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Benefits of Blue Light Glasses for Your Computer Use
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Benefits of Blue Light Glasses for Your Computer Use

|Jul 8, 2022

Whether you are a remote worker or an on-site office worker, you spend most of the time of your workday staring at your monitor’s screen. On average, everyone’s workday is roughly eight hours long. Imagine how stressful it can be for your eyes to stare at a screen for that long. Keeping that in mind, most people think of going for blue light glasses.

The use of these glasses helps you avoid the blue light rays that your monitor emits. You might be aware of the different light waves that are there in the light spectrum that the sun emits naturally. Out of them, the red light's wavelength is larger, which makes it less powerful. However, blue light has a comparatively shorter wavelength, so it has higher energy.

Your monitor screen only emits blue rays that can cause optical damage. That’s why we have blue glasses for computer use. There are more reasons which back its use, and we will explore them in this article. 

What Are the Blue Light Glasses For?

What Are the Blue Light Glasses For?

As we discussed above, the computer blue light glasses help you limit the exposure of blue light to your eyes. The sunlight is a combination of a wide spectrum of visible light, among which blue is among the most energetic rays.

When such a high-energy ray gets in contact with your eyes, the potential for optical damage is greater. Therefore, getting yourself a shield to limit its use is very important. The computer blue light glasses serve this purpose quite well. They act as a shield for your eyes and avoid the excessive blue light rays getting in contact with your eyes.

When you invest in blue light glasses for computer use, you avail of multiple benefits. We think you should know them so that you get a clearer idea. So, let's dig in deeper. 

5 Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Below are the five benefits that make the use of blue light protection glasses inevitable for you. We suggest you skim through them to learn more. 

You Get to Avoid Optical Strain

You Get to Avoid Optical Strain

As we discussed in this article above, blue light is not good for your eyesight and can put a lot of strain on your eyes. People often think about how to reduce eye strain. To their interest, the major reason for using computer blue light glasses is that they help one avoid eye strain. Your monitor screen radiates blue light rays, which may damage your eyesight. However, you can minimize this risk to its maximum with the computer blue light glasses. 

The Problem of Headache Goes Away

Have you experienced a really bad headache after staring at your monitor screen for a long time? Blue light is known for worsening headaches and causing migraines in most cases. So, a potential reason why you experience such pain is the rays that your monitor screen is emitting. The blue light glasses act as a shield against the blue light rays, so they treat this problem quite well. 

Your Risk of Encountering Eye Diseases Reduces

Your Risk of Encountering Eye Diseases Reduces

Even though your eyes can block the harmful UV rays from harming your retina with the help of the lens and cornea, they cannot potentially block the blue light rays. Therefore, the risk of having optical damage is still there if you don't have blue light glasses for computer use.

In some cases, it may damage your retina upto the extent that it causes blindness via macular degeneration. If not so, the formation of cataracts is still common with exposure to blue light. But once you use the computer light glasses, you can limit the chances of having such diseases. 

You Get Better Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you stay active when you are out in the sun? This is because of the short wavelengths present in the visible light spectrum, which delays the active release of melatonin. The monitor screen emits similar blue rays, which have a shorter wavelength.

Therefore, you feel active when you use an electric device like a mobile or PC before going to bed. Thus, you encounter sleeplessness. The computer blue light glasses, however, help you get better sleep by blocking this light. 

It Does Not Compromise the Time You Spend with Your Devices

It Does Not Compromise the Time You Spend with Your Devices

You might have heard people telling you to limit the time you spend in front of your device’s screen or set your monitor distance. This is because they wish to limit the exposure to blue light. Nevertheless, if you have blue light protection glasses, you can treat this problem without making any such changes as the glasses work as your shield. 

Wrapping It Up

Coming towards the end, we are glad to inform you that there is one more way you can limit your monitor’s strain on your eyes. This is possible if you get the best desk lamp for your eyes along with blue light glasses.

If you wonder how you can buy them at the most affordable rates, you should have a look at our employee purchase program. Under this program, we give you the best office accessories like LED desk lamps and others at the most reasonable rates with fare discounts. All you are required to do is sign up for our program using your work email, and you are good to go.

Although we have reached the end, you may go through our FAQ section below if you still have some questions.



Are blue light glasses effective?

Yes, blue light glasses effectively limit the exposure of blue light to your eyes. So, you may say that they are good at doing their job. 

Is light blue glass good for your eyes?

Yes, as we discussed above, blue light glasses can help you reduce optical strain and some eye diseases like cataract development too. They also help improve the screen’s contrast which adds to its property of reducing eye strain. 

Are blue light glasses really necessary?

In most cases of modern computers, computer blue light glasses are not considered necessary. The main reason behind that is many new devices come with a blue light filter which limits the blue light. Some people also suggest that the LED desk lamp alone can effectively reduce strain on your eyes. 

Can blue light glasses damage your eyes?

No, these glasses are designed to protect your eyes, not harm them. Blue light glasses help counter the possible damages that blue light may cause to your eyes. 

Can blue light glasses help with eye strain?

Yes, as we discussed in this article, blue light glasses are ideal for reducing eye strain if your device emits blue light. You can counter several problems and damages with the help of these glasses.

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