Best Desk Sharing Software for Hybrid Workplace
Hybrid Working

Best Desk Sharing Software for Hybrid Workplace

|May 7, 2021

Desk sharing is a common practice in a workplace. It is one of the popular modifications of the hybrid working model, and many offices are implementing this practice to increase productivity and have better per square footage utilization. Desk sharing is an arrangement where a workspace is not fixed to any single employee, but it is shared amongst various employees at their different shift timings.

This allows companies to utilize maximum space and also improve team collaboration in the workplace. Desk sharing also improves hot deking etiquettes, and employees are more responsible for keeping a workspace clean and tidy.

Although desk sharing is a different concept from hot-desking, both of them have some considerable similarities. Many people are still unaware of this new modification of hybrid workforce and often ask what is hot desking? No matter how advanced an office system becomes and wants to implement various new practices such as desk sharing, there is no better way to implement desk sharing without a desk sharing app or a reliable desk booking software.

What is Desk Sharing Software?

A desk sharing software is an automated program that allows an employee to book any work desk from the vicinity of their home or even when they haven't reached the office. For employees who take different shifts with varying timings, desk sharing is a helpful practice. There are many benefits of space sharing for both employees and employers, but the biggest one is cost savings and maximum productivity.

What is Desk Sharing Software?

Desk sharing software allows employees to book their place without wasting any time. Employees can reach their desk as soon as they step in since great software directs them to their required desk immediately. To have a safe implementation of desk sharing in a workplace, every employee must follow a set of rules. These are known as desk-sharing etiquettes.

Desk Sharing Etiquettes

Basic desk sharing etiquettes are as follows.

  • Employees should book their workspaces in advance
  • An employee must clean their workspace after leaving the work station
  • Employees should keep the noise level to a minimum
  • There should be proper sanitation practices to ensure no germ transmission
  • Employees should respect the privacy of other employees
  • Don’t consider a desk as your personal property

What to Look for in a Desk Sharing Software?


A well-equipped desk sharing software is the one that is easy to use as well as keeps all employees updated. There are many features of a great desk booking app and before you launch a desk sharing system in your workspace, make sure you invest in the right kind of software solution.

Employers must take care of the employees when making a big transition in the workplace. Many employees do not like the idea of change, and they might find their corner or chair the best amongst all. After all, who wants to compromise their comfort and sit on a new chair every day? Ensure you invest in the right furniture and purchase comfortable settings from a reliable wholesale office furniture shop.

Easy to Use


A desk sharing software should be easy to use with an interface that has maximum user-friendliness. It should be flexible to work on multiple devices. Employees must be able to use and book the desk from anywhere. They shouldn't have to wait for the system to update so they can learn about vacant seats.

Detailed Review

Employees must be able to view all the important things about a vacant seat. For instance, the connectivity options, the hardware, and software system, the type of desk arrangement, and the guide to the relevant desk. This can be achieved in the form of a mapping system or a few pointers about each workspace.

Detailed Review

Controlled Capacity

One of the greatest advantages of desk sharing software is that it can implement social distancing. Rather than physically separating employees from each other and creating a distance amongst them, you can allow only a certain number of seats to maximize the implementation of SOPs in the workplace.

Controlled Capacity


Often an employee books a workstation only to discover it got occupied by someone else. This could be a glitch in the software system or maybe an incomplete booking process, so confirmation is important for desk sharing software.

The software you choose must send booking confirmation to your inbox in the form of an email or text message. It should also highlight the important details such as desk location, Wi-Fi password, hardware information so that the employee gets to work as soon as they reach the workstation.

Best Desk Sharing Software for Workplace

As the number of organizations implementing desk sharing systems increases, there is a sudden increase in the number of desk sharing software systems for a workplace. As much as a business looks for an all-in-one solution, desk sharing software needs to meet all the special needs of that particular company.

A software system that is ideal for one may not be a great fit for others, and here are some of the best desk sharing software a workplace can use for space utilization to the maximum.


Nexudus is not just a space management software for a workplace. It does much more than that. From making vacant to occupied seats for the employees, scheduling events, payments, newsletters, and many other important workplace duties, this system is a complete solution.



An online portal for administrators and a white-label smartphone interface for participants make up the Optix platform. Booking management, invoicing, member-to-member communications, and service are all features of Optix. Optix now has an optional integration with the Share Desk Marketplace, allowing co-working spaces to advertise, occupy desks, and handle anything from one location.



An automated robot for your workplace, cobot does take up a lot of tasks in your office. It automates the workflow in many ways. You get automatic seat booking and many ways to run the workplace effortlessly. You can get automated billing, invoicing, workplace booking, software integration, and a mobile-optimized desk sharing booking system


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