Autonomous Office Furniture Showroom in NYC
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Autonomous Office Furniture Showroom in NYC

|Sep 22, 2021

You may have found yourself scrolling through online shopping pages and clicking on online ads more often than ever before. 

The global pandemic has forced people to social distance, so many have found more exciting gadgets and home or office accessories than they ever imagined now that they are spending so much more time at home. 

As people grow accustomed to online shopping, they rely more on customer reviews, star ratings, and specifications to judge a product rather than personally experiencing it.

When purchasing products that become a part of your home office and your daily life, the online shopping strategy can restrict your imagination, and prevent you from truly getting what is best for your office setup. 

Those who have shopped Autonomous products online know that its product descriptions are accurate and reliable. Still, for those hoping to get the whole experience, Autonomous has opened its first office furniture showroom in New York City. 

What Are the Benefits of In-person Furniture Shopping?

What Are the Benefits of In-person Furniture Shopping

While online shopping has become the norm over the past two years, there are still undeniable benefits of shopping for furniture in an Autonomous office furniture showroom

1. You Get to Try It Out for Yourself


Most people spend a minimum of eight hours a day seated in an office chair in front of an office desk. These home or modern office furniture pieces need to fit your body perfectly, providing the proper ergonomic support and comfort. 

With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to select the best one for you. By visiting the office furniture showroom in NYC, you can judge the furniture's quality, comfort, and overall appearance for yourself. 

Online images and customer reviews can be beneficial when forming an opinion on a product, but there is no substitute for experiencing it. 

When you visit Office furniture stores in NYC, you are confronted with more products, sparking more ideas for what might work better in your home office. 

You can better understand an item of furniture if you analyze its color, material, size, and adjustability for yourself, so you can genuinely select furniture that caters to your needs.

2. Make Side-by-side Comparisons

Make Side-by-side Comparisons

When selecting a product, it is essential to compare different brands and types to ensure that you are getting what you need. It may be challenging to decide between two chairs of the same brand unless you see both chairs next to each other. 

This is precisely what you can do at the office furniture showroom in NYC. Place two chairs next to each other and judge for yourself which one is more suitable than the other. This isn't easy to do while shopping online, as the opinion you form about the two products is based entirely on customer reviews and product descriptions. 

However, when you visit a showroom, you get to see and touch the products you are interested in to see if they live up to the claims made by the company, and whether you share the same opinions of online reviewers. 

3. Receive Expert Advice

Receive Expert Advice

Have you ever added items to an online shopping cart, hovered over the “checkout” button, and stopped? This is probably because you probably doubt your own choice. Choosing the right office furniture is no easy task because even though you may not end up liking what you prefer, you may just be stuck with it. 

When you visit a showroom, you are seldom left to wander around aimlessly. Product experts are always there to guide and assist you in deciding which choice is best for you. The truth is that your options are limited by your product knowledge, which can only be enhanced by someone well-versed and skilled in the field. 

Various office furniture experts guide you at a furniture showroom which may better understand what you need than you are. These experts can help find the best furniture for you and your work environment or office space setup, which can save you a lot of time, and can help you find products you might not have heard of otherwise. 

Having an expert opinion can remove any doubt you may have about your choice, and help you remove furniture shopping from your to-do list. 

4. Personalize Your Furniture

Personalize Your Furniture

The personalization of office furniture is sometimes necessary. You may realize that a bamboo worktop suits your office aesthetics better than a simple black or white tabletop. At an office furniture showroom, you can see these options and visualize your space to decide whether an item of furniture is suitable. 

When you visit a showroom, you can also decide if you need extra features to accommodate your body type or provide the comfort you need. An example of this is a headrest on an office chair. Some models may not include a headrest or footrest as a standard feature, and you may need to add that on. 

Sometimes the only way to determine whether you need these extra features is by sitting on the chair. 

5. Returns Tend to be Easier

While deliveries make purchasing products online a lot easier and more convenient, returns can be quite the opposite. Shipping costs are often non-refundable, so you bear that cost whether you return the product or keep it. 

It may also be inconvenient to arrange a suitable time for a delivery person to collect your return and may need to enter your home to retrieve larger items like essential furniture for the office, which is not what you want with a communicable disease running rampant. 

Because you arrange your transportation when returning an item to office furniture stores in NYC, you do not bear high shipping costs to get return products there. 

6. See the Actual Color

See the Actual Color

Colors are important, especially when designing an office space. Adding a pop of color can stimulate creativity, boost productivity, and improve your overall mood. However, if the colors are mismatched colors of different shades, it could have the opposite effect on the brain, and may even cause an increase in stress and anxiety. 

An office should be an attractive place since most office workers spend eight hours or more in their office space per day. Therefore, it may be necessary to see the item to determine if it is what you were expecting. 

Online product descriptions and images may be accurate enough to give you a good idea about how the product looks. However, for various reasons, such as a slight color variation during production, a product may be different from the color displayed online. 

This could result in disappointment when your product arrives, even more so if you care greatly about maintaining office design. Purchasing your modern office furniture in NYC from the Autonomous office furniture showroom is the best way to tell whether the color displayed online is the actual hue you can expect to see in real life. 

7. In-store Deals and Offers

Everyone loves a good deal. Many furniture dealers offer in-store specials to promote stock turnover, so those who want to save a few bucks can head over to the Autonomous office furniture showroom to get in-store deals on their favorite products. 

However, keep in mind that specials are never guaranteed and may be seasonal, so you may need to visit the showroom to determine if the company does have a sale on their items. 

8. Buy in Bulk

Buy in Bulk

The hybrid work model has forced employers to change how their workforce functions, with office hoteling changing the way the workplace is designed. Many employers are ditching their rows of budget chairs and desks for intelligent, modern, and functional furniture. 

Smart desks can be preset to change its height to suit the employee's preferences due to work at that particular desk at a specific time. This is an innovative and efficient way to run a hybrid workforce. 

Purchasing furniture in bulk online can be a time-consuming task, and there is the time it takes to arrive, not to mention shipping costs. Therefore, it is a better idea to buy in bulk from the office furniture showroom in NYC. 

What You Can Expect to Find at Autonomous’ NYC Showroom

Autonomous’ NYC Showroom

If it is time to replace old office furniture in your office space, or renovate and add durable, modern furniture to your area, then buying in bulk is the way to go. Workstations are essential components of an efficient free-flowing office. 

High-quality office furniture is built to offer comfort and support to improve ergonomics, overall health, performance, productivity, and prevent injury. 

Getting wholesale office furniture can be a cost-effective option to consider as an office designer or business owner. By considering the ergonomic needs of your employees while reducing business expenses, you accomplish two goals. 

If you are curious about what modern office furniture in NYC you can expect to find on display in the showroom, here are a few of the most popular. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is one of Autonomous' best ergonomic chairs. It includes everything you could need in an ergonomic chair and is available for bulk office chair purchases at the showroom. Every Autonomous Chair Ergo is made to be durable.  

These chairs have high-quality mechanisms that let the user adjust them to suit every body type, ensuring optimal support and comfort for long hours at the office. 

Autonomous ergonomic chairs are available in myriad colors to blend in seamlessly with any work environment. When selecting wholesale office chairs for your employees, keep both their health and the overall visual appeal of the chairs in mind. 

You do not have to choose between these two with Autonomous office chairs because they look just as good as they feel. The chairs provide excellent lumbar, arm, neck, and even leg support. 

Every chair is designed with a built-in seat tilt feature that lets you adjust your sitting position. An adjustable back tilt tension is another excellent feature of these chairs, which affects the level of resistance your office chair provides as you recline. 

The seat depth of Autonomous chairs is also adjustable, and the width and depth of your armrests can be adjusted to ensure that your arms are always properly supported. 

Standing Desks

Standing Desks

Adjustable standing desks are another great range of products that you can expect to find at the Autonomous office furniture showroom. 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), one of Autonomous' most popular standing desks, is a home office standing desk that has changed the work environments of thousands of people worldwide. It is now accessible at the Autonomous office furniture store in NYC. 

Autonomous Desks like the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) are designed with ergonomic features that adjust the desk to your exact custom height, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing. This sit-stand method is beneficial to your health and well-being, as it promotes a more active lifestyle. 

The most significant feature of Autonomous Desks is their whisper-quiet twin motor that can quickly raise and lower up to 300 pounds, so you get to keep all your office supplies and gadgets at your fingertips. The transition between sitting and standing at the simple touch of a button. 

Purchasing wholesale office desks online could take a long time, but at the Autonomous showroom, you can buy standing desks in bulk and receive them the same day.

Autonomous Expert Advice

Autonomous Expert Advice

Autonomous offers expert advice on ergonomics, so you can expect to receive a personalized experience when you visit the office furniture showroom in NYC. If you have any questions about the products that Autonomous offers, you are sure to find answers if you visit the furniture store in New York. 

Final Thoughts

Autonomous has a great range of home office furniture in NYC that is sure to meet your ergonomic and aesthetic needs. 

While Autonomous furniture has sold successfully online for many years, the company has now decided to open an office furniture showroom in New York City, so customers can see and experience the benefits of its ergonomic, high-quality furniture. 

There are benefits to shopping for furniture at a showroom that just cannot be ignored. Buying in bulk more efficiently, getting to see colors, shape, and fit are just some of those benefits.

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