Best Office Balcony Ideas for Home Workroom
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Best Office Balcony Ideas for Home Workroom

|Dec 12, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all of us have shifted to the new normal. For this reason, we are all trying to discover new niches in our homes where we can enhance our productivity. In our opinion, an office balcony is the best space for that. You can keep your office desks and chairs with some plants and voila! You have a space for your office.

Best office balcony ideas for home workroom

If you want to work in peace, then nothing is better than an office balcony. It will enable you to work in tranquility among the calmness of nature. Below we have listed some ideas to decorate your balcony as your office.

1. Cover up your open balcony

Most balconies are open to the sky. If you want to create an office balcony, you need to make an enclosure around it. You have to design it in such a way that allows plenty of sunlight to come in. In addition, it will protect your office balcony from direct sunlight or rain.

In case you desire a modern look for your outdoor office balcony. Even plants can thrive in the sunlight. They will give a great look to your balcony office.

Best office balcony ideas for home workroom

2. Opt for a horizontal setup

If you have a narrow balcony, you can cover the area horizontally. This reduces the backsplash of rain and lowers the surrounding temperature. Therefore, you will be able to keep a home standing desk over there to work in a comfortable manner.

You can add awnings as they are quite budget-friendly. They cost about a hundred to three hundred bucks depending on whether they are retractable or fixed. In addition, they are of different colors, designs and easy to maintain.

3. Balance the glare and light

For your balcony home office, you have to enclose it entirely with some outdoor blinds. You can also choose faux wood or wooden Venetian blinds, transparent blinds, or louvered shutters. Most of them are long-lasting and sturdy, suitable for different types of weather, including hail, rain, and winter.

These blinds and curtains have a great design that is perfect for people who have different tastes. It is better to go for sheer options, but blinds also offer a formal look for your office.

Balance the glare and light

4. Small balconies

When it comes to small balconies, you have to select your office balcony design accordingly. A small balcony will require a small office for which you will have to pick the right furniture. You can utilize your small balcony space by opting for vertical designs.

In a narrow office balcony, you can keep an ergonomic chair. You can further add cool stools and a coffee table. Therefore, when you feel tired, you can have a space to relax.

5. Have different lights

This is one of the best office balcony ideas. You can have different lightings for your workspace. They can be both indirect and direct. The advantage of having these lights is that they will not tire your eyes when they stare at one light source.

A bright, illuminated space mixes diffused and direct light sources that reduce eye strain. The balcony setting must have a hanging light that offers surrounding light in addition to spotlighting. For the desks, you can keep table lamps that are easy for installation.

Have different lights

6. Allow air

In tropical countries, daytimes can be extremely hot. This is why proper ventilation will be important for spaces like terraces and balconies. It will enable you to create an office from where you can work from your home.

You can keep a ceiling fan. In addition, you can also add blinds and louvers that help the breeze to come in and have good ventilation. Moreover, it will not allow the circulation of hot air.

7. Choosing the right furniture

For choosing the right furniture, you can select office chairs that are ergonomic. If you want to allow plenty of light to come into your office, you opt for materials that are weatherproof. This includes teak and outdoor resin.

Coating the teak with an outdoor polish once every two to three years, depending on where you live, will be helpful. For your outdoor fabric office accessories, you have to go for vinyl canvas or heavy nylon fabric.

Choosing the right furniture

8. Installing storage

As discussed earlier, balconies have vertical space. You can make the best use out of that for storage purposes. For instance, you can spruce the wall up with some tiles or outdoor wallpaper. This will enhance your outdoor environment.

You can keep some shelves above your desk. For the rest of the accessories, you can make some storage space in the drawers. In your drawers, you can store items like your laptop and other work items.

9. A sheltered space

You can use the balcony attached to your master bedroom and convert it into a workspace. This is where you can multitask. For example, you can attend to work calls as well as enjoy the surrounding environment.

A sheltered space

10. Intimate settings

You can make your office balcony intimate with a large number of things. Like, you can add soft lighting that is not too harsh. Similarly, adding a round table instead of a desk can make it look more intimate.


An office balcony will give you your ideal workspace to work in. You can experiment with different ideas so that it becomes more comfortable to work in. In general, working can be stressful, so trying ideas that soothe your mood and enhance your workspace will be worth it.

An office balcony will give you your ideal workspace to work in

The best thing that you can do is to focus on the ventilation and lighting first. These two things can make or break your office. Moreover, your office must feel like an intimate space where you can de-stress.

You can add curtains and blinds so that as to let the cool breeze in. In addition, some bright lighting will make all the difference

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