Bakersfield Furniture Store: Buying Guide and Top Picks
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Bakersfield Furniture Store: Buying Guide and Top Picks

|Aug 20, 2023

Bakersfield has some furniture stores that offer top-quality furniture items for home and corporate offices. These stores are of different types – outlets, used furniture stores, and online stores.

Following are the top 10 stores you will find in Bakersfield. Read on to find out all you need to know about them!

The Best Office Furniture Stores in Bakersfield


With an extensive selection of top-quality, ergonomic, and stylish office furniture in Bakersfield, Autonomous stands as a clear leader in meeting the diverse needs of professionals in the area. From sleek standing desks designed for maximum productivity to comfortable ergonomic chairs that ensure comfort during long work hours, Autonomous offers the perfect balance of form and function.

Autonomous furniture store in bakersfield

iHome Furniture

iHome furniture ensures quality and affordability. As the name suggests, the store is more inclined towards home office furniture than corporate office solutions. However, you will find all the goods you need for your home office available at the store, including bookcases, desks, office chairs, filing and storage, and utility sets.

EL Capitan Furniture

El Capitan is all about modern style and colors. This furniture store in Bakersfield, CA has a full range of office furniture items such as desks, chairs, and file cabinets. They also offer a separate category of products for the home office, which has different sets of products with similar colors and designs. However, it is not necessary for you to order all of them together.

Hyoffice Furniture

Hyoffice Furniture is a one-stop-shop solution for all your office furniture needs. The store offers a variety of products, such as cubicles, filing cabinets, tables, seatings, desks, and workstations. There are virtual showrooms available on their site, where you can see all how their products fit perfectly in many office setups.

Hyoffice Furniture

Furniture City

This is one of the best furniture stores in Bakersfield, CA. Furniture City is where you will find classic furniture items for your office. Most of the products listed on their website are old-style, but the durability of their products is incomparable. However, if you look at the accessories section, you will find some amazing wall arts and décor that compensate well for the old-style furniture.

Atlanta Office Furniture

Atlanta office furniture in Bakersfield is quite popular for its high-quality used furniture. The store really cares for the ones building their office on a very tight budget. For that reason, Atlanta has also set up a separate section called "The Budget Store" on their website. Here, you will find standard but quality furniture at a very competitive cost. One major benefit of buying from this store is that you can sell your old furniture at a good price to them as well.

Atlanta Office Furniture

Woodlands Furniture

Woodland’s Furniture has the finest wood furniture in California. The outlet showcases a variety of products for both home and corporate offices. The home office section has 13 different products, such as bookcases, shelves, and desks. 

Sustainable Office Systems

Sustainable office systems have been serving offices for the past 8 years. You can find furniture for both private and public office environments. The modern yet simple style of the cubicles listed at the store are its star products. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about spacing and installation of the furniture as it will be done by the store expert as well.

Ashley’s Furniture Systems

Ashley's Furniture is a brand that offers the highest quality products in California. This store in Bakersfield is expert in manufacturing branded office furniture in Bakersfield that is sold all across California. Their furniture collection includes products called Bayflynn, Janismore, Beckincreek, and Lazabon. All these collections follow a certain set of designs that you won't find with any other name. Some renowned office furniture online and offline stores also sell these products under the similar names as mentioned above.

Ashley’s Furniture Systems


Urners sells 522 different variants of desks, which include executive and standard office ones. They also sell from different manufacturers such as Ashley and home styles. This allows you to find a variety of different products from various brands at the same store without much difference in the overall prices.

One-Stop Shop Solution for Office Furniture

To get everything in one place, order your furniture at an Autonomous online office furniture store. The store offers some of the most durable and affordable chairs and desks, named as ErgoChair and SmartDesks. If we look at the Ergo Chairs variants, there are five different products to choose from – ErgoChair Pro, ErgoChair Core, ErgoChair Plus, and ErgoStool. On the other hand, SmartDesks has seven different products such as SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Pro, SmartDesk Corner, SmartDesk Connect, SmartDesk Chunky Oak, and SmartDesk Frame.

You can also buy some highly demanded office supplies in Bakersfield from the Autonomous store as well. Some of the most common supplies required for every office space include

  • Monitor arms
  • Keyboards
  • Monitor Stands
  • Wall Mounts
  • Computer mouse
  • CPU holders
  • Desk Lamps
  • Footrests
  • Stationary
  • Desk pads

Autonomous bulk order

Autonomous Bulk Order Program

The Autonomous Bulk Order Program is a great way to buy all your office furniture items in bulk, allowing you to get a special discount on every item ordered in quantity. Ordering more units will allow you to get more discounts on each individual product. This also ensures that you never run out of stock, so time is saved, and the extra discount makes it absolutely worth it.

Autonomous Referral Program

Autonomous Referral Program is a great way to earn extra rewards. All you need to do is ask your friend to use your code and buy products in bulk from the website. Once your friend purchases something in bulk using your referral code, you will unlock reward tiers consisting of free office chairs and standing desks. Moreover, the friend using your referral code will also get a special discount on his/her order.

Autonomous Office Design Service

The Autonomous Office Design Service is absolutely free. This free workspace consultation service allows you to get a good idea of which products would fit right in with the space available at your office. The expert from Autonomous will take all the stress away from you by suggesting the right products which you can order in bulk to save time and cost.

SmartDesk One offer