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Bamboo Desk Setup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Workspace
Workplace Inspiration

Bamboo Desk Setup Ideas for Eco-Friendly Workspace

|Jun 2, 2021

In 2021 many people still prefer to work from home than going to an office, but remote work is not as bad as it might seem. By working from home, you can have total creative freedom to customize your entire workspace to make it as comfortable as possible. While you are locked indoors, you can finally use that as an excuse to build the workplace of your dreams. You can renovate the entire room by painting it a different color, buy brand-new work equipment, and the best favor you can do for yourself, purchasing a bamboo adjustable desk and make a bamboo standing desk setup. 

The ability to move from a sitting position to a standing position can be life-changing in your daily routine; This leads to eradicating all the back pain that you have been suffering during all these days of confinement. Other types of office desks do not offer all the benefits that a bamboo adjustable desk provides. If you already had a bamboo desktop idea you wanted to make a reality, this article is perfect for achieving that. Combining a SmartDesk Bamboo with an eco-friendly office chair can also be an excellent choice for renovating the appearance of your workspace by creating a natural yet modern feeling that can have a psychological influence on your level of productivity. 

You might be wondering what the differences between a bamboo standing setup and other home office setups are. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about ergonomic bamboo desk setup and why you should consider going for an eco-friendlier workspace. 

How to Find the Best Office Desk for Your Workspace

Choosing the perfect office desk can be tricky; it always depends on the space in your office or the corner of your room where you want your workspace to be. These days, many people prefer opting for remote work arrangements due to the pandemic, but there might be some space limitations when you try to turn your room or your living room into a workplace. However, there are a few essential considerations you must keep in mind when you pick an ergonomic office desk that can help you avoid these kinds of constraints. 

Here is a compilation of indispensable steps you can take to start looking for the setup office bamboo desk that fits your new workspace better. 

Measure the Office Space


Many people find themselves tempted to purchase a bamboo desk of considerable size. However, this might not be the best choice for you if you have many limitations in space to build your in-home office. Working in a narrow workspace can influence your productivity negatively since you might feel saturated and uncomfortable while you are working. The first thing you must consider to avoid this is to take the measurements of the place where you want to put your workstation. 

If you are building it in an empty room, you might want to measure the entire area to ensure that your bamboo desk and ergonomic chair fit within the other furniture you buy. If you plan on placing your new workspace at a corner of your room, make sure to measure the area well so you can purchase a desk that fits your measurements better. Otherwise, you are more likely to rethink putting your workspace in a place of your home where you do not want it to be. 

Check Your Budget

Many standing desks that you can find online for your ergonomic bamboo desk setup tend to have too expensive costs. Before choosing to purchase one, you must go through your search again to make sure you did not pass a better offer. Remember to keep in mind that buying a branded standing desk still requires a considerable amount of money to invest. However, do not be scared about the pricing; a bamboo standing desk setup is a worthwhile investment since you spend most of the day sitting at your computer working. With Autonomous, you can get a generous warranty period and even get a 30-day trial period before you make the final decision. 

Check your accounts and start searching for the best budget-friendly bamboo desk and standing desk accessories from our website catalog!

Choose the Style and Decor Theme That Fits You Better

The aesthetics of your home office are more important than you might think. There are plenty of situations where the election of the appearance of the correct desk and chair can benefit you in business matters. For example, by choosing an imposing ergonomic chair for your setup office bamboo desk, you can provoke a sense of authority and professionalism if you are in a video conference. It also helps you enhance the look of your workplace by creating a unique and modern look; you can choose the style of the product to complement the existing colors of your room furniture and walls or the other way around. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Standing Desk

Why do you think more and more people are switching out their traditional desks for standing desks? The answer is due to all the benefits this new type of desk can bring to your life. The basic concept of an office standing desk consists of an automatic desk with a wooden, bamboo, or any other desktop material that allows the user to adjust the desk height to their needs and comfort. What makes the standing desk stand out from the rest of traditional desks is that you can use it in a sitting position, standing position, and maybe at many other height levels to adjust it to your body position. Transitioning between different heights feels comfortable and effortless as you can control it electronically and automatically in more advanced models. It helps you to transition from a sitting position to a standing position without taking away from you too much work time. 

standing desk

Many people do not understand the importance of changing positions from time to time. If you spend from 8 to 10 hours a day at your computer working, you might be familiar with back pains and other health problems such as weight gain. A standing desk allows you to bring more physical activity to your work routine. It contributes to a host of physical ailments and helps you avoid all other kinds of health problems. The goal of standing desk manufacturers is to help you vary in your routine and force you to stand up sometimes. Believe it or not, it helps reduce your stress and increase your productivity during workdays. It is also the best choice to avoid the neck pains that arise from sitting in the same or a wrong position for too much time.

One of the best accessories you could buy alongside a standing desk is a standing mat or anti fatigue mat for more comfort. You might be surprised how much footwork you can do while working, watching videos, or even eating using a standing desk. There is too much to say about standing desks, but if you are looking for the best option in comfort for your home office, a standing desk is a perfect choice. You can stay focused on your work and increase your level of productivity while you improve your blood circulation and prevent many severe back and neck health problems.

Benefits of Choosing a Bamboo Standing Desk

We already talked about the benefits of standing desks, but let's talk more specifically about a bamboo desk setup. At Autonomous, we could not be happier that people started opting for more eco-friendly furniture for their homes, especially their workspaces. Bamboo is one of the most excellent materials for office desks due to its advantages over other materials. But what makes it the perfect choice for your desktop material? 

Here is a list of a few advantages of implementing a bamboo desk setup:

Incredible Durability


Unlike other wooden boards, one of the main characteristics of bamboo is its surprising durability. This material is resistant to daily wear and tear and can support a tremendous amount of weight, so if you need a sturdy desktop material capable of supporting all of your work tools, bamboo is the best choice. If you are not careful with your equipment and often accidentally hit the table, an ergonomic bamboo desk setup can withstand these situations without being damaged. 

Thanks to this feature, many customers have been able to keep their desks for a long time without the need to change them or repair them. That said, if you want a durable desk that you can keep for a while, a bamboo standing desk is the best choice.

Swelling Resistant

This feature of bamboo desk setup might not be something that crosses your mind while thinking about purchasing a desk for your bamboo standing desk setup. Why should you consider this feature? Well, think about all the places where you could be using your desk. If you live in a region with hot weather and plenty of humidity, the material of your desk can start to warp due to the extreme weather conditions. However, if you buy a bamboo desk, you do not have to worry about it since this material can withstand all these weather changes. If you are a person that moves from home a lot, this material can also be an excellent option to buy.

Affordable Material

Bamboo desk setups also have more budget-friendly costs in the market. Bamboo grows in tropical regions and also in rural environments. That means that when buying bamboo in these places, company quotes are lower than with other materials, such as hardwood boards. This material is also economically viable.

Guide to Setup Bamboo Desk

Step 1

step 1

You must insert one of the Lifting Columns into the Frame End with the Capture Plate in the first step of bamboo desk setup. To secure the Frame End to the leg, thread four of the Small Machine Screws into the holes as shown, but do not tighten them all the way. Once all four screws are in place, fully secure them.

Step 2

Select the Left or Right Side Bracket for your bamboo desk setup. The two tabs on the Side Bracket must slot into the Frame End with Capture Plate around the Lifting Column. Use two of the Medium Machine Screws to secure the Side Bracket. As before, do not tighten until both screws are in place and then tighten completely.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1–2 of bamboo desk setup for the remaining Lifting Column, Frame End, and Side Bracket.

Step 4

Lay your desktop on a padded surface with the underside facing up, then the front of the desktop towards you. Place the Left Leg Assembly on the desktop to your right, with the Frame End pointing towards the center of the top. (Once you flip your desk over, this will become the left side, and the world will make sense again). Insert all screws partway. Once they are all in place, tighten them all. 

Step 5

Slide the Center Rails into the Frame End attached to the desktop so that the midpoint mark faces up and the cut-out slots face inwards. Slide the Right Leg Assembly onto the other end of the Center Rails (your left-hand side). The entire frame should now fit onto the desktop.

Step 6

Secure the Right Leg Assembly to the desktop with the appropriate screws. Again, if the pre-drilled holes have metal inserts, you will need to use the Machine Screws packaged with the desktop to secure the frame. Otherwise, use Wood Screws. Insert all screws partway in your bamboo desk setup. Once they are in place, tighten them all. 

Step 7

Center the labeled midpoint marks on both Center Rails between the two Frame Ends, and use the pre-installed Set Screws to lock the Center Rails down firmly. 

Step 8

If you have a Jarvis desktop for your bamboo desk setup, there will be pre-drilled holes for attaching your Handset along the front of the desktop, on both the left and right sides. Keep in mind that when you turn your desk over, reserve the side of your desk. 

Step 9

Slide the Control Box onto the Frame End with the Capture Plate.

Step 10

Loosely attach a Foot to the bottom of each Lifting Column using four Medium Machine Screws per Foot. Once all the screws are in place, tighten them down the rest of the way in an X pattern.

Step 11

Double-check your bamboo desk setup that all screws everywhere on the desk are tight. Triple-check that all screws everywhere on the desk are tight.

Step 12

With one friend (or more), lift the desk in your bamboo desk setup and gently flip it onto its feet. As you turn it, support both the top and the frame, be careful not to put weight on the Handset. Adjust the pre-installed leveling glides on the feet as needed. Then plugin the desk.

Step 13

step 13

Before you start using your SmartDesk, you need to get all the parts synced.

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