Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces (Full Guide)
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Best Office Furniture for Small Spaces (Full Guide)

|Jul 25, 2021

Not all types of furniture are ideal for offices with small spaces. Thus, if your office is small, you have to be strategic about the chairs, desks, and other furniture objects you buy. Apart from the fact that your office furniture must be a perfect fit, they must also provide the needed comfort for enhanced efficiency; for this reason, opting for several pieces of ergonomic office furniture is crucial and remains the best option to consider when shopping for office furniture for small spaces.

This write-up centers on intimating you with the best types of furniture you can have in your small office space. It considers important criteria such as functionality, space management, physical appeal, cost implication and ergonomic benefits.

Modern and Small Office Furniture for You

Here is a compilation of office furniture you can blend into your small modern office design:

1. SmartDesk Core

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is a perfect option for a small office space. This standing desk for a small space is versatile for all kinds of desk activities. It comes in different designs, from the normal stand desks to the L-shaped designs. It features an electrical component that makes it possible to adjust it from sitting to standing position when you begin to feel pain or discomfort in your back after working for too long. Suffice to say, it considers your ergonomic needs by helping you work comfortably for longer periods – no back pain, no muscle spasm, nothing at all.

office furniture for small spaces

Additionally, the SmartDesk Core gives your office a beautiful appeal as it's nicely-designed to add a decorative touch to any place it’s stationed. There's also enough room for it to accommodate as many gadgets as possible; its sturdiness makes this possible. What is fascinating about the Autonomous SmartDesk is that it's quite affordable. With just a few dollar bucks, you can cart it home. There are ergonomic desks for home too, for remote and hybrid workers. It’s the missing puzzle you need to optimize your home workstation for maximum efficiency. 

2. ErgoChair

If you’re looking to have a modern office for a small space, the Autonomous ErgoChair must be part of your furniture. This chair as the best office chair for back pain provides the flexibility and comfort you need when working either for long or short hours. One amazing characteristic that makes ErgoChair worth every dime is the ergonomic benefit it provides to its user. Know where it got its name from now? It’s ergo, for ergonomic.

office furniture for small spaces

This chair adds an aesthetic touch to your workstation and your small office. It makes the whole place look compact and prepped for quality work. It’s indeed an exciting experience working without having to bother about back pains, fatigue, and all other bodily setbacks. Ergonomic chair back support is real, and it's advisable you get an ErgoChair from Autonomous to start enjoying all its benefits in your small office.

3. Filing cabinets

Although most people have tried to eliminate paperwork by using digital files, computing software, there might still be a need to store one or two files. Thus, having a compact file cabinet is not a bad idea for your small office space as it provides portable storage. It's a piece of furniture you need to keep maintaining your small office's cleanliness as stocking files on your work desk can make the whole place look disorderly.

office furniture for small spaces

4. Autonomous Ergostool

Ergostool uses less space and is less expensive than ErgoChair. Thus, it's a good option for a small office. This modern office executive chair provides excellent ergonomic perks and also helps to improve your body posture. You can have this around to complement your ErgoChair. It's a versatile sit-stand chair useful for work and exercise too. The Ergostool is also perfect for a hybrid work arrangement. It’s good for hybrid workers who come to the office on a rotational basis.

office furniture for small spaces

5. Printer Cart

Where do you put your scanner, printer, and other office hardware in a small office? This question can be a serious concern when the office space is small, especially if you need these hardware devices to work every time. Placing them on your work desk is a wrong idea – it's a no-no!

Opt for a printer cart instead, preferably the wheeled types. It can easily hold your printer, scanner, and every other hardware you work with. It's a must-have piece of furniture to avoid office clutter.

6. Multi-purpose shelf

Space management is a crucial factor to consider when you have a small office. That’s why you need a multi-purpose shelf to hold one or two things for you. Its vertical storage can provide more than enough space for you. You can use this space as a bookshelf, to hold an antique decorative object or do whatever pleases you (after all, it's nobody's office but yours). You may opt for the hanging types as they are more space efficient. A good alternative to the multi-purpose shelf is the utility cart. It performs the same function as the multi-purpose shelf, only that it comes with a wheel. You can push it around easily, thus, changing its position as you deem fit.

office furniture for small spaces

7. Multi-layered wood workstation

If you are into studio production, computer programming, or work with several gadgets at once, a multi-layered wood workstation is a good fit for your small office. It features a multi-level design that gives you more space to work. With this, your workstation can be optimized for quality productivity and efficient space management.

office furniture for small spaces

Wrap Up

Having a small office is not a big deal at all. What can be the issue is not knowing what efficient small space office designs to put in place. The answer you need to make your small office work is going for the best furniture. We have highlighted some furniture we consider are of immense value to your small office. We hope you find them useful.

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