Autonomous Reviews: LifeDesk Standing Desk
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Autonomous Reviews: LifeDesk Standing Desk

|Aug 22, 2022

Standing desks have become so popular because they provide various benefits. A standing desk increases your productivity, attitude, and ability to think and communicate more effectively with your colleagues and customers. A LifeDesk standing desk can help you improve your memory as well as increase your productivity. Get the full LifeDesk review here.

About LifeDesk

About LifeDesk

LifeDesk delivers ergonomic products that are affordable and of the highest quality for office environments. A company culture based on ergonomic solutions from LifeDesk contributes to a company's success by allowing workers to show their best performance. Thousands of companies, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations choose the LifeDesk standing desk to transform their desks into adjustable heights.

Use SmartLegs and other ergonomic accessories to transform your desk and workstation into a LifeDesk height adjustable desk. Any existing desk can be converted to a sit-stand workstation with the Smartlegs accessory from LifeDesk. A SmartLegs desk can help you improve your posture and learn how to use it properly when combined with built-in SmartLegs technology and software.

Innovative LifeDesk Products You Can Buy From the Autonomous Store Now

1. LifeDesk Monitor Arm with Gas Spring Support

LifeDesk Monitor Arm with Gas Spring Support

There is a 12-inch height range (monitor center located 7" to 19" above the desk) and a 23" reach with the Dual Monitor Arm from LifeDesk. It is possible to use the independent arms on the LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top in portrait mode and collaborate with others.

There is enough clearance for monitors of up to 32" in width. It is VESA mount compatible and has built-in wire management. There are both clamp mounts and grommet mounts included with the unit. It extends from 7" to 19" above the desk (monitor center is located 7" to 19" above the desk). It has a maximum reach of 23". 

2. LifeDesk SmartLegs LifeDesk Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

A pneumatic gas cylinder facilitates the mounting of monitors weighing 19.6lbs to 33lbs with the Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm. Dual monitors weighing between 19.6lbs and 33lbs can be independently supported by this Heavy-Duty Dual Monitor Arm using pneumatic gas cylinders.

3. LifeDesk Document & Laptop Holder

LifeDesk Document & Laptop Holder

Designed to accommodate laptops and documents to prevent neck pain while viewing. They are designed to work with external keyboards and mice. It also includes a slide-out document holder. LifeDesk Document & Laptop Holder is available in black or gray. Mounts onto any VESA-based monitor arm and raises the LCD screen to the proper ergonomic viewing height.

It has a retractable holder on the front that you pull up when you wish to use this stand as a document holder. Pull it down when you wish to use it as a laptop holder. It can even be attached to the mount arms as well.

4. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

You'll have a better workday and a greater sense of well-being with this height-adjustable LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER. With the most advanced SmartLegs desk, you can adjust the height within an extended range, and an ergonomic app reminds you to stand and sit and saves your settings.

It ensures proper posture with ergonomically-correct settings for both standing and sitting positions. It is powered by LifeDesk and StanData and can remind users to often alternate between sitting and standing. Unlike an office building, your home is not a place of work. LifeDesk understands. To ensure your home office desk fits in any corner of your room, they designed it to be the perfect shape and size. If you have multiple monitors and a desktop computer, you may want a larger desktop like the LifeDesk Rectangular Powdercoat Desk Top.

5. LifeDesk Rectangular Laminate Desktop

LifeDesk Rectangular Laminate Desktop

If you want an even better standing desk experience, you can buy this frame and have it fitted on a custom frame. This unit measures 30 inches deep by 48 inches wide and features a Wild Cherry LifeDesk Rectangular Laminate Desktop for a traditional wood aesthetic that matches a wide range of decor styles. You can even choose the model as well.

6. LifeDesk Desk Casters

Suitable for height-adjustable LifeDesks and other compatible desks, this set of four LifeDesk Desk Casters screws into the desk feet. This small solution allows you to move your desk around the house to any corner. Carpets and hardwood floors are also compatible with the casters. These are available in black and include locking mechanisms for additional convenience.

7. LifeDesk SmartLegs Desktop Clamp-On Power Outlet Box

Connect your desk accessories and charge your phone and tablet with this desktop power hub. It can be clamped to your desk's back or edge. With this solution, you won't need to drill any holes in your desktop to accommodate your power outlet. The most important feature is the compact size, which measures approximately 6.85" x 2.24" x 2.11" and has two 5V DC 4.2 A ports.

This power outlet comes with a 10-foot cable that you may use to connect it to a power line. Since it clamps onto a power outlet, it is portable and can be taken outdoors where there is a power outlet.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program


LifeDesk offers a special employee purchase program in which employees can use their company credentials to get discounts on their team's and colleagues' LifeDesk furniture orders. Taking advantage of special company employee benefits while saving on these exclusive office furniture upgrades is a great way to save on upgrades. Offices and clients may otherwise be hesitant to invest in big and much-needed upgrades due to budget limitations or concerns about excessive costs due to employee purchase programs.

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