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Best Black Friday Gaming Chairs & Standing Desks

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 26, 2020

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In the gaming industry, fall is traditionally when major publishers release highly anticipated titles. Gamers also look forward to Black Friday shopping for their savings. They try to find special deals on any Black Friday gaming chair and any Black Friday gaming desk. What better way to play a AAA game than with a gaming setup? With all those Black Friday deals, now is a good time as any. Before we talk about finding the right gaming desk on sale, it is crucial to discuss its benefits. An ergonomic office setup goes a long way to your overall health, so make sure to invest wisely in the right chair and desk.

The Benefits of a Gaming Setup

Games are proven to have a positive impact on your cognitive skills, but what about your body? With the right gaming setup, you can enjoy several benefits to your physical health. A healthy gaming posture requires a strategic position for an upright back, armrest, and feet on the ground. It is scientifically proven ergonomic design in desks and chairs significantly reduces health risks such as chronic back pain and stiff necks. With that in mind, you should consider a Black Friday gaming chair for your comfort, and a Black Friday gaming desk for your laptop.

The Benefits of a Gaming Setup

20 of the Best Gaming Chairs and Standing Desks

This article lists 20 different types of gaming chairs and desks highly recommended in black Friday gaming chair deals and black Friday gaming desk deal. If you want to save with deals on a Black Friday gaming chair, in addition to a Black Friday gaming desk, take a look for yourself and weigh in the pros and cons of each gaming setup. The list is in no particular order.

1. ErgoChair Pro with the SmartDesk Core

The ErgoChair Pro (ErgoChair 2) pairs very well with the SmartDesk Core from Autonomous. You can expect Black Friday gaming chair deals with the ErgoChair, in addition to a Black Friday gaming desk deal for the SmartDesk. Autonomous offers sales prices just for you.

ErgoChair 2 with the SmartDesk 2


  • Fully customizable options
  • The flexibility of desk allows free movement
  • ErgoChair Pro provides correct alignment for your back
  • Versatile armrest and lumbar support gives chair maximum comfort
  • Heavy-duty steel gives desk resilience
  • Two-year warranties


  • Slight stability issues with the desk

2. ErgoChair Pro+ with the SmartDesk Pro

The ErgoChair Pro+ (Kinn Chair) is a good choice with the SmartDesk Pro. They offer sleek designs with price cuts that range up to $100 in savings. It is a fair offer for a gaming desk on sale. The ErgoChair Pro+ is also one of the best ergonomic chair deals this Black Friday from Autonomous.

Kinn Chair with the SmartDesk 4


  • Advanced technology promotes work productivity
  • Activity log for healthy breaks and workout intervals
  • ErgoChair Pro+ provides back support
  • Materials are of premium quality
  • Five-year warranty for the ErgoChair Pro+


  • Due to the advanced technology, it is costly

3. ErgoChair Core with the Standing Gaming Desk

The Autonomous Standing Gaming Desk is arguably the best-suited black friday gaming desk for the gaming experience. A suitable Black Friday gaming desk, you can complete it with the cool grey ErgoChair Core (MyoChair).

MyoChair with the Standing Gaming Desk


  • Desk is compatible with gaming laptops and accessories
  • Material is strong and durable
  • ErgoChair Core has a headrest and armrest for gaming support
  • Prices are quite affordable
  • Height adjustability allows movement in between game sessions


  • Back of ErgoChair Core not as adjustable

4. ErgoStool with an Art Desk

The ErgoStool is not a typical black friday gaming chair deal you might consider, but it is a comfortable set up with the Art Desk.

ErgoStool with a SmartDesk 3


  • ErgoStool encourages better circulation
  • Height adjustability with chair and desk
  • Evergreen stool compliments the titan black desk
  • ErgoStool is lightweight and easy to move around


  • Stool not as suitable for back support
  • Slight hardware issues with the SmartDesk

5. AvoChair with the SmartDesk Corner

If you are an eco-friendly gamer who wants to save money with a black friday gaming chair, then the AvoChair is a good option. It works with the SmartDesk Corner thanks to its space.

AvoChair with the L-Shaped SmartDesk


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Avochair is clean with a minimalist design
  • SmartDesk is fully adjustable
  • Free-range movement due to ergonomic design
  • Large surface area for your gaming computer


  • High price for the desk

6. SecretLab OMEGA with RESPAWN Gaming Desk

With a cookies-and-cream color scheme, the OMEGA black friday gaming chair pairs well with the black top RESPAWN Gaming Desk.

SecretLab OMEGA with RESPAWN Gaming Desk


  • Chair has memory foam pillows for comfort
  • Desk is durable and can hold a lot of weight


  • High price range
  • Desk assembly is complicated

7. GT099-RED Recliner with the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The simplistic red-and-black color scheme of the GT099-RED black friday gaming chair and Arozzi black friday gaming desk give it a stylish look.


  • Great color design
  • Seat provides hours of comfort
  • Plenty of desk space


  • They are expensive
  • Desk is heavy to lift
  • Chair material is prone to tears

8. Armen Living Century Office Chair with the Jarvis Standing Desk

If you want a natural wooden look, in addition to eco-friendliness, the Armen Living Century chair and Jarvis black friday gaming desk are a good option.

Armen Living Century Office Chair with the Jarvis Standing Desk

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wooden design gives a unique look


  • Tables are expensive given the material
  • Wood is prone to scratches
  • Leather might wear over time

9. GTRACING Gaming Chair with the Triple Motor Electric Desk

This black heavy-duty GTRACING chair and Triple Motor black friday gaming desk combination are sleek and stylish.

black heavy-duty GTRACING chair and Triple Motor desk combination


  • Desk offers plenty of space
  • Chair provides a headrest, armrest, and footrest
  • Strong metal frame makes the chair durable


  • Desk is one the most expensive on the market
  • Chair leather wears down and is damage-prone

10. X Rocker Pro Series Chair with the Remi Standing Desk

It proves to be a simple but effective combination of minimalism with the X Rocker black friday gaming chair deal and Remi standing desk.

X Rocker Pro Series Chair with the Remi Standing Desk


  • Table is height adjustable
  • Simple design
  • Low costs


  • Bulky and heavy chair
  • Table support is not as sturdy

11. Herman Miller Aeron Chair with the Jamesdar 78 Desk

Cool grey colors invite a warm feel to your gaming area with the Herman Miller Aeron chair and Jamesdar desk. It provides an old-school style.


  • L-shape desk gives plenty of space
  • Chair has adjustable posture support


  • Desk has unusual leggings
  • Chair is expensive

12. Massage Gaming Power Recliner with the Eureka ERK-EDK-Z1S Desk

Try out a comfortable massage recliner with a modern gaming Eureka black friday gaming desk deal. The red-and-black colors give it a contemporary look popular within the gaming community.

Massage Gaming Power Recliner with the Eureka ERK-EDK-Z1S Desk


  • Recliner has sleek red-and-black colors
  • High comfort level
  • Desk has a smooth design


  • Recliner is heavy to move around
  • Table leggings lack spacing
  • Limited color options

13. Faux Leather Manual Recliner with the Ebern Designs L60 Desk

Comfort meets conformity with this modern ergonomic design. Give a chance to the manual recliner and Ebern Designs L60 black friday gaming desk.


  • Chair has a massage feature
  • High level of comfort
  • Table has plenty of surface area


  • Leather is not authentic
  • Chair does not absorb heat well
  • Bulky chair size

14. HAG Capisco Chair with the Cougar NY7D0001-00 Desk

Both the Cougar desk and HAG Capisco chair provide ergonomic space design, which allows you free range of movement.

HAG Capisco Chair with the Cougar NY7D0001-00 DeskPros:

  • Plenty of room to move around
  • Sleek black color scheme
  • Adjustable height options


  • Material is not durable
  • Levers may have difficulty with the operation

15. AKRACING California Chair with the Techni Sport Stryker Desk

Both the AKRACING California chair and Techni Sport Stryker black friday gaming desk offer a lustrous polish for your gaming experience. The arctic color scheme of the chair is relatively modern.


  • Great stylish design
  • Body alignment
  • Good quality materials


  • Weaker lumbar support
  • Desk does not allow free leg movement
  • Chair is expensive

16. Homall Racing Chair with the JIDI Glass Desk

Try out premium materials and a smooth look for your Homall chair and JIDI glass desk. Materials are premium-made for extra strength and durability.


  • Desk has durability through carbon fiber
  • Ergonomic design provides chair comfort
  • High-quality materials


  • Desk is expensive
  • Chair metal rusts over time
  • The chair design is relatively commonplace among gamers

17. BOSSIN Gaming Chair with Walker Edison Gaming Desk

The BOSSIN chair and Walker Edison desk combo work for all sizes, with its sleek black design and ergonomic comfort.

BOSSIN Gaming Chair with Walker Edison Gaming Desk


  • Desk offers multi-monitor support
  • Large seat with thick cushions
  • Armrests are firm


  • Table design is simplistic and small
  • Chair wheels lack durability

18. TS42 Kawaii Colors Gaming Chair with the E-Win RGB Pink Gaming Desk

It is an excellent setup if you like vibrant colors, which stands out from the usual gaming setup. The Kawaii Colors black friday gaming chair and E-Win pink gaming desk have a light color scheme.


  • Colorful aesthetic choices, mainly pink
  • Reclines lean back very far
  • Materials are soft and plush


  • Cushions might not offer much support
  • Width of the seat could be bigger
  • Desk is small in size

19. Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair with the Devoko Black Gaming Desk

Thanks to the Cougar Armor chair and Devoko desk's smooth ergonomic design, you have a fair amount of space to move around freely.

Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair with the Devoko Black Gaming DeskPros:

  • Premium leather quality
  • Costs are rather cheap
  • Offers a nice look with plenty of space


  • Chair and desk are small in size
  • Armrests are somewhat narrow
  • Lack of adjustability

20. Dowinx Gaming Office Chair with the ESF200 L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Try a contemporary feel with the sleek black Dowinx black friday gaming chair and ESf300 gaming desk.


  • Lumbar support with massage
  • Large amount of surface area for the desk
  • Highly adjustable swivel


  • Desk takes up a large amount of space
  • Assembly takes time
  • Desk is heavy to move around

Dowinx Gaming Office Chair with the ESF200 L-Shaped Gaming Desk


Consider these choices when you look for a Black Friday gaming chair deal. The health benefits of ergonomic chairs and desks significantly improve your gaming experience. In addition to any Black Friday gaming desk deal, you might find, consider the costs, and how much you can save. Most chairs and desks should have price cuts around the end of November. With a gaming setup, you can enjoy other Black Friday sales for your video games. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new gaming experience. You can also check out for our best Black Friday office chair list to get the affordable price for your home office right away.

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