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Why is Working from a Coffee Shop More Productive?

Why is Working from a Coffee Shop More Productive?

|Apr 29, 2021

Thousands of people love coffee – even if it’s decaf. However, did you know that working in a café could be more productive than staying at home and doing the work there?

The present article discusses why you should try out working from a café. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss anything, get a cup of coffee and keep reading!

Coffee Shops Have Turn Out to Be the New Remote Workplace for a Hybrid Workforce

With the increase of remote work, many people have studied the effects that result if you work from anywhere. Fortunately for coffee lovers, coffee shops have been proven to result very effective for thousands of employees.

For a hybrid workforce, besides having amazing health benefits, the background noise and relaxing atmosphere allow workers to focus on what they’re doing. Thus, keep reading if you are a part of the hybrid remote work.

Tips to Effectively Work from a Coffee Shop

Although working in a coffee shop might seem easy, you should check out the following tips so you do it effectively.

1. Dress Accordingly to the Context

dress working in the coffee shop outside

Even though remote work has allowed thousands of people to work while wearing pajamas, you should dress accordingly if you want to know how to work at a coffee shop.

When you work from a place like that, you need to remember that other people are going to surround you the whole day. You should dress up in the morning thinking about that.

2. Be Careful with the Cafes You Pick

Not every coffee shop allows people to work from them. Although some are happy to have someone sitting down for a few hours while they do remote work, others are not so friendly.

If you’re going to be working from a coffee shop, you need to make sure they allow it. Ask the people in charge if it’s okay for you to do it before you start.

3. Organize and Plan Your Day

Every remote worker should have a specific organization, especially if they are going to be working in a coffee shop. You can’t allow yourself to get distracted each time the barista turns on the coffee machine, right?

To make your day productive, plan out ahead and decide what work you need to get done. Divide it into chunks so you have actionable tasks to complete.

4. Take Breaks


If you want to work at a coffee shop, you also need to know when to take breaks. For some, that is very hard to do because they forget.

Set up an hourly alarm that reminds you to take your mind off the screen, drink some water, and relax. That way, you are not going to feel fatigued when the day is over.

5. Interact with Others

interact with others

Working from a coffee shop is a great opportunity to interact with other people. Thus, you can have a completely different day than staying home alone.

Take advantage of that situation and spark a little conversation from time to time. That way, you are not going to feel tired and bored after a few days go by.

Etiquette Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

There are some etiquette rules you should keep in mind if you are going to work at a coffee shop. Check them out:

1. Always Seat on the Same Spot

seat on the same spot

If you want to maintain a good relationship with the café managers, you need to pick a seat that allows you to work comfortably without bothering other customers.

So, even though working in a coffee shop is fun, you should also think about the rest of the people that go there. Try to also consider being near a power outlet so that you don’t leave your power cords hanging around and bothering customers.

2. Give People their Space

give other space

To know how to work from a coffee shop, you need to remember that other people might be doing the same thing you are. Likewise, customers are going to come and go.

Thus, you should respect people’s space and not interrupt what they’re doing. If you want the café owners to keep allowing you to work there, you should always be kind and considerate with their business.

3. Remember: The Coffee Shop is a Business

coffee shop is a business

Working in a coffee shop is fun, but you should never forget that it’s a business nonetheless. Therefore, a great rule to follow is to order something each hour or so.

Besides, you shouldn’t just order the cheapest item on the menu. Even if they allow it, it wouldn’t be respectful towards them. Take that into account when you decide to work at your favorite café.

4. Be Respectful

There are probably going to be other customers while you are working in the coffee shop. Therefore, you should try keeping your business to yourself.

Try to avoid phone calls as much as possible, unless you know that they are going to be short. Likewise, don’t share any personal information or sensitive data.

5. Don’t Stay for Too Long

don't stay for too long

Just as it was previously mentioned, the café is first and foremost, a business. If you notice that it’s full of customers that want to have a good time, you should probably leave and give your table to someone else.

Pros and Cons of Working in a Coffee Shop

Going to work at a coffee shop sounds like something out of a movie. Nonetheless, it has disadvantages as well. Take a look at the following pros and cons:Working from a coffee shop might not be for everyone. If you decide to stay at home, remember to get an ergonomic chair, a standing desk chair, and a standing desk. That way, you can get your job done with comfort.

Working in a Coffee Shop

  • icon checkYou can have background noise if you enjoy that while you work
  • icon checkYou can interact with other people from time to time
  • icon checkYou can drink good coffee and consume other products from the café
  • icon timesYou might get distracted easily if you’re sensitive to noise
  • icon timesYou are going to have to pay for what you consume
  • icon timesSomeone might sit on your spot before you arrive

To Wrap Up

Working in a coffee shop is certainly fun, especially if you have remote work that allows you little to no human interaction. Now that you know more about it, check it out and see if it works for you!

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