Autonomous Wholesale Office Furniture - Best Offers & More
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Autonomous Wholesale Office Furniture - Best Offers & More

|Mar 2, 2022

Companies always try to do anything they can to increase productivity and get better business results, but the best way to achieve that is by making their employees feel comfortable while working.  

Nonetheless, you can’t do that if they feel uncomfortable with the office items they are using. It’s not that the chairs or desks they are currently using are bad, but sitting all day in a chair without back support can cause back pain and other health issues.  

The problem is that getting bulk office furniture is too expensive for companies. They can’t get some items for a few workers and leave others with the ones they already have. If you are having this problem, Autonomous wholesale office furniture can help you out.  

Not everyone thinks about wholesalers when they need to bulk buy office furniture. However, Autonomous makes this a decent alternative for businesses in need of it. Read this page if you want to know the benefits of buying Autonomous wholesale office furniture and what it has to offer! 

You can’t buy office furniture in bulk from Autonomous if you don’t know the products it has to offer. This company is a whole authority when it comes to ergonomics, and most of its articles are ergonomic products, so they are perfect for office workers. Here are some of them: 

Chairs - Wholesale Office Furniture from Autonomous

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra wholesale office furniture

The first product to study on this list is the Autonomous Autonomous Chair Ultra. Although we are just starting, this chair makes you see how much this company worries about its clients feeling comfortable while working. All its features aim to make you feel better while you sit on the chair.  

This bulk office furniture is meant to be dynamic, so it encourages you to move while sitting on it, and that includes micro-movements. You don’t need to stand up from this chair until you are done, and thanks to its off-the-charts lumbar support, that doesn’t represent any issue for your back. 

Lumbar support features are adjustable, though, so you can change them anytime you want. The Autonomous Chair Ultra also optimizes your comfort because of its TPE materials and breathable mesh options. Like it happens with most Autonomous items, weight is not a problem, so this chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs.  

Coming back to back support, this chair has adaptive spinal support, which means it adapts to your spinal cord’s natural curvature and has a fishbone design. The frameless construction of this chair that encourages unhindered movement also helps you avoid and ease back and neck pain at all stages.  

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo wholesale office furniture

Following up, we have Autonomous Chair Ergo, which was one of the first products to come out by this company. This chair prides itself on being fully adjustable, which is a more than important feature when it comes to ergonomics. You can adjust its back support, leg rest, armrests, height, or neck support at all times and in a matter of seconds.  

Breathability is not an issue with this chair, so you don’t have to worry about sweating all day after sitting on your chair. One of this chair’s strong points is the aesthetic possibilities it leaves open for you.  

This product is available in six different colors, so you can choose that best suits your office and the style you want it to have. Naturally, this chair is more inexpensive than the previous one, but both offer various things. Reclining is also decent with the Autonomous Chair Ergo.  

You have five lockable positions to help you find a good recline, and that makes taking rests more comfortable than ever. Its weight capacity is also 300lbs, and what makes its breathability that good is its woven mesh back. However, don’t worry if you like taking care of the environment since this bulk office furniture is 100% made of eco-friendly materials.  

People often get this product if they are actively struggling with fatigue, back pain, and bad posture issues. Its posture correction features are wonderful, and they can help you ease your pain regardless of how severe it is.  

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline wholesale office furniture

Getting to the last chair on this bulk office furniture list, we have the Autonomous Chair Recline. When you buy an ergonomic chair, resting is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Nonetheless, offering you a decent rest time is what this product does best, and taking rest is as important as working properly.  

As its name suggests, this chair focuses on reclining, so the only thing you need to do to rest on this chair is to lie back, lie your feet in the chair’s leg rest, and enjoy a comfortable break. Reclining technologies make it easier for you to recline on this chair, and since the chair responds to your body movement, you only need to move to trigger it.  

This applies to the chair’s back support feature, armrests, shoulders, and even neck support. Unfortunately, you can only get these products in two different colors, but their black and gray presentations fit almost any office aesthetic.   

Although it has a 250lbs capacity, you may not need more than that, so don’t worry about the matter. Its foam seat makes this chair feel better than your current chair.  

Desks - Wholesale Office Furniture from Autonomous

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) wholesale office furniture

Now that you know what Autonomous chairs have to offer you, it’s time to focus on desks. Most people like combining their office chair with an office desk, so getting both for your office is one of the best things you can do for your overall productivity.  

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is one of the Autonomous flagship products due to all the features it offers you and how popular it has made it. This standing desk, as others from the same lineup, let you work in your body’s ideal position, which is the standing one.  

Naturally, height adjustability is not an issue with this desk, and switching from sitting to standing only takes a few seconds and doesn’t make any noise. You can customize this office standing desk from its control pad, which offers you four programmable settings. This product can lift 265lbs with no problem, so it can perfectly hold your office equipment. 

However, you can choose between regular and XL desktop options. Durability and sturdiness are also excellent with this desk due to its solid steel frame that makes the desk stay stable at all times. Everything this desk does is powered by an electric dual motor.  

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka wholesale office furniture

The second product in the Autonomous Desk lineup is the Autonomous Desk Eureka, which has more range and power than most standing desks on the market. This product is for people who want to increase their productivity, work for more time, and test their limits every time they go to work.  

Firstly, there are endless aesthetic possibilities for this chair due to all the different tabletops you can choose for it. Some artists have even collaborated with Autonomous to use their designs as tabletops for these desks, so pick the one you feel most comfortable with. 

As it happens with the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), the Autonomous Desk Eureka has four programmable settings, and an electric dual motor powers it. This is one of the quietest standing desks you can find out there, so adjusting its height is not going to either distract you or your peers from working.  

One of the best things about this product is that it has an increased load capacity of 310lbs, so it can hold even more weight than the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). This product’s tabletops include natural wood tops and classic finishes, so only expect components of the best quality when getting a Autonomous Desk Eureka. 

3. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous also offers a corner alternative for people who want an L-shaped desk, and that is the Autonomous Autonomous Desk DuoSpace. The best thing about this desk is that it offers you more space than the other options on this list due to being an L-shaped desk. Therefore, it’s ideal for things such as dual monitors.  

Since it’s a bigger option, it needs more power, so it features a whisper-quiet triple motor that keeps the whole desk running. Naturally, its weight capacity is greater than the one from other products, and you can easily lift 400lbs with this desk.  

Office workers are not the only ones who benefit from this desk since gamers often get it, too. However, unlike the Autonomous Desk Eureka, you can only get white, black, or gray tabletops for this one.  

We recommend you only get this one if you need the space it offers you. 

4. Autonomous Desk Connect

Autonomous Desk Connect

Although this is not the last wholesale office desk you can find on Autonomous stock, it’s the last one on this bulk office furniture list. However, keep in mind that there are other products, such as the Mount-It! Motorized Desk Converter, which could help you depending on the situation you are going through and the working space you have.   

Many people consider this one to be the most advanced desk from Autonomous, and it’s also the most expensive one. Nonetheless, if you can afford it, the Autonomous Desk Connect is an excellent option for your office, and it can significantly increase your productivity. 

Remember other Autonomous desks worked with a programmable pad? This does, too, but now, it has a mobile app that offers you more controls and adjustment possibilities. It also shows new things that other products don’t, such as its anti-collision feature or the possibility to schedule sitting and standing positions in case you forget to switch from one to another. 

As for load capacity, it can lift 310lbs. This desk also doesn’t make any noise while you use it, so don’t worry about that. If you don’t like it or see it has a problem, you can use its seven-year warranty to turn it back. 

Accessories - Wholesale Office Furniture from Autonomous

1. Autonomous Desk Pad

Autonomous Desk Pad

The last products on this wholesale office furniture list are office accessories, and they are as important as furniture. Working on a laptop or personal computer without a desk pad is uncomfortable, so using an Autonomous Desk Pad gives you all the luxury and comfort you would need in an office.

2. Autonomous Monitor Arm

Autonomous Monitor Arm

Dual monitors are wonderful for improving your productivity and encouraging multitasking. However, it’s difficult to adjust your monitors if you don’t have a proper monitor arm. You have single and duo options, so you can enjoy its tidy cable management and rotation angles regardless of the monitors you have.   

3. Autonomous Magnetic Desk Organizer

Autonomous Magnetic Desk Organizer

The cluster in your desk can make your office desk look disorganized and makes you lose focus on what you are doing. That’s the reason most office workers need a desk organizer to work properly. Using this company’s magnetic desk organizer gives you a magnetic attachment for all your products on a solid bamboo base.  

What Makes Autonomous Wholesale Office Furniture Good?

Whether you want a wholesale office chair or any other bulk office furniture, getting it from Autonomous offers several benefits. One of them is that it has free shipping from the company, which makes sure all the things you bought are in place when they get to you.  

Additionally, Autonomous offers a program for both employers and employees. Those programs give you access to special discounts that make this purchase easier for everyone regardless of whether they are working on a budget or need to save funds for other things.  

Bottom Line

As you could see, getting office furniture in bulk or wholesale office furniture is not that difficult if you buy everything from a company that supports you and wants you to have the best experience possible. It’s okay to have a traditional office chair or desk for a time, but take advantage of Autonomous wholesale if you want to take things to the next level.

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