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Best Office Layout For Productivity That Will Truly Work
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Best Office Layout For Productivity That Will Truly Work

|Mar 31, 2021

The most important goal for any organization is to hike up their productivity levels to get closer to their overall goals. Businesses spend a lot of money on designing their offices for the same reason.

You can incorporate many ideas into your office interior design that does not require a lot of hassle. We have handcrafted a list of suggestions to increase your overall productivity if they are implemented correctly. You can know how to design productive office space with our advice below. You can opt for all the things that resonate with your vibe to attain and then evaluate the enhanced results. Here is a look at them.

1. Mental Layout

One of the most common blunders that every business commits are putting all their resources and attention towards creating the best physical workplace. They tend to ignore the importance of creating the perfect work environment mentally.

You should avoid this situation by constantly motivating your teams and making them feel like an imperative part of the team. You must continuously reiterate the company's mission and vision so that these core values can be imprinted flawlessly in all stakeholders' minds.

Another important thing for the best office layout for productivity that you must keep in mind is not to overdo the physical layout. If you install many elements, they might end up distracting the employees and, in turn, defeating their purpose.

Mental Layout

2. Lighting Is The Key

The arrangements for a good source of lighting are quintessential to a positive working environment. Light plays a significant role in the best office layout for productivity, it  helps channel people's energy towards the right thing and ensures that they never run out of life.

It will act as a catalyst for your employees to take naps if you have dull and dim lighting. A bright light, on the other hand, will constantly keep them on their toes. You must try to get as much natural light as possible for the best office setup for productivity. It is free and is also the best source possible.

Lighting Is The Key

3. Revamping The Ceilings

If you are on the verge of a physical overhaul, you can consider raising your ceiling higher than the usual height. Many studies have hinted towards the conclusion that higher ceilings provide a better space to ideate and create. However, this should only be done when a renovation program is being implemented so that you do not lose out on working days.

Ten feet and higher is the current standard that has been showing promising results.

4. Painting The Walls

Although it might not seem like it, color plays a significant role in the productivity of the team. Color boosts your moods and enhances your productivity. It is one part of the best office layout for productivity. There are different colors that are attributed to different emotions and jobs, and therefore, it is necessary to incorporate these elements while revamping your workspace. White is one of the worst colors that you can have on your walls.

Contrary to popular belief, white does not help with the motivation of the team. Just like white, yellow is also one of the colors that you should avoid while thinking of colors that should go on the wall. You can use one color for minimalist office design.

There are many studies that highlight the presence of green and blue colors. There are many detailed guides available that can help you to opt for a suitable color scheme.

Painting The Walls

5. Getting The Noise In Control

Since a workspace comprises a lot of people, there is no way that can help you to eliminate the excessive sound completely. Noise has a dramatic effect on the productivity of the team. It can distract you from your current job and will make it very difficult for you to pinpoint your attention towards one particular task.

In such cases, you should go for masking the workspace to make a productive office layout so that noises can be contained in their designated spots. If you cannot soundproof the entire station, you can create rooms in modern office design for brainstorming or provide noise canceling headphones to your team. Once your employees get a silent atmosphere, you will only see salient updates in their work.

6. Placing Plants

Having a little bit of nature involved in your day-to-day proceedings will only have a positive effect on your routine. The presence of office plants in a productive office layout will mean fresher air, minimized stress, and even reduced noise.

It is a healthy practice to have small plants at your workstation so that the employees can have a minute of solace on an eventful day. There are a plethora of options available for office plants if you are ready to take up the small responsibility of watering them.

Placing Plants

7. Promoting Art

Art has been identified to have a direct connection with the productivity levels of the team. The presence of good art in your ergonomic office design will motivate the employees to perform better. This phenomenon is one of the reasons why big conglomerates have started to take their employees' skills seriously.

By displaying the art in the best office layout for productivity, they are motivating everyone to add to the organization. It also pumps up the employees who have put in strenuous efforts to create it.

Promoting Art

8. Seating Layout

The way people sit inside the workspace is imperative to a healthy team. The seating scheme should be very accommodating so that everyone can feel equal. There should be no distinctive specialized seating because it can cause turmoil in the motivation levels of the entire organization.

If your company’s work requires your employees to sit and focus, it is your duty to ensure that your employees are getting up once in a while. A regular stroll will help them to restore their attention so that they can focus better.

You can also decide on the elements that you want to keep close to the general bullpen. It requires significant thought and reason, and therefore you must have something concrete in mind before you start rearranging the seats.

You should purchase office furniture bulk orders for your most productive office space. It’s better for you to invest in an ergonomic office chair and adjustable standing desk to protect employees’ health and boost their work performance. 

Seating Layout

Final Words

All the things that we have mentioned about the most productive office space above might seem very small but have a gigantic effect on the overall goals of the organization. It would be best if you gave them your due share of attention so that they do not become a roadblock soon.

You can opt for any of the suggestions according to the need of your organization. To more profits and increased productivity!

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