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Autonomous RoadMap (Jun - Sep 2024)
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Autonomous RoadMap (Jun - Sep 2024)

|Jun 7, 2024

Hi Autonomous Club! Welcome to our first-ever roadmap announcement! At Autonomous, we are redefining what it means to sit and work. We recognize the long hours you dedicate to your tasks, and we are committed to making that time more comfortable and productive. As builders at heart, we believe that the best products stand the test of time. Our mission? To upgrade the way you work and help you bring out your best.

June 2024: Our Focus Areas

In June 2024, we’re excited to introduce major updates in four key areas: the Autonomous Chair Ergo V2, the Autonomous Chair Kinn V2, a new desk prototype, and a completely new chair with state-of-the-art features. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo V2: Enhanced Comfort and Durability

Mark Loproto, a respected product reviewer from HowToGeek, highlighted the need for improvements in the Autonomous Chair Ergo’s armrests. They felt loose and uncomfortable. We took this feedback seriously and made significant upgrades:

  • Seat Rest: Crafted from 100% mesh, the seat rest offers unparalleled breathability and comfort. Say goodbye to sweaty backs!
  • Arm Rest: We’ve introduced new materials that eliminate the rattly feel and added 6D control. Now, you can adjust the height, depth, width, angle, and pivot with precision, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Base: We’ve replaced the plastic base with aluminum, enhancing the chair’s durability and reliability.

2. Autonomous Chair Kinn V2: Superior Adjustability and Design

Mark also praised our use of TPE and springs for even weight distribution and airflow, but he requested more adjustability and a better design. We listened and are thrilled to present the new Autonomous Chair Kinn V2, which includes:

  • Headrest: A futuristic angular design with a geometric pattern that is stylish and supports your cervical spine perfectly.
  • Seat Rest: Featuring 10-position tilt locking and tilt tension, the seat rest allows you to find your most comfortable working position. The TPE material V2 responds quickly to your movements, enhancing support.
  • Backrest: Upgraded with TPE material V2 and a flexible webbing design, the backrest offers unrestricted movement and superior comfort.
  • Overall Design: The chair provides three layers of support tailored for long-lasting comfort, making it ideal for marathon work sessions.

3. New Desk Prototype: Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity

A big shoutout to Deni (@denitech.dev) on Twitter for his valuable feedback on our standing desk. Our new desk prototype incorporates several advanced features:

  • Control System: A German-made system that offers top-notch reliability and performance, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Loading Capacity: Supports up to 380lbs, making it suitable for any setup, no matter how heavy or complex.
  • Noise: Quiet operation at under 40dB, allowing you to maintain a peaceful and focused work environment.
  • Features: Includes anti-collision technology for added safety.
  • Design: Comes in fresh colors, with a sleek integrated keypad and improved wire management to keep your workspace tidy.

4. New Chair: Focused Features for Optimal Comfort

A special thank you to Joshua (u/ibuyofficefurniture) for his invaluable insights. He advised us to focus on fewer but better features. Our new chair includes:

  • Gravity Damping Seatrest: Personalized recline damping based on your weight, offering a customized and comfortable seating experience.
  • Variable Track Sliding System in the Backrest: Continuous lumbar support that moves with you, reducing back pain and enhancing comfort.
  • Dual Joint Headrest: Fits all cervical spine types and offers flexible movement in all directions, ensuring optimal support.

Building the Future Together

At Autonomous, we’re not just creating furniture; we’re crafting experiences. As fellow builders, we understand the importance of comfort and productivity. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the innovations we’re bringing to your workspace. Do you have feedback or ideas? We’re all ears. Together, we can build a more comfortable and productive future.

Timeline: Key Dates to Look Forward To

  • New Products Raffle: June - July
  • Official Selling: August - September

Stay tuned to our Community AutonomousLounge on Reddit for upcoming posts, new product stories, raffle dates, and official sale announcements. We want you to be the first to know and have the chance to grab the products you love.

Thank you for being a part of the Autonomous Club. We’re excited to share this journey with you and can’t wait to see the positive impact these new products will have on your work life. See you soon!

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