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Best Corner Office Desk Options in Canada for 2024
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Best Corner Office Desk Options in Canada for 2024

|May 20, 2021

A corner office desk provides you exclusivity as you try to maximize available room space. Being secluded, you get more desk space from a lesser floor area and ample storage space.

Why a Corner Office Desk?

A corner office desk gives you exclusivity and more working space.  With an addition of a glass window, this could mean more brightness, ample wall storage space, or even a work desk reminder space, for example, a corkboard.   A corner office desk efficiently uses the floor space to give you a home office that matches with the décor of your room, keeping the bedroom and working space separate.

Why a Corner Office Desk?

Recent studies have shown that an office standing desk is preferred for a healthier you. It gives you the freedom to work either standing or sitting as it allows you to control the height of the desk.  No more backaches or neck pains from stiff postures, reduced risk of cardiac problems with better blood flow, and more calories burnt when you stand and work. The benefits are just unlimited.  You can easily fit an office standing desk into a corner desk too.

Types of Corner Office Desks

An office desk corner canada comes in essentially two shapes, the L-shaped that connects two walls perpendicular to each other; else, you have an option of fitting in a compact V shape desk into the corner.  In either case, do consider a corner standing desk for better health as you manage the height of the work desk to either sit or stand and work.

You could always opt for a sturdy desk made from a single piece of wood or metal and finished with a wooden, metal, or glass top.  Making efficient use of the space available and depending upon the functionality required could extend the workspace on either side.

L shaped corner office desk

L shaped corner office desk

An L shaped computer desk canada, has two arms that are perpendicular to each other. This gives you extra workspace in the corner for various purposes, such as spreading your files, paper designs, or basic storage. For small spaces, consider an adjustable standing desk for small spaces that gives you lots of ideas to manage function and form.

V-shaped or triangular corner office desk

V-shaped or triangular corner office desk

Many folks prefer a V-shaped or a triangular office desk that fits compactly into a corner, given the limited space you may have. For a small corner desk canada, here are some ideas for a corner office desk for small space.

L–shaped desk

Due to the limitation of space, you may find some folks prefer a basic standing desk. Such a standing desk gives you all the work desk features and is good for your health.

What are the Benefits of a Corner Desk?

Apart from maximizing floor space, here are the top five reasons you should opt for a corner standing desk.

Large workspace

An L-shaped of  V / triangle-shaped work desk gives you workspace. There is enough ample storage space in the corner available too.  You could also use both walls to make the best use of 3-D space for storage or keeping books.

Large workspace

Convenient access

Unlike long and big traditional desks, with an L or V-shaped desk, you have easy access to any area on the table.  You don't have to stretch to lift or place any of the material.  Convenient, isn't it?

Space under desks

The amount of free space you get under the desks is unlimited and amazing. You can easily roll in a storage drawer set to store things, decluttering the room. Don’t forget, you can always use the walls as extra storage space.


An ergonomic work desk is beyond placing a laptop or a keyboard at a particular height or angle.  Do consider a corner standing desk that gives you the benefit of both a corner desk and a standing desk.  Featured below, the SmartDesk Corner is one of the best choices for a corner standing desk.



A corner standing desk gives you more exclusivity than a normal work desk.  It can be used for folks who have a special role at work or need work privacy from prying peers.  In some work cultures, corner work desks are provided to employees with higher designations.  If you have a home office, a corner work desk is the best option for a larger workspace.

Whatever be your reason, a corner standing desk is a smart choice that you cannot ignore.

Best Corner Desk in Canada

Here are the top two corner desks available in Canada.

SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

To maximize the available room space, the SmartDesk Corner is one of the best l shaped desks canada.  Once you are done with work, you could adjust the desk's height to use it as any other regular table at home. Or restore the room's ambiance with your night lamp and a few souvenirs that you may have moved to make space for work.  It gives you ample space to turn in your seat and view the whole room or move your chair to look out of a corner window. Powered by a triple motor, this work desk can manage a height between 29.4 inches to 48 inches.  The large space can even accommodate a colleague for a brief meeting or going over some work files jointly.  Made from reclaimed wood, it is available in four different colors, and yes, there is a possibility of customization.

SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

An L-desk-shaped corner standing desk that offers you all the benefits wrapped in one package is the SmartDesk Pro.  Its wood top finish helps you connect with nature as you work from the office or home.  The SmartDesk Pro can be adjusted to a height between 26.2 inches to 52 inches with a powered motor that makes little noise than a hum.  Available in different colors, this desk has metal frames to accommodate the heavyweight.  This sleek, stylish corner standing desk is your perfect choice.

Read more about our review of the best adjustable standing desk Canada.

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