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Benefits of Ergonomic Standing Desk (Health & Mental)
Work Wellness

Benefits of Ergonomic Standing Desk (Health & Mental)

|Jul 12, 2021

Sit-stand desks give employees the best working environment benefits. They are popular today as they keep the body active while reducing the pains associated with a normal work desk. An ergonomic standing desk even addresses the health needs that some employees might have. When one is physically healthy, it shows in the workplace. Employees have enhanced energy levels and brain performance.

Countless other health benefits come from using an ergonomic standing desk. These range from improved posture, back pains, shoulder discomfort. An ergonomic sit-stand desk even improves your psyche or your mood in the workplace. As a result, you are less stressed, more energetic, and have better concentration.       

Standing desk vs normal office desk

A standing desk isn’t a perfect solution, but it is an ergonomic standing workstation. It makes you stand as you work that has benefits that help improve productivity and health.

  • Standing reduces cardiovascular disease risks

  • Standing lowers Type 2 diabetes risks

  • Standing reduces obesity risks

  • Standing reduces pressure on your spine, lowering back and neck pains

However, you can only get these standing desk benefits when you use the standing desks regularly. It is to be treated as a work tool that introduces more movement to your workday.

Standing desk vs normal office desk

Movement is one factor that a normal office desk does not have. For example, you can only stay seated at a certain height and position for as long as you stay seated. If you do need to get up for a break, you are more distracted and lose focus.

A normal office desk increases the risks associated with poor posture and circulation. It has limited adjustability, so there isn’t much you can do with the desk to lower these issues. Unlike an adjustable standing desk, it leaves you uncomfortable, resulting in lowered productivity. 

Benefits of a standing desk

Standing desks have been around for a while now. They’ve only recently become popular because we don’t have comfy office furniture at home. We are only just becoming more aware of the benefits of using one. Most office workers are sedentary as they may have diabetes, heart disease, and a lower life span. These are increased as they find it easier to snack on junk foods and rarely have the time to exercise.

Benefits of a standing desk

Standing up, even for just half an hour, could undo that damage. It would be best to have the right ergonomic standing desk setup and follow these standing desk tips for that to happen. A sit-stand desk is an answer here as it gives you the benefits of both a standing and a seated desk. Also known as an ergonomic adjustable height desk, it is easier to change your posture as you work.

For example, an ergonomic electric standing desk can be paired with a swiveling chair that you move away from while standing. This layout is the ideal setup for working as it has these innumerable benefits.  

Lower back pain

This condition is an issue that all office goers experience in their work lives. It generally comes from being seated for the greater part of the day and only getting up for a few minutes. The pain results from placing excess pressure on your spine and lower back and could turn into a chronic condition.  

Lower back pain

Those workers that do have back pain because of work have tested out the ergonomic standing desk - ust spending an hour standing lower their pain tremendously.    

Lower heart disease

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to increased heart diseases. The office desk is one factor behind that sedentary lifestyle but is unavoidable. Instead, modifying the desk, standing up often, and moving around a lot at work could help one avoid that life and its problems.    

Lower weight gain

Lower weight gain

Office goers say that they gain weight on the job rather than consuming more calories. The problem is that they eat at their desks and then they don’t burn off those calories. Of course, you can’t burn extra calories while you’re seated at your desk! Standing at your desk could resolve that.   

Lower Diabetes risk

This outcome is connected with poor health. Sugar levels in the body spike after a meal. Alternating between sitting and standing can reduce blood sugar spikes. A standing desk can lower your blood sugar risk in this way.      

Lower energy loss

When you are seated for too long at your desk, it increases anxiety and depression risks. A standing desk can lower this sitting risk and better your mood and energy levels. When you are comfortable, healthier, and energized, you feel more focused on your work. This alertness directly results in higher productivity and better work output.      

Lower productivity loss

This ties in with the benefit mentioned earlier. Workers love ergonomic tools as it gives them the ability to finish daily tasks like taking calls, typing, writing notes, etc. A standing desk can help them do that. It does take some time to get used to it, but there is no impact on daily tasks after switching to a standing desk.

Lower productivity loss

Mental alertness is improved as well with a reduction in body pains. You are in better shape and function exceptionally well as a result of it.     

Autonomous Smart Desks

The ergonomic standing desk work-life benefits that we’ve talked about here can only be found once you have this ergonomic desk. Think about trying out this lifestyle if you need an improvement in your metabolic, mental and physical well-being and to perform even better on the job.

If you consider this change, we recommend that you take a quick look at the Autonomous SmartDesk collection. This collection is a wide range of smart desks such as SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Pro and SmartDesk Corner that can be adjusted and customized to fit your needs and décor tastes.

Autonomous Smart Desks

The adjustability of the desktops and the frame make our desks the perfect work match. They have many height modes, so you can ease your body into standing while working slowly and carefully.   

Transitioning to the work-and-stand life can help you get adjusted to a new position so you can reap these benefits right away.

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