Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge: Inspire the World with Your Desk Setup!
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Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge: Inspire the World with Your Desk Setup!

Autonomous|Sep 20, 2020

Are you a neat freak? Or do you thrive in cluttered chaos? There’s no wrong way to set up your desk when you work from home, as long as it’s all kept just the way you like it! The best workspace is one that you can uniquely call your own, adapted specifically to your needs.

Autonomous specializes in smart ergonomic office tools that suit each individual user’s preferences, with minimalist design cues that take a backseat to the aesthetics of your home or corporate office. Our desks and chairs are featured all over the web, on social media, and in reviewer’s vlogs, and though all of them love their smart office tools, all of them adopt their own unique approach to using them.

As we all adjust to life at home and invest in smart tools for our home offices, sometimes it’s hard to decide how to organize and arrange things. We can look at other influencers and reviewers for ideas, but why not widen the pool and see what our customers from all walks of life are doing with their ergonomic office setups?

This is what inspired us to launch the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge! In addition to thanking all of our amazing customers who have trusted us to equip them with the best possible tools for their desk setups, we wanted to create a fun way for everyone to share their unique desk setups and hopefully inspire those who haven't yet decided on their dream desk setup.

Autonomous photo challengeThis challenge is not only fun and inspiring for everyone’s got a BIG prize attached to it! The winner of the Autonomous Setup Photo Challenge will receive a cash prize of $2,000!

Not only that, but you could get lucky just for voting and participating. Three lucky winners will also be chosen via a random draw to win an Autonomous double monitor arm, with a retail value of $85!

How it works (Terms & Conditions)

In order to participate, all you need to do is submit one unique photo of your own office space featuring an Autonomous desk and/or an Autonomous chair (excluding the ErgoStool). You must:

  • Have the full rights to this photo
  • Have the full rights to or ownership of all items visible in the photo 

Submissions are limited to 1 photo per registered email. We reserve the right to accept or reject all submissions based on our discretion. 

Once your photo is submitted and shared successfully, points will be counted based on the number of “likes” and “shares.” Likes are counted as 1 point each, whereas shares are worth 5 points each. The photo with the most points (likes and shares) at the end of the competition period will be the winner of the grand prize, $2,000 cash!

You also have a chance to win a lucky draw by simply voting! In order to be counted, you need to first sign in with your email address, then like and share your favorite photos. You may like and share up to 5 photos. At the end of the competition period, three lucky voters will be chosen at random to win a free Autonomous double monitor arm, valued at $85!

All winners will be asked to verify their identity with a valid state photo ID or passport before they can receive the prize. Bear in mind that once you submit your photo, you are also giving Autonomous the rights to use the photo for commercial purposes.

Why your workspace matters

Our customers are what make our mission to create a better, smarter working world possible! We are so grateful for all your support over the years as we have grown and expanded as a company. This is a fun way for us to share our journey with all of you and create some friendly competition in the process.

In a rapidly changing world with an uncertain future, we all have to be more flexible and creative than ever before to meet the challenges ahead. Some of us are working from home with limited space and resources, operating in shared environments, and working outside of our comfort zones. Others of us are still working in offices, socially distanced, and rearranging the space to ensure everyone’s safety.

Show your workspaceRegardless of your current situation, your desk setup matters because it’s a reflection of your personality and your work style. It’s your go-to space to get your best work done and stay productive. We want to not only share what you’re doing to work smarter in the office or from home but also inspire everyone around the world to work to their very best potential with creative new desk setup ideas.

So what are you waiting for? There’s a huge grand prize for the best photo, and you could win even just by voting and sharing! It’s so easy to join, and it’s really fun too. So go ahead and get everything arranged just the way you like it, snap that photo, and share your inspiring desk setup with the world. Hurry, this competition is running for a limited time, so be sure to submit your photos today!

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