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How to Get the Best Home Office Setup Under $1,500

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 19, 2021

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Most people dream of getting their home office setup, but their dream remains a dream because a home office setup is pretty expensive. It is not just a desk and a chair. But the home office demands much more than that. But you can get a good home office setup for yourself with as low as $1500 in your pocket. And in the following paragraphs, we will provide complete details of getting the best home office setup under $1500. The details are provided below.

Get the Best Home Office Setup Under $1,500

The world is changing rapidly. People’s perception about almost everything has evolved. One of such major shifts has occurred in people’s work habits. Especially after introducing freelancing and the concept of work from home due to Covid’19 has pushed workers to get a small office setup at their homes. But most of them have a lower budget, making getting a home office set up a little difficult. However, with more affordable products floating into the market, getting the best home office desk setup under $1500 has become possible. And we will tell you how.


sd core

The desk is another essential item in the home office setup under $1500. Moreover, the desk is also an important component of home office design trends. However, desks are a little costly, especially if you are looking for quality. One good option for a desk is a 120CM LINNMON table top with a set of ADILS legs. You can get this desk for just $65. However, suppose you are looking for a comparatively better option. In that case, you can also look for an adjustable standing desk, and the SmartDesk Core by Autonomous makes the best option if you don’t have a limited budget. 



The chair is another important component of a home office set up under $1500. And for chairs, you have thousands of different options. For example, you can buy an ergonomic chair from Chester Chair for just $89. This chair is highly comfortable and easy to work with. Another great yet expensive option is AvoChair. However, budget is a great concern here because it costs around $299. But make sure to search for a few other options too. Get the one with good material and an affordable price.


The computer should be the first thing on your home office setup checklist for getting an inexpensive home office setup. You should get a good, high-quality, yet affordable computer. Remember, you have a low budget which limits your choices for computers. So, select wisely. Few good options for budget-friendly computers are the Acer Swift 113.3” Notebook. You can get this computer for around $549. It has 64 GBs of a limited hard drive capacity. But don’t worry because you can easily attach external hard drives and memory sticks, etc., to improve its memory. Another good option is Lenovo IdeaPad S130. This computer costs around %577, which is comparatively more expensive than the above-mentioned Acer computer. However, Lenovo’s computer has more storage than Acer. Along with these computers, you can also explore a few other options.



The laptop is small, easy to carry, and highly convenient to use. However, for office work, you need more than just a laptop in your home office setup under $1500. A good monitor can help in this regard because a larger screen display will make working easier while improving your productivity. You can get a Philips 27” FHD IPS Monitor that costs around $248, but if you want a cheaper option, then Philips 20.7” LED Monitor will also work great. Plus, it only costs $98, which is much cheaper than the other options.


Most people put the printer on the options list. But it is one of the most important home office essentials. Moreover, it costs lower than most other home office items, which helps you get a good home office within budget. You have a lot of options for printers. For instance, HP Envy Colour Inkjet MFC Printer costs just $68, Epson Expression Home MFC Printer costs $77, and the Canon PIXMA Home Wireless Inkjet MFC Printer costs $78.

Power Management

power outlet

Ensuring a good power management system for your home office on a budget is highly important. That’s because all of your wires and cables will be connected to them. One good option for power management is the Belkin 8 Outlet power board. This powder board also has two USB ports. You can use these ports to attach your phones, etc., directly. It cost around $70. Another good option for a power outlet is Desk Clamp Power Outlet. This powerboard by Autonomous costs $69. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty.  



You should also get storage items for your home office setup under $1500. Good storage helps you to keep your files and other items safely. In addition, keeping all files in a single place will enable you to save your time and find them easily whenever needed. You can get an Autonomous filing cabinet for yourself if you have enough money remaining from your $1500 budget. If not, then you can move to a cheaper option and get Otto Landscape 2 Drawer Cabinets. Each of them costs around $25, and you can get as many of them as you want. Another option is Otto Document Trays in Gloss White that costs $6 each. You can store your papers and other important documents here.

Getting a home office setup under $1500 is not a difficult thing. However, you have to plan and search well to get good products at a cheaper price.

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