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Be More Active with a Standing Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 24, 2017

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Sitting for these extended periods of time results in a society that has a higher risk of a wide range of illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and circulatory problems. A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous, even for people who follow a relatively healthy diet and even if you get some exercise.

An adjustable standing desk can help you eliminate the problems associated with sitting too long.  It’s easier to move and exercise in place with the convenience of an adjustable

Choose the SmartDesk 2 for your next standing desk

The SmartDesk 2 offers a variety of positions, adjustable with a robotic motor. You can choose your ideal height, standing or sitting.  You will keep your muscles active, and eliminate the strain on your lower body from extended periods of sitting in one position. 

This standing desk has proven to be one of the most popular options currently available with its wide range of features and a low price point. It’s an affordable desk that you can purchase one or two of and then scale up your requirements as needed, as many of our customers have done.

With standing desks in your home office or work office, you or your employees will have the ability to get exercise in while they are working and maintain a more active lifestyle than they would at a sitting desk. The simple act of standing can even burn 1000 more calories per week.

Stay on top of your game with the SmartDesk2

Improve your stamina, increase productivity, remain alert all day, and stop those leg spasms.  You want to be as healthy as you can possibly be, and now the best standing desks let you do exactly that while you’re working.

Office settings that are equipped with adjustable standing desks make a statement that they care about the well being of their employees.  It shows that the company wants their workers to be comfortable, active and healthy.  Standing desks can be one of the best investments that a company can make for its employees, with so much functionality, worker happiness, stress relief and productivity improvement that can come from them.  

Whenever you’re searching for your next standing desk, make sure you get the best standing desk possible such as the SmartDesk 2 which will prove that you’re a savvy shopper.  If you think that your sitting and standing requirements will also change, make sure you get a height adjustable standing desk. It’s a major advantage to be able to change your desk to a sitting position when you start to get tired or just want to mix it up a little bit.

Visit our website: and get more information about the SmartDesk 2, a leading standing desk equipped with every feature you need for long, productive, and active work days.

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