Autonomous Reviews: Northread Standing Desk
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Autonomous Reviews: Northread Standing Desk

Autonomous|Aug 20, 2022

Northread is a popular furniture brand offering standing desks and portable workstations for every worker. It desires to provide healthy solutions for everyone that give them an easy transition between standing and sitting. Not simply an adjustable desk, it supports healthy and flexible professional lives with courteous services.

All Northread office desks are ergonomic designs that can minimize health risks because of working for long hours. Therefore, customers can have a better working experience with more energy, motivation and productivity.

8 Popular Northread Standing Desks

1. Northread Standing Desk Converter Riser

Northread Standing Desk Converter Riser

A perfect Northread standing desk solution for laptop users who want to stand up on the go, the desk converter allows you to sit up wherever you are and whenever you want. The scissor lift features a spring-loaded lifting mechanism that allows smooth, continuous height adjustments between 2" and 16". The compact standing desk is easy to carry and move, preventing the trouble of excess waist force during transportation when it is too heavy.

You can adjust the height to your liking using a gentle pull on the buckle. When lowering the height, press the Northread aesthetic compact desk tabletop while pulling the buckle gently.

2. Northread Triple Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation

This sit-stand desk received the best standing desk review because it has an even more customized experience with independent monitor movement. In addition to a huge keyboard tray, each Electric Standing Desk includes a top shelf which provides extra workspace. With two generously sized shelves, you'll find plenty of space for a keyboard, mouse, notepad, laptop, coffee, and pens.

Simply press the button to adjust your triple monitor standing desk's height and program it to your ideal ergonomic height, further simplifying your life. Lifting the desk up and down (even with 3 monitors) is almost effortless because it is perfectly balanced. In order to save space on your desk and keep your workspace looking nice, the design is sleek and minimal.

3. Northread CompactDesk with Programmable Keypad

Northread CompactDesk with Programmable Keypad

Standing desks are flexible workstations that receive rave electric standing desk reviews because they can be used in your living space or home office. With a range of 26"- 46.7", the easy lifting system can be adjusted smoothly to meet your needs. While working, you can sit or stand, and the height can be memorized with preset buttons. During motor operation, keep quiet. A collision avoidance system is also included.

Besides providing ample room for multiple monitors and laptops, the desktop of Northread CompactDesk with Programmable Keypad also accommodates additional projects and office supplies. You will be able to dramatically change the way you work with this standing desk as well as improve the way you live a computer-intensive lifestyle. 

4. Northread Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame with Dual Motor

The durable, purpose-built electric dual motor standing desk base allows you to transition from sitting to standing quickly. Get the perfect workstation, whether sitting or standing, by upgrading your desk to this professional-grade sit-stand desk.

An ergonomic electric standing desk frame with Up/Down buttons and 4 programmable memory settings allow users to adjust the stand quickly and easily with a single touch. At a speed of 1.57''(4cm)/second with low noise, the dual-motor lift system for the 3-stage column allows for smooth, even, and quick height adjustment. The fast and quiet movement enhances focus and efficiency.

5. Northread Electric Stand-Up Desk Frame Dual Motor

Northread Electric Stand-Up Desk Frame Dual Motor

Whether sitting or standing, you can use this professional-grade sit-stand desk as a perfect workstation. A fast & easy one-touch adjustment can be made using the Up/Down buttons and 4 memory settings on the ergonomic electric standing desk frame. With the dual-motor lifting system, customers will experience a smoother and more stable ride.

With the desk, you can work without a wobble while lifting it high and during movement. Standing up while working, promoting blood circulation, and reducing fat accumulation are all possible with this sit-stand desk.

6. Northread CompactDesk with Basic Keypad

Our standing desk is designed for the entire family, with a height adjustment range between 26" and 46.7". A simple 2-button controller facilitates a simple, intuitive operation with a single button press, allowing you to change postures.

In order to ensure children's safety, our frame is designed to ensure maximum structural integrity at all heights. With additional space for ongoing projects and office supplies, the desktop offers ample room for various monitor and laptop setups.

7. Northread Smart CompactDesk with Touch Screen & USB Wireless Charger

Northread Smart CompactDesk with Touch Screen & USB Wireless Charger

Besides the wireless charger, the desk has a tempered glass tabletop, a power strip, a drawer, USB ports, a lock function, and anti-collision protection. In addition to the LED display, and 3 memory elevation presets for stress-free height adjustment, and up/down movements, this touch screen panel has a lock function to keep it from accidentally touching.

This glass adjustable standing desk model comes with one USB input, one USC input, two AC power outlets with power plugs, and a hidden desktop wireless charger (5V 2A) with a magnetic base. Are you looking for a way to keep the power bar out of sight? A smooth height adjustment range of 27.9" to 45.6" allows you to customize the height according to your needs.

8. Northread Standing Desk Pro with Dual Motor

Whether it is the decor and style of the furniture or the functionality, everyone's workspace is different. As part of this rationale, we would like to provide everyone with the opportunity to customize their individual standing desk!

The 3-stage column is equipped with a powerful dual-motor lift system that allows for smooth, evenly, and rapid height adjustment at a speed of 1.57" (4 cm) / second with minimal noise. It features four memory presets for easy height adjustment, making it easy to find the ideal height for you. Feel energized and refreshed after work with the ability to think on your feet!

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