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Best Desk Setup For Surface Pro 7
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Best Desk Setup For Surface Pro 7

|Jun 18, 2021

Desk setup can affect our mental state of working. Clutters can create distractions while reducing our ability to do the work properly. Especially if you are a person who values cleanliness, then clutter can immediately bring down your mood affecting your productivity and motivation at work. This guide will help you with the best desk setup for surface Pro that can help you have a fresh mindset while taking up one of the challenge projects.

For every gamers or professional worker, laptops for desktops play a significant role in their life. In this era of work from home, desktops are ideal for every professional.

People are opting for a minimalist setup for their workspace. The esthetic appeal of such a space can help you to escalate your productivity. Let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of a minimalist desk setup.

Advantages and disadvantages of minimalist desk setup

Advantages and disadvantages of minimalist desk setup

Advantages of minimalist desk setup

  • The minimalist desk setup for surface Pro offers fewer distractions. Sometimes numerous items on your desk can create a mess. It can negatively affect your attention.
  • A minimalist desk would give you the feeling of achieving your goal. The free space on your desk can translate freedom in the order of your work. Sometimes you tend to work randomly based on the file that comes in front of you. But with the introduction of a minimalist desk setup, the freedom to work is now in your hand.

Disadvantages of minimalist desk setup

  • Creating the surface laptop desk setup can be difficult for a person who lacks the time. However, even if you set up your desk in the most minimalistic way, you need to maintain it. The problem lies in the way you retain the minimalist desk setup with a laptop.
  • You can expect some inconvenience as you may not find some accessories on your desk. In normal circumstances, you may find these items within your reach. But while you are opting for the minimalist desk setup, this advantage gets deleted.

Desk setup elements

Desk setup elements

The minimalist desk setup for surface Pro requires various elements that you need to incorporate, including desktop PCs on the first go. The Microsoft surface desk setup is doing the rounds. With the minimalist arrangement, you can comfortably make your way to increasing productivity.

Check this surface desk setup that would help you to join the troop of minimalists.

Office desk

When you are talking about an office desk, the standard adjustable standing desk should be your priority. Your body won't benefit you while you are seated for an extended period. It could result in chronic conditions like excruciating pain in your back and neck.

While you are working from home, you need to find yourself an office surface Pro desk that can support your minimalist desk idea. Here are some of the options that would help you in your endeavors.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

You can avail this desk in numerous colors that would suit your office decor. The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) would increase your well-being with your productivity as you can adjust the height of this desk from 29.4 inches to 48 inches. It indicates that you can use this as a sit-to-stand desk.

The simple controls provided would help the user to operate them effortlessly. In a word, it can be used as a perfect surface laptop desk setup.

The core strength remains unparalleled to any other desk. At the same time, the robust construction makes it durable.

Autonomous Desk Eureka

sd pro

For someone who is a heavy worker, this innovative Autonomous Desk Eureka is the ultimate choice. It provides maximum power and more range to the user. The three attributes of this desk make it the best and foremost choice for any minimalist setup seeker.

It can provide enough space for your surface Pro 7 desk setup. However, one can save the ideal position and height as per their convenience with just a single touch.

Ergonomic chairs

It is another essential element that one needs to consider while achieving the minimalist desk setup. Adjustability is one crucial factor that can affect comfort and convenience while you are working. Here are the two best choices that can elevate your result.



AvoChair provides a clean look for your desk setup for surface Pro. However, ergonomics makes it one of the best choices for every minimalist. The organic design inspired by nature helps to achieve natural good health. The seat and the backrest are wrapped in ultra-breathable mesh with an appropriate amount of resistance and flex. This chair moves with the user while encouraging good posture. You can easily adjust the position as it comes with five lock positions. The best part lies in the design and the build. The manufacturers have built this ergonomic chair from recycled materials. It can be one of the best choices with your surface pro setup.

Autonomous Chair Recline

ergo core

It is that one chair that can be more comfortable than your couch. Along with that, it is a healthier option than any computer chair. You would get two intuitive levers that would help you to achieve any posture. Maximize your comfort with the addition of a leg rest and a headrest. This chair makes it easier for your body to move in any direction.

The breathable mesh back and the 18-degree effortless recline can provide comfort and stability without straining you at your work. The adjustable lumbar support of Autonomous Chair Recline helps you sit upright while you need to focus on your work.


These desk setup for surface Pro ideas can help you to modify the intensity of your work while balancing your needs. However, the office setup depends on the personal style of the individual. But it becomes crucial that you make the designated area suitable for you to focus and bring on the optimal concentration.

Whether you are a gamer or a professional worker, you need to keep your desk simple-looking with a soft surface. It can eliminate the negative impact while accelerating your productivity. While the distractions and clutters are gone, you can have enough space for your monitor, mechanical keyboard, and other vital elements of your work.

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