15 Essentials for Desk Setup for Developers & Programmers
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15 Essentials for Desk Setup for Developers & Programmers

Autonomous|Oct 20, 2022

Are you a developer? Then you must agree that it is the toughest job because sitting for long hours in front of the screen to solve the errors in the lines of code is frustrating at times. To support your tough schedule job, you require a perfect programmer setup which can at least help you to reduce the load from your shoulders.

It is not only a desk that will help to ease the workload but also it is the workspace where you can uplift your skills and career to new heights. It is the ultimate gold sack mine which can help you earn millions of dollars by combining your skill set with the desk setup.

So let’s discuss some collections of items, accessories and other things that experts recommend making the best desk setup for developers.

Essentials For Coding Setups

Coding is a difficult job. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours, writing, and then going through line after line of codes is bound to get tiring at some point. Are you looking for ways to make your working experience more pleasant? Well, you need to look no further because today, we bring you a list of essentials you can add to your coding setup to make work more bearable. 

1. A great ergonomic chair

It may sound familiar and obvious that a developer coding setup requires a chair, every desk setup requires a chair so what’s special with this. In this case, the scenario is a bit different. You might have observed that the chair used in the reception area is different in comparison to the chair used by a developer. The reason is simple the reception girl or guy stands again and again to greet the customers, but it is entirely different in case of the developer.

Ergonomic chair for programmer desk

On the other hand, the IT guys have to sit for long hours to solve the technicalities in the code which takes hours and their mind is focused just on the works. Therefore, this is the reason why they require a good chair for programming because they don’t take short breaks in the duration of their work.

So having a good ergonomic office chair is an essential element of the desk setup.

2. Personalize for the best coding desk setup

Most of us like to personalize the desk with cool goodies like photos, favorite superhero poster and a lot of other stuff, and this gives a sense of feeling that you own this place just like your bedroom. But have you ever thought of bringing a real-life companion to personalize the desk? Like a dog or cat or any other living animal because it can really help to work with more enthusiasm and passion. You might have observed that when you are working alongside a friend, you feel more motivated and passionate and therefore help to double your productivity.

Personalize your developer desk setup

Moreover, having a pet sitting beside you will throw positive vibes and reduce the stress of work. You might be thinking is it a kind of joke but believe it or not, this actually works not only for developer coding setup but also other cases.

3. Dual monitors with monitor arms

Working on two screens side by side make you feel like a professional working to build something that will revolutionaries the world and solves the most significant problems faced by society. The benefits of having a dual monitor are unexplainable and are something which is considered the biggest necessity in professional developer life.

Dual monitors for coder desk

The developers have a lot of load on their head and to achieve the deadlines they need to multitask and make side by side comparison with other programs which is not possible with single screen monitors. In this case, dual monitors turn out to be a great option and an excellent tool for achieving the task efficiently.

Thus, a developer desk is incomplete without a dual monitor, so if you are planning to have the best desk setup for your development skills, then a dual monitor should be just standing on your desk.

4. Headphones

If you are a coder, then working with music on is something you won’t deny because coding without music is something not believable. Nothing increases your focusing power more than putting the headphones on away from distraction and focusing on the code to remove bugs and make it error free.

Headphone is essential accessory for developer desk

However, the desk setup for developers is incomplete if there is no space for a good piece of headphones. These can turn out to be a good sound canceling tool when the noise around you disturbs you from working.

So don’t forget to have a really nice set of headphones because a developer’s life is incomplete without headphones.

5. Monitor Stand

Sitting in front of a screen for a long time will take its toll on you. It can cause back, neck, and shoulder pains. A monitor stand for desks is a platform where you can place your monitor to adjust the height and angle of the screen. You can use it better to control the distance between your eyes and the screen. This will help you maintain your posture and will result in a reduction in neck and shoulder stiffness. The fact that it also helps with back pain makes it an important part of a programming setup.

You can also look at monitor arms for desks if you are looking for devices to make working on a monitor more comfortable.

6. Desk Pad

Desk pads are used to protect your desk from damage that can be caused by excessive use. As a programmer, you will almost always be at your desk. This will make it more prone to damage. Luckily, getting a desk pad can solve this problem for you. A desk pad can also be used to organize your desk, giving your coding desk setup a more elegant look. According to a study, people working from an aesthetically pleasing place are likely to be more productive.

7. Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Typing for long hours can lead to wrist pain and strains. These can develop into more serious issues if not looked after at the right time. This is why an ergonomic wrist rest needs to be a part of a programming desk setup.

Wrist rests provide support to your wrist and hand while you type. This reduces the chances of wrist injury due to typing. Wrist rests allow your wrists to be in a relaxed position while you are typing.

8. Back Supports

Working while sitting or standing too much causes back pain, making it difficult for anyone to continue working to the best of their abilities. This is why back support is a coding setup essential.

Back support helps improve your posture and support your back muscles. Furthermore, it helps in the healing of any earlier back injury.

9. Desk Lamp

Working under insufficient light can make your eyes get tired more easily. This is because you will have to focus harder to work. This can lead to more errors and a reduction in your productivity level. Using a desk lamp would provide you with ample light to work comfortably. The best desk lamp should have a focused beam with minimal glare.

10. CPU Holder

CPU holder can be used to save desk space and hold your CPU in a fixed position. The holder can keep the CPU under the desk or mounted on a wall. They are usually adjustable and compatible with most CPUs.

11. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Programmers type a lot. This is the reason why they are always at risk of wrist or hand strains. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to provide you with more space and comfort while you type. This is to reduce any risk of injury or strains. Ergonomic mice are designed to hold your wrist upright to protect your muscles from strains. Both the keyboard and mouse are aimed at providing comfort and support to the user and are the perfect programmer setup essential.

12. Speaker

Most computers do not have a good sound system. They either produce very low-quality audio or produce audio with very low volume. Either way, these kinds of audio get very irritating. Especially if you have to work with them regularly, this is why we suggest you buy some speakers as a part of your coding setup. 

13. Webcam

The camera usually attached to laptops or computers does not produce high-quality images. This is understandable because the purpose of a laptop is not really to capture pictures. But what if you need to present something? Your low-quality laptop camera won't be able to capture the pictures or videos they need to. This will lead to confusion and annoyance. Buying a webcam will solve this issue for you.

14. Charger

Whether it is a power dock or a traditional charger that uses a cable, you must have a charger as a part of your programming desk setup. This is simply because getting up to find a charger every time you need to charge a device is going to lead to a lot of wasted time. 

15. Laptop Workstation

Laptop workstations are designed to do high-end computing functions. They are equipped with additional memory and more powerful CPUs. The job of a programmer is intense. To keep up with the extremely complicated codes, a programmer might consider a laptop workstation to be a worthwhile addition to a coding setup. 

Lastly, you might also want to take a look at standing desk converters. These are designed to be placed on top of your desk to raise or lower your screen. This is so that you switch between working while standing and working while sitting. This switch will prevent your muscles from getting stiff and will also be beneficial for back and neck pains. These benefits make the standing desk converters the best addition to a programming setup.


What do I need for a developer & programming desk setup?

Basically, you should have an ergonomic chair, a standing desk, a dual monitor or laptop with a stand at the perfect angle, a headphone, a keyboard and mouse, and great lighting to make your workspace feel more bright and cheerful.

Should my programming desk be set up ergonomically?

Yes, your programming desk should definitely be ergonomic. An ergonomic workspace not only helps you avoid health problems but also increases your productivity.


Adding all or some of these accessories to your coding setup will likely increase your productivity and comfort. These accessories in developer coding setup add worth to the developer’s life and make it little simpler and relaxing by releasing the pain of removing the bugs and error in the lines of code. Therefore, the desk setup for programmers which has all the necessary accessories and some addition gadget as per the requirement are considered the best programming desk setup.

However, if you are planning to find accessories for your programmer setup, then Autonomous is the best online store which sells a premium quality product at a competitive price from an adjustable standing desk to smart office accessories.


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