25 Work from Home Essentials to Boost your Productivity
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25 Work from Home Essentials to Boost your Productivity

|Dec 1, 2023

Before you start setting up your desk and computer, take a moment to think about how you want your home office to look. Consider what you need to be productive while working from home. What work from home essentials must you have nearby, such as a water bottle or a cup of coffee, and what items nearby can be stored? 

It's time to plan the actual setup of your home office trend once you've selected where you want to build it. Begin with the major components, such as your work desk, chair, computer, and computer screen. Then gradually fill your room with all of the other tiny things that can make your life easier while also making it more enjoyable. To gain a better idea of which work-from-home accessories you need, we’ve compiled a detailed list for you to save time.

25 Work from Home Essentials for Your Productivity

1. Have a Dedicated Workspace

Setting up a workspace you name "office" is one of the procedures for successfully managing work-life balance in a work-from-home situation. It should be very similar to your workplace area, and you should attempt to avoid doing any personal activities there if at all feasible. It should assist you in staying focused. 

You should also plan your day as if it were a typical office day. We understand the need to look at Instagram stories or watch a YouTube video. Clear guidelines, on the other hand, can help you resist temptation. 

Have a Dedicated Workspace

2. Fast Computer

Here is another work from home must have. When you've been attached to a 2013 MacBook Pro for what seems like a lifetime, the sensation of using a fresh new computer is unlike any other. Pages are instantly loading at breakneck speed, your fingers are flying, and you're marking jobs off like there's no tomorrow. 

Is it time to relive that incredible experience once more? If you're in the market for a new laptop, consider the needs of your profession on a daily basis. Do you need to run numerous major programs at once as a graphic designer? Are you a programmer in need of code that needs to be generated quickly? Perhaps you're a writer who relies on speedy browsers to conduct research and send emails. Before deciding on the best upgrade for you, think about the following points. 

3. Noise Canceling Headphones

One of the necessary home office essentials is a headphone. Even if noise-canceling headphones may not appear to be necessary, you can notice the difference they make in your job once you have them. A set of quality noise-canceling headphones is a work-from-home must-have, given the number of video conversations we expect throughout the day or jobs that require attention. It is one of the most important pieces of personal productive technology that you should have. 

We are unable to use a wired earphone due to the variety of devices available. However, most Bluetooth headphones only provide mediocre noise canceling. If you get a pair with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), you can go about your business without being disturbed.

Noise Canceling Headphones

4. Reliable WiFi and Internet Connection

The loading pinwheel of doom is the one thing that can bring one's morale down. Purchase a good internet setup and connection to avoid this load. Investing in a good router, such as HUAWEI's 4G CPE Router, as well as a mini-UPS device, can ensure that you browse and work without interruption.

5. Standing Desk

You need to put your device on a worthy throne now that you've decided on it as the centerpiece of your home office productivity. Invest in a sturdy workstation with enough room to spread out your work notes, hold your coffee, and allow you to type comfortably. It is one of the home office necessities to boost your health and productivity. We recommend the Autonomous Desk by Autonomous for maximum comfort. Your primary workspace is your desk. An ergonomic office desk with an adjustable tabletop is a healthier, less sedentary solution than a standard wooden, glass top, or steel desk with storage.

Standing or sitting at a desk, rather than working in bed or in front of the TV, offers you a more serious atmosphere and allows you to sharpen your attention. Remember to maintain a clutter-free workspace for the most productive working environment. 

Autonomous provides electric and adjustable standing desks that have altered the work environments of over 130,000 organizations, teams, and remote employees around the world. Every adjustable standing desk they create is made of high-quality MDF wood that comes in a choice of finishes and colors.

standing desk - work from home essentials

6. Ergonomic Chair

When it comes to setting up your home office, ergonomic office chairs are a home office necessity. At the end of the day, if you're spending long hours sitting in a home office chair slumped over a laptop, a kitchen chair or sofa isn't going to cut it. Trust us when we say that it's time to acknowledge that you need to invest in something more long-term. 

The best ergonomic chair is the Autonomous Chair by Autonomous. This is the most adaptable and user-friendly chair available. You can adjust the support for any incline with just two simple levers. Maintain a modest design or go all out with a backrest and a leg rest. Your body needs to move, and this chair makes it easy to do so. 

It has a mesh back to help you keep cool during the summer months. BIFMA tested, designed for optimal airflow, and woven for longevity. It conforms to your body with a slight flex to promote movement while also evenly distributing balance and weight. This is a home office essential.

ergonomic chair - work from home essentials

7. Computer Stand

If you're finding that your workstation isn't cutting it, consider investing in an adjustable computer stand, one of the best home office must haves ever. This should allow you to reduce any neck muscle stress and even allow you to stand and stretch your limbs occasionally. 

8. Lighting

It's not just for aesthetic purposes that you should add light to your workspace. An LED desk lamp, according to scientists, is one of the most important work from home essentials for reading physical copy sheets because it reduces reflections. 

As we become older, the amount of light contrast we need increases dramatically. Rather than a table lamp that emits artificial lighting, go for a desk lamp with a swing arm that you can reposition. There are a variety of illumination options available, including LED desk lamps and ultra-wide LED desk lights.

lighting work from home essentials

9. Dual Monitors

Dual monitors have been proven to enhance productivity by roughly 20%, so if you're prone to having a thousand tabs open at once, you could be a fine fit for doubling your monitor area. 

10. A Work Playlist

Get your concentration on some music that can boost your mood and give your finger typing a push. Create a playlist that you can listen to on your phone (or with the help of Bluetooth speakers) and meet those deadlines. 

11. Scented Candles

Some days are more stressful than others, and a sweet or tropical aroma might help to relieve the tension in the air. Set a candle on your desk to calm you down and conquer your to-do list by wafting away the stress. It is one of the beneficial work from home essentials for your mental health.

Scented Candles

12. Notepad and Reliable Set of Pens

While your laptop may be the center of attention, it doesn't mean you should neglect your ordinary stationery. Having a few scraps of paper and pens on hand might be useful at times, especially when taking notes during a virtual conference. 

13. Bookshelf

This item should be in your home if you enjoy reading. It is one of the popular work from home accessories. Your books, as well as other related files and papers, can be stored in it. It can also be used to create decorative items for your home. Bookshelves can also be employed to enhance the home office décor in and around your office. Furthermore, having a bookcase in your workspace with your favorite books, magazines, showpieces, and other items can make you feel more productive. 

Autonomous EPP

14. Keyboard

You could be working from home on a laptop or at the office on a desktop. Consider purchasing a durable quick action keyboard designed exclusively for workplace use if you want to improve your typing speed and efficiency. The Logitech Ergo K860 wireless ergonomic keyboard is available for purchase at Autonomous. This keyboard was designed primarily for office work and is very easy to use.

Keyboard - work from home essentials

15. Cables

Today, we can organize a large portion of our work on our smartphones and portable hard drives. As a result, it's critical that you keep a supply of cables on hand to keep your devices linked. For your and your data's protection, we recommend that you test out the highest-rated and least-expensive cable. You can get them for a starting price of $12. 

16. Stress Balls

Of course, no office is complete without a stress ball or three to help you center your energy on those hectic days when you're working to the backlog of notification pings. Why don’t you buy this work from home essential now?

Stress Balls

17. Table Plants

Do you miss having a cactus plant next to your monitor? If so, you can acquire your favorite table plant at a reasonable price for your work-from-home office. Real potted plants are a good choice since they not only keep your office clean and fresh, but they can also give you a sense of peace and tranquility. This, in turn, can increase your productivity. You can choose from a variety of species such as Eucalyptus, bamboo, and others. 

18. Cellphone Stand

A smartphone stand is a must-have work from home essential for every home office. It makes Skype and video chats so much easier, plus it allows you to check things up on your laptop with both hands. 

19. Posture Corrector

Everyone’s terrible posture is another working from home vice we’re guilty of. We always find a reason to hunch over our desks. 

One of those nice-to-have home office requirements is a posture corrector, which can help you break your unhealthy seating habits.

Posture Corrector

20. Desk Storage

Don't get caught up in the nonsense of creating mountains on your desk. 

With a computer stand that also serves as desk storage, you can keep all of your clutter out of sight but within easy reach. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, this is a wonderful alternative. 

21. Pen Holder

Cute desk accessories make “going to work” more enjoyable. A pen holder can give your workstation some character. It allows you to easily access your other stationery necessities.

Plus, it prevents you from sifting through a pencil case before throwing it all out on your desk. 

22. Desk Setup

If you look at everything around you in detail, including your desk, the chair in which you sit for lengthy periods every day, your computer, and everything else in your immediate vicinity. What message does it send to you? Do you think it's a great place to create, inspire, focus, plan, and achieve success? 

Your workplace configuration, without a doubt, has a greater impact on your productivity than you might think. 

Everything in your environment contributes or subtracts energy and attention. How much you can advance, do, and produce is influenced by your desk layout. 

However, there are various setups that depend on your profession such as a developer desk setup, student desk setup, etc. Ensure to find the best desk setup for you!

desk setup with work from home essentials

23. Ergonomic Mouse

Here is one of the must-have work from home essentials. The average desk mouse is made in a standard size for all consumers. An ergonomic mouse adapts to your normal shape and relieves hand fatigue. Using an ergonomic mouse not only gives you more ease but also protects you from stress injuries caused by non-natural motions. 

24. Ergonomic Seat Cushion

When sitting for long periods, don't forget about the lower region of your spine. The strain on your lower spinal discs and buttocks is relieved by using an ergonomic accessory for your chair, a seat cushion. It also moves the pelvis forward, allowing your brain's normal lumbar curve to be supported. Since your bottom bears a huge amount of weight, offer it some love back.

seat cushion

25. Whiteboard

Despite all of the computer's current wonders, we are severely confined by its mode of operation: the keyboard and display. Many individuals operate on computers with monitor sizes ranging from 13” to 23”, leaving little room for anything other than a crammed spreadsheet or paper. This is where the analog can come to your rescue! 

A whiteboard in your workplace provides a pleasant alternative for scratchwork and brainstorming ideas that require space to envision. It is one of the interesting work from home essentials. Goals, storyboards, and outlines may all be written on whiteboards, which can help you be more productive.


In conclusion, investing in work-from-home essentials can significantly enhance productivity and well-being while adapting to the changing work environment. The 25 essentials outlined in this blog provide practical solutions to create a comfortable and efficient home office setup. From ergonomic furniture to productivity tools and wellness gadgets, each item plays a vital role in optimizing remote work performance.

By curating a personalized collection of these essentials, individuals can create a conducive work environment that fosters focus, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Embrace the power of these work-from-home essentials to unlock your full potential and thrive in the new era of remote work.

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