Which Christmas Gifts Should You Buy for Your Coworkers
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Which Christmas Gifts Should You Buy for Your Coworkers

Autonomous|Dec 12, 2021

It is not just our families at home who are part of the joy of Christmas. But we share the same joy with our colleagues at work as well. Then, Christmas Eve represents the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your colleagues. Nonetheless, buying gifts is a difficult task, especially when buying Christmas presents for staff members. It is essential to find the perfect ones on this Christmas gifts for coworkers list that won't burn a hole in your pocket for employee gifts. The following Christmas gift ideas for coworkers will cheer your employees this holiday season and help you choose the perfect gift.

20 Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

1. Standing Desk

Standing Desk Christmas gifts for coworkers

You can take a serious toll on your body if you sit at your desk all day. In addition to sitting too much, aches and pains can be detrimental to your health. By using an Autonomous standing desk coworker's Christmas gifts, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Standing desks are healthy and productive at the same time. 

2. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Christmas gifts for coworkers

It takes serious attention to detail to be a designer or illustrator. These gift ideas for co-workers or graphic designers can be cool, functional desk lamps. 

3. Ergonomic accessories

Your lower body may ache after standing on an anti-fatigue mat. You might have heard of the benefits of an ergonomic chair, but rarely do you hear about the ergonomic stool's benefits as gifts for designers. Designers and illustrators often use computer monitors, and they will greatly appreciate these coworker Christmas gift ideas. The placement of the screen can, however, be challenging. You can use a monitor arm to accommodate the user's needs easily and comfortably.  

4. Earphones

Here is another idea of Christmas gifts for coworkers for you. When you have an open office, unwanted noise can affect your employees' concentration. So, getting good quality earphones would be a very welcome gesture for your employees. In this regard, you can consider this item as an employee Christmas gift.

5. Fitness equipment

You can provide fitness equipment to your employees if they are really health conscious and need tools to fit their modern home office furniture collections. You can provide your workers with resistance bands, power twisters, yoga mats, jump ropes, etc., which will allow them to exercise at home.

6. Chair

Chair Christmas gifts for coworkers

Especially if you need an ergonomic chair after Christmas, the ErgoChair Pro is the best thing to purchase. This chair provides excellent body positioning. It provided optimal back support and was made out of eco-friendly materials.

7. Care Packages

These are the best office Christmas gifts that engage your employees during the holidays and ensure everyone gets something they like by sending them a personalized care package. You can customize the perfect employee gift to include unique goodies such as company swag, healthy and delicious snacks, personalized messages, and other unique treats that make great gifts for programmers.

8. Books

You can have a completely different experience by reading books. As well as broadening your horizons, it also improves your vocabulary. This Christmas, let's fill up our employees' bookshelves by giving them a book if you can’t get Boxing Day bargains.

9. Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets Christmas gifts for coworkers

An enjoyable way to spend time with your loved ones is to watch movies together. Providing your employees with movie tickets is the best thing to buy after Christmas and a great way to give them this experience. The only thing you need to do is announce the special gift and arrange for the tickets on your employees' behalf.

10. Neck Pillow

These Christmas gifts for coworkers may not disappoint you. Employers place a high priority on making their employees feel comfortable while they work. Assume, for example, that frequently traveling is part of a job. Therefore, you might like to give them a neck pillow this Christmas.

11. Personalized Desk Accessory

The perfect Christmas gift for employees can be customized desk accessories. By instilling a sense of belonging at the workplace, you will encourage your employees to stay engaged and motivated.

12. Wines


The best Christmas gift for employees with an upscale budget is to give them a bottle of wine. Adding it to your gift basket for your employees will also be a great option. Before you give this gift, make sure you know which employees enjoy wine and who the teetotalers are.

13. OTT Subscription

A free subscription to Over-the-Top websites like Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, HBO Max, etc., would be a great gift to give your employees this Christmas. Any of these platforms will make your employees' holidays more enjoyable when you give them a free subscription. Besides paid subscriptions, you can also choose paid courses, magazines, etc., which will help your employees further their professional development.

14. Wellness app subscriptions

Employers are increasingly interested in corporate wellness apps to keep their employees active and fit in these hard economic times. With these apps, you can track real-time data about your workplace wellness program and run it according to your needs.

15. Food Coupons

Food Coupons Christmas gifts for coworkers

In addition to providing your employees with food coupons they can use when ordering at any restaurant, another great way to help motivate them to celebrate Christmas is through team-building activities. You can add flexibility to your employee gifting scheme by using this method of gifting.

16. Coffee Mugs

This is one of the interesting Christmas gifts for coworkers. An employee's coffee mug would be the most cherished item on their desk out of all the accessories. Consequently, you can think about giving each employee a customized coffee mug with their names on it or printing something they like on it.

17. Extended Vacation

Wouldn't it be nice if we could extend our vacation by one or two days? I am sure you cannot deny how delighted you would be if you gave your employees some extra holiday pay as a token of appreciation for their efforts. As a responsible employer caring for their staff, giving them this extra time off will not only amplify their festive cheer but position you as a responsible employer.

18. Tea infuser

Tea infuser Christmas gifts for coworkers

Your co-workers will be able to make cold brew using a combination cold-brew maker and tea infuser even if they're skilled at hot coffee. Also, you can use it with co-workers who constantly insist that green tea has health benefits while they're drinking their third latte of the day.

19. Artificial potted plants

If you don't have a green thumb, live in a low-light environment, or don't think your recipient is ready to take on the responsibility of planting a plant, we recommend choosing an artificial plant in place of a live one.

20. Real potted plants

For the colleague who lives in a home that is like a mini-greenhouse, you can replace the fake plants with real ones! Consider planters and other accessories for plants on a desk if their desk is a propagation station.

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