Best Modern Standing Desk for Office in 2024
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Best Modern Standing Desk for Office in 2024

|May 14, 2021

Modern furniture is the need of modern offices, and unlike traditional modes of working where people used to affect their postures with basic chairs, several types of research now prove the importance of having comfortable furniture in the workplace. From modern standing desks to stylish ergonomic chairs, many manufacturers are now making high-quality office furniture that takes away extra physical stress and gives the employees a smooth working experience.

If you are looking for a new design standing desk and modern adjustable height desk for your workplace, then you have come to the right place. With the help of a perfect office standing desk, you can give your employees a place to work and improve their productivity. They will be thankful to you for the de-stress and simple meditative exercises they can do against the modern stand up desk.

What is a Modern Standing Desk?

A modern standing desk, also known as a standup desk, is a simple piece of modern office furniture that helps you work peacefully while you stand. A modern standing desk has legs that can be increased or reduced in height to match the person's level using it. By adjusting the height, users can relax the tension in their muscles and even retain their posture while working.

What is a Modern Standing Desk?

The new design standing desk eliminates the need to recline to bend close to see the screen. It takes off the unnecessary strain from your shoulders, neck, back, and hips. It increases the blood flow to the body and is proven to be a great product for improved efficiency and reduction in weight gain. Many modern workplaces are now using modern adjustable height desks to provide flexibility to the employees.

Benefits of a Modern Stand up Desk

A standing desk beats your inactivity in the workplace. However, this seems like a big promise to make, but a home office standing desk is one of the most popular products in the quarantine routine. For people who are unable to adjust to the changes in the work dynamics, the new design standing desk has been a great help.

Although you might think that sitting and working is the only way not to get tired at work, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Sitting long hours before your desktop increases the risk of heart diseases, enhances the chances of obesity, and gives rise to neck and shoulder pain. All the tension retained in your shoulder and arms is the reason you find it hard to get up and do even the tiniest of tasks each day.

Your chair that makes a creaking sound and goes back when you lean against it is not helping you relax, but it ruins your posture in the long run. Many people develop long-term back aches because of improper seating in the workplace.

A modern standing desk solves your issue so that you can adjust the height of the desk according to your height. While you can stay on your feet, your computer reaches your comfort level, and you can work as long as you want without even straining your shoulders.

And once you are tired, you can lower the desk or even get a chair to sit on for a while. A modern adjustable height desk offers you flexibility in the workplace; whether you want to work standing up or sitting down, you can change your posture every few hours. There are many proven benefits of a standing desk.

Lowered Risk of Weight Gain

We all know someone who is conscious about their weight. Having to sit for hours in the same posture is a nightmare for such people. And if you are not that stressed or anxious about gaining weight while you sit for hours on a chair, then you should think again. Sitting for long hours is one of the major reasons for obesity in people all over the world.

Lowered Risk of Weight Gain

If you cannot work out or even move around to create a calorie deficit in your body, then soon, you will be breaking records on the weighing scale and stressing your mind to the max. And who needs that kind of stress at work? While sitting is an unhealthy way to treat your body, standing for the same time duration can burn more than 170 calories.

Controlled Blood Sugar Levels

It is likely for your blood sugar level to increase after you have a meal. And sitting straight after a lunch break is where the problem arises. Moreover, who doesn't snack while working? Our brain needs energy, but do we dare to think about healthy options? No, snacking at work is common and is also one of the major reasons your blood sugar level increases beyond measure.

The risk of high blood sugar is very detrimental to health. Not only will you develop long-term diabetes, but it can also disrupt your metabolism to the point that you become insulin-dependent.  Working with a contemporary standing desk helps you burn extra 43% calories.

Improved Heart Health

Improved Heart Health

According to studies, even if you compensate a day of sitting with an hour of exercise, it wouldn't be enough to reverse all the risk. Sitting for a prolonged period is extremely harmful to health, and this also makes your heart weaker. While you stand, your heart is more efficient and pumps proper blood to the entire body instead of sitting, where your chances of developing heart disease increase by 140%.

Reduced Back Pain

Reduced Back Pain

Now we are talking, according to back pain facts and statistics, almost 50% of the employees suffer from back pain, and an alarming figure of 80% is estimated to develop back pain at some point in life. This couldn't be all hereditary; back pain is one of the major reasons for frustration in employees. Though it seems to develop slowly, soon, you will be taking painkillers and looking for the best physiotherapist in town to help you with the backache.

But what's the use if you are not addressing the cause? Working with a modern standing desk takes off the excessive load and pressure from your back. At the same time, people who have used modern standing desks have reported a decrease in their back pain within a few weeks of use.

Increased Energy Levels

Increased Energy Levels

Sedentary time (energy spent less than 1.5 metabolic equivalents) is one of the major reasons for depression and anxiety in human beings. And since a sitting position uses no to minimum energy, you cannot just stand all day and not feel better. As mentioned before, standing burns extra calories compared to sitting; thus, people working with a new design standing desk experienced a great increase in their mood and improved efficiency.

Standing Desk Exercise

That is yet another great thing a modern adjustable height desk helps you achieve. You can meditate, relax and even do several exercises against a standing desk. A few pushups and calf raises can make your body feel active for the next few hours of a shift. And who doesn't want to get rid of bloating and acidity due to immediate sitting after a heavy lunch? A new design standing desk helps you achieve that too.

Why is Modern Standing Desk better than Normal Office Desk?

Sit vs stand is a common debate with the advent of a modern standing desk in the workplace. Not many people are comfortable with giving up their chairs only to stand all day. But with all the benefits offered by a contemporary standing desk, there is no way you should let this opportunity pass.

Why is Modern Standing Desk better than Normal Office Desk?

The real reason why modern adjustable height desks are better than normal office desks is that they don't take away your freedom. You can work while standing and even sitting. They just let you change your posture as you please. The adjustable height makes flexibility easier in a workplace. It encourages employees to schedule sit-stand sessions for their productive workday. 

As much as a modern stand up desk is beneficial for employees, it also benefits the organization. Employees are reported to show great productivity when working on a modern standing desk instead of conventional work desks. When it comes to choosing the best standing desk for your workplace, luckily, there are many options in the market.

What are the Best Modern Standing Desks in 2022?

A great contemporary standing desk has an easy-to-use adjustable height system and great support for work. It should be strong enough to hold the weight and must not get stuck while adjusting the height. Although there are many other desired qualities in a smart desk, the top picks for 2022 offer promising features in a smart desk.

1. SmartDesk Core

Smart Desk Core

SmartDesk Core is a great choice for moderate to heavy-duty office work. It has an entire metal body and a strong frame that does not wobble nor lose strength over time. It comes with a dual-lifting motor which makes height adjustment easy and hassle-free. This smart desk won't take much time adjusting the height, and you will enjoy working with it.

2. SmartDesk Pro

Smart Desk Pro

It is an ideal modern stand up desk for both your home and office. If you are looking for a reliable option to set up your home office, this SmartDesk Pro is one of the best choices. It has a powerful and sturdy motorized system that helps lower and increases the height of the desk. The strong build makes it easy to place anywhere you want, and those strong pushups won't even damage the structure in any way.

3. SmartDesk Corner

Smart Desk Corner

Who doesn't love corner spaces? We all do, and with this SmartDesk Corner, you are going to love working in the corner even more. This desk leans strongly against the corner walls and fits right where you want it to be. Its strong structure can allow multiple employees to work at once, and the noise-free gliding system makes adjusting the height easy and noiseless.

4. SmartDesk Core Duo

Smart Desk Core Duo

This contemporary standing desk not only offers a great working space but is great for private working space. Named as the SmartDesk Core Duo, this desk offers two employees to work at once at both different ends. Both ends can be adjusted accordingly, and no one can peek into your work. This desk is an ideal choice for those anxious workers who don't like someone keeping a tab on them. Also, it is a great pick for confined and tiny workspaces.

How to Choose the Best Modern Standing Desk?

Whether your office is calling you back to work from the workplace or you are still working from home, a modern standing desk is a choice that every employee should consider. With many health benefits and an increased rate of metabolism, a smart and modern adjustable height desk looks smart and helps you become more active. Though the selection for the right product could be overwhelming for some, here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect smart desk for you.

Type of Motor

Type of Motor

The type of motor in your contemporary standing desk governs the adjustable system. a dual motorized desk is quick in height adjustment and can also hold a greater weight. Although a single motor standing desk is no less in quality, there is a certain limitation to capacity and speed. As far as price is concerned a single motor modern standing desk is lighter on your pocket.

Strong Frame

Strong Frame

Before you get all attracted to the looks and aesthetics of your contemporary standing desk, consider the frame as the essential part of the work desk. Keep in mind that a standing desk should be able to accommodate all of your files and devices at any height. A desk that wobbles uncontrollably has a shaky frame which could trigger headaches in the future. If you have to think about your belongings slipping off the modern stand up desk, you may be hesitant to change positions.


After you are all set on robustness and strength, there is no harm in going for the looks. After all, the choice of color, frame, and design will affect the entire look of your workspace. Thanks to many options, you can get a smart standing desk in many colors and even designs.



You cannot just make every employee jump each time you are adjusting the height. Soon people will be filing complaints against your favorite office standing desk. You should seek out a desk that moves silently. The noise level should ideally be less than 50 decibels. This type of movement is known as slow because it sounds like something you'd hear in a silent library.

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