easily for years to come.

Check out Hybrid OS today and see how your company can benefit from software and hardware solutions by Autonomous.

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