Best Morning Stretch Routine for Beginners to Try
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Best Morning Stretch Routine for Beginners to Try

|Jul 13, 2022

Stretching exercises can increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of injury. It might raise awareness as well. However, little study has directly addressed the advantages of stretching early in the morning. However, anecdotal evidence shows that it also may lessen discomfort, relax muscular tension, and improve mood.

Stretching may especially aid in preventing musculoskeletal problems associated with the workplace, according to the authors of an earlier analysis from 2008. A herniated disc and carpal tunnel syndrome are typical instances of these problems. According to the research, following a morning stretch routine may be useful in reducing the negative consequences of a computer-heavy day.

List of the Best Morning Stretches for You to Try

You might feel more energized for the day by following a morning stretch routine for flexibility in your usual morning routine. This might imply that you can put off getting a coffee till later in the morning since you may need it the most. You may feel more confident starting the day as a result.

If you wish to hold the positions for a few extra breaths or cycle the entire sequence a few times, this exercise may take approximately fifteen minutes. It may significantly alter how both your mind and body begin the day. Here are some of the best morning stretch routines you should try. These range from standing stretches to several office chair stretches and desk ab workouts:

Snake stretch

Your wrists should be straight under your shoulders when lying on your belly. While maintaining your hips and pelvis on the bed, curl your elbows at your waist and slowly elevate your chest and head. Raising your stomach off the bed will allow you to go even further if it seems comfortable. Do not forget to loosen your shoulders and your neck after 15 to 20 seconds of holding the stretch. Slowly lower yourself down once you're ready.

Snake stretch morning stretch routine


While lying on your back, pull one knee to your breast and keep it with your forearms. Your tailbone would feel well stretched. You may also perform this exercise by simultaneously folding both knees if it seems appropriate.

Spinal flexion

Lift one knee on your back and then carefully turn it to the other side. Ensure that your shoulders are always in touch with the mattress. Stretch one forearm towards the side, maintaining it parallel to your shoulders, and gently move your head slightly at your extended arm if it seems comfy. Your higher body's sides, as well as your lower spine, should feel stretched. Deeply inhale, then repeat on the other side.

Spinal flexion morning stretch routine

Stretching the top back

Put your feet on the ground and sit on the end of your mattress. Stretch forward while bowing from your center back, hands interlocked. Reach forward with your forearms at shoulder height. The space among your shoulders should feel stretched.

Neck extension

Your left ears should now be softly moved nearer your left shoulder with the aid of your left arm as you rest your shoulders. Stretching should only go as far as is convenient. Pause for 15 to 20 seconds, then carefully switch to the opposite side.

Neck extension morning stretch routine

Shoulder extension

Stretch throughout your body with one arm while releasing your neck and shoulders back and down. Utilize the other arm to intensify the stretch slowly. After holding for 20 to 30 seconds, switch towards the other side.

Side extension

Holding hands over your head, stand with your heels hip-width wide. Feel the intense stretch down the sides of the body as you gradually bend your body to one direction. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds, then switch to the opposite side.

Leg stretch while standing

If you need to do seated stretches, hang on to a seat or the wall while you stand upright. Maintain hip distance between your feet. Using your left hand, stretch back and seize your left foot. Keep your left leg aligned to your hips and thigh muscles. Experience the flexibility in your pelvis and left thigh. Continue by using your right leg.

Leg stretch while standing

Hamstring extension

Standing straight, softly flex one knee as if you were going to sit down. Put the opposing leg straight before you, pointing your toes upward. To experience a great standing lower back stretch all along the back of your extended leg, and bend forward towards the hips. Pause for 10 to 15 seconds, then switch to another leg.

Leg extension

This is a quick morning stretch routine. You must step back on one leg and then simply press your heels towards the floor while supporting yourself with your palms on a wall. You should feel a good stretch down the back of your thigh. Continue for 10 to 15 seconds, then switch to the other leg.

Building good habits

Here is Why Stretching in the Morning is Important for You

Have you ever considered following a full-body morning stretch routine to start your day? If not, try adding stretching exercises to your daily schedule for the following reasons.

  • Enhances Your Accessibility and Posture: According to research, stretching might improve your body posture, particularly in the shoulders. So, how does this serve? A daily morning stretch routine enables your muscles to unwind before you begin your day. Your muscles will be less tense, and you'll be less likely to tense up and adopt poor posture. Additionally, exercising in the morning helps increase mobility.
  • Boosts Your Day's Mood: Do you feel groggy and worn out when you awaken? Or do you find it difficult to stay energized during the day? If so, exercising early could be beneficial. Stretching is a gentle exercise, and moving your body is a powerful technique to increase your energy. And scientists concur that there is no superior kind of movement.
  • Get Your Brain and Body Moving: Your mind and body are resting while sleeping. Your body needs some time to awaken properly, which is why you could occasionally feel lethargic in the morning. Stretching increases the circulation of the blood toward the rest of the body. Even the respiratory system can get some long-term advantages from it. Practicing attentive breathing will increase the effectiveness of this advantage by oxygenating your blood.

Make sure you follow a nice morning stretch routine using the proper desk exercise equipment or home gym equipment. If you want to purchase some gym equipment, head to the Autonomous website.

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