Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Shop to Get Work Done in NYC
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Tips to Choose the Best Coffee Shop to Get Work Done in NYC

|May 7, 2024

Startup enthusiasts, freelancers, and seasoned remote workers will find no better atmosphere than a good coffee shop.

The environment, dependable wifi, and flexible workspace of a coffee shop frequently outperform a dedicated small rolling standing desk. For remote workers drawn to the allure of New York City, discovering the ideal coffee shop might be just as important as obtaining suitable housing. So, let’s explore some crucial tips that will help you choose the best coffee shop to get work done in NYC.

Coffee Shops: The New Remote Workplace

What does remote work mean? It is simply the freedom to choose when and where you work. Nowadays, coffee shops are becoming the new remote workplace as more individuals shift towards work from home computer jobs. There are many pros and cons of working from home, but the flexibility and convenience of remote work are gaining all the hype.

Sometimes referred to as the "coffee shop effect", workers claim that working remotely at cafés increases their focus and productivity. People stay focused because of the background noise and the absence of distractions from other employees.

Coffee Shops: The New Remote Workplace

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Shop to Get Work Done in NYC

Workspace necessities include wifi, a nearby toilet, and food because spending several hours in an area with power outlets and free internet necessitates proper nourishment.

Let's look at some pointers for choosing the best coffee shops to get work done in NYC:

Choose an Appropriate Spot

Not every café is ideal for getting work done, but most cafes can be considered for a peaceful environment. It is recommended that you locate a coffee shop with ample seating. In a perfect world, the seats would be both cozy and located in a rather quiet place. If you choose a store that is too tiny, sitting for longer periods can become a problem. Finding a store that sells food as well as drinks is a good idea to counteract the effects of coffee.

Choose an Appropriate Spot - Coffee shop to get work done

Consider the Distance

It would be a waste of time to pick a location that is far away, where you have to waste time commuting.

Further advice: Don't pick a spot that's always bustling with people. The good coffee shops to work in NYC will benefit from all the activity, but your productivity will suffer.

Look for the Perfect Ambiance

The type of music coffee shops play is one of the most important factors to consider. Pick a spot where the noise level is low or nonexistent if you intend to get any serious work done while you're out. In addition, noise-canceling headphones are a lifesaver during conferences and phone conversations.

Look for the Perfect Ambiance

Ensure Proper Facilities

When choosing a coffee shop to work in, it’s crucial to ensure that basic facilities are easily available. Look for amenities such as parking (you cannot function without concerns of your car getting towed by the cops), clean toilets, AC, and comfortable chairs.

Go Through the Menu Beforehand

It's important to carefully assess the budget you wish to spend during the day. So do check the pricing, decide accordingly and organize your day. Also, it’s a good idea to order prior and ask the barista or the management, to deliver you your meals and beverage at specified times of the day. 

Tips to Work Easily in a Coffee Shop without Any Disturbance

1. Visit in Off-Peak Hours

If you expect to spend the majority of your day working from a restaurant or coffee shop and have flexibility in your schedule, try going during off-peak hours. It’s better to avoid the rush as much as possible if your local go-to café has a line out the door and no tables to spare.

Visit in Off-Peak Hours

2. Move Your Meeting

Along with slowing down the wifi, hosting a meeting or having a phone conversation in the café might be quite invasive to those around you. If you need to take frequent calls, consider setting up at a table near the entrance where you can stroll outdoors while keeping an eye on your items.

3. Bring a Battery Backup

Being ready and independent are key components of a successful remote work environment.

When you arrive at a café and discover every electric outlet is taken, what should you do? To keep your devices charged, be ready with a power bank or high-capacity portable charger. These are a few work from home essentials that don't require outside resources.

4. Buy Something and Reorder Often

When you take up space for an extended amount of time while using the café's internet, draining the electricity from their outlets, and using the bathroom, you should be paying for that service. At a minimum, when working from a coffee shop for an hour and a half, it's appropriate to spend at least $5 at the business with tips for staff. If you plan to remain longer, make sure that you always have something to eat or drink at your table. Try to make a purchase every hour to an hour and a half.

Buy Something and Reorder Often

3 Top Coffee Shops to Work in NYC

If you are not interested in doing your job at home, these are the best coffee shops to work in NYC, and you should consider going without any hesitation.

Café Flor

Café Flor is more than just a coffee shop; the aroma of fresh coffee balances the aspects of a wine bar and plant boutique.

Café Flor caters to the needs of remote workers by offering a variety of seating alternatives, such as comfortable sofas and tables, suitable for working from home. Even with free wifi, connectivity problems frequently occur, indicating that upgrades are required. This adaptable workplace is ideal for informal discussions, concentrated work sessions, or formal meetings.

Variety Coffee

There is a distinct quality to the coffee at Variety Roasters' Park Slope location that sets it apart from their other sites; it is the best coffee shop to work in NYC. The cafe is large and bright, with lots of seats and fast wifi. Additionally, Prospect Park is not far away, so you can take a stroll there if you need to unwind in the middle of doing a task. However, Variety's other stores across the city are also rather good.

Perk Kafe

Perk is basically just a beautiful, straightforward coffee shop on the Upper East Side where you can take a stool and linger for a bit. It isn't very huge or fancy, but they have Stump town coffee, Dough donuts, and - most importantly - wifi and a restroom. So if you’re looking for a coffee shop in this section of town, consider this one.

3 Top Coffee Shops to Work in NYC


Selecting the ideal coffee shop for work involves more considerations than just the coffee itself. It also involves the atmosphere, facilities, and general mood that improve productivity. Taking these works from home tips into account will help you find a coffee shop that complements your working style and increases output. Now that you have these ideas go out and discover the perfect coffee shop to get work done in NYC.

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