Best Office Phone Booth Pods for Your Flexible Office
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Best Office Phone Booth Pods for Your Flexible Office

|Oct 15, 2022

While working from home, the need for privacy has been the biggest challenge remote workers had to overcome during this routine. From requiring quiet to take work calls smoothly to needing the right focus to crunch those tough numbers, a place without distraction is important to achieve the desired efficiency level. Hence many people suffered from depression and stress when they couldn't complete the simplest of tasks due to the noise around them.

Though there are many solutions to get a private corner to set up a home office, not all of us are blessed with the same level of quiet and space in our home. Hence for remote workers in this for the longer term, an office phone booth is the best solution. Yes, a work pod is real and has been in use for a while now.

The Best Office Privacy Phone Booth for Remote Workers

Whether it's a home office setup, an outdoor office shed or desiring quiet right in between a busy office space; a room phone booth furniture can be kept anywhere and used for any purpose. This article will cover some of the best wooden pods for gardens and offices that you can find.

1. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous is a store with a full range of ergonomic solutions for office workers and remote workers. The Autonomous WorkPod is a soundproof home office pod for maximum productivity. It is made in a tiny compact shape to be placed even in the tiniest of rooms, and the slope top ensures the pod withstands all weather conditions.

Another great thing about this pod is the front glass exterior, so you can easily use it as a backyard office pod and enjoy the proximity to nature while working. When it comes to Autonomous work pods, you can get the option to buy a furnished office phone booth and an empty one and decorate it as you need.

Dimension103”W x 142.5”L x 92” - 125.5”H
MaterialFrame: Composite wood - Housewrap - Plywood - Honeycomb paper - Wooden frame - Plywood
Basement: Steel, M300 cement
IncludeSmartDesk Pro, ErgoChair Plus, Cable tray, Filing Cabinet, Dual Monitor Arm, Anti-fatigue Mat
Minimum wattage100W
Weight capacity2.9 tons
ColorBlack, White
Warranty1 year

2. Thinktanks Personal Booth

Thinktanks design some of the best office phone booths and pods. Their 1-person booth is one of a kind. The 1-person office phone booth is thoughtfully designed to provide office workers with a space where they can brainstorm and think about various niches productively. People who are looking for complete privacy in a busy office space can consider this office booth.

This single-person room phone booth is equipped with a small floating desk and chair. If we talk about the facilities that are included in this little private workspace, the company has done justice in providing you with all that you need in a private brainstorming corner.

From a ventilation fan to lighting and from an adequate power supply outlet to soundproof glass design, you get everything for just $6,495, which is quite a good deal. Overall, this soundproof phone booth is designed to offer you a corner where you can focus on your tasks better.

DimensionExternal size: 40"W x 37"D x 91"H
Internal size: 33"W x 35"D x 84"H
Product weightGross weight: 279kg
Net weight: 235kg
Power supply100-240V/50 - 60HZ
Natural lighting system4000K/421LM
ColorBlack, White
IncludeMotion sensor and switch control
Multiple region electric sockets
Emergency safety hammer
Furniture as shown in pictures
Warranty3 years

3. 4 Person Pod from Thinktanks

Sometimes we need an enclosed private space to make certain official dealings, while there are some instances when a small team of three to four people must distractedly brainstorm on an important task. In such cases, the 4-person pod from Thinktanks will be a great choice.

Like the other office phone booths and pods, Thinktanks have launched this office pod with basic office furniture as well. In addition, the pod is equipped with all the basic facilities, such as soundproofing, LED lighting, a ventilation fan, USB ports, and a power supply. You may even use this as a backyard office pod and set up your home office here.

Dimension87"W x 61"D x 91"H
Product weight860 lbs
Power supply1100-240V/50 - 60HZ
Natural lighting system4000K/421LM
ColorBlack, White
Warranty3 years

4. Game Pod

The game pod from Autonomous ticks all the boxes for those who need a soundproof office phone booth. This gaming pod is made for late-night adventures when you don't want to disturb the surrounding people. You can work up a movie theatre and game all night without worrying about any noise escaping. This game pod from Autonomous is also a great option to hold important confidential meetings with your clients.

workpod for gamer

5. Hive 6 Person Pod

Like a beehive, this pod is made in an attractive hexagonal shape. So welcome your office to the modern century when you place these tiny work pods for interactive sessions between teams. Schools, colleges, and universities have flocked to these pods because they provide vast private study and conversation places while still looking stylish.

The Hive 6 person pod is futuristic, a shape humans associate with familiarity and safety. Castors can be added to the base, allowing you to move the pod around to make your working environment interesting.

6. MOD Greet Work Pod

These office phone booths are designed for the next generation of workers who prefer a softer, more residential work environment. The Mod Edge Greet pod comes with a specialized new colorful RAL palette to bring gentler, calmer colors into the workspace for this reason. The facilities include controlled LED lighting and air systems, perfect for attaining working goals.

The Mod Edge Greet Pod is an excellent addition to any collaborative environment. It also has double glazed panels, glass doors, and a sound-absorbing ceiling, giving it acoustic properties.

MOD Greet office phone booth pod

7. Zenbooth Solo Work Pod

Why spend double the money when you only need to get the job done for one? The Zenbooth solo work pod is a cheap and affordable investment that gives you a reliable private home office setup. The office phone booth design comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose from the solo, dual and even quad work pod. The best thing about Zenbooth solo is that the exterior is made up of solid wood, providing you with complete privacy.

8. Wallenium Acoustic Pods

Silent Spaces, a collection of soundproof acoustic pods from Wallenium that includes the "Space 1" phone booth, is just one of the company's products. Acoustic soundproof glass partition walls and solid or glass mobile walls are also available.

Their work pods are known to prevent the next level of privacy and ergonomics with all their features. You will get an installed LED lighting system. a workstation with adjustable legs for ergonomic working, and acoustic panels on both walls and ceiling for the maximum level of privacy.

Wallenium Acoustic office phone booth pods

9. Calmo Two Person Pods

Two-person pods are ideally used for remote workers who have one-on-one client interaction. These pods provide the right workspace to focus fully and do the job without any external distraction. The same is the case with this calmo two-person pod. This work pod is built with tough laminate glass and classy color. The black and white combination gives a modern impression of its own.

With a modern design, the pod also offers many modern features. You will get USB charging ports, LED lights, motion servers, and aerating ventilation fans to keep the pod at the optimum temperature.

10. Aegis Solo Pod

If you work in a company or have a company that involves many client interactions, then Aegis solo pod is one of your safest bets. Not only ideal for separate home offices, but this office phone booth is also a great option to get the right level of quiet right in the middle of a busy workplace. The 50 mm acoustic panels reduce the noise levels, and the best part is the easy installation. You can place this tiny yet workable pod anywhere you like with zero to no tools required.

11. Room Phonebooth Meeting Pod

Room is a famous company for office pods and privacy pods. You can find all kinds of work pods and create your own prefab backyard office setup. With room phone booths and office pods, you can choose from focus rooms, open and closed meeting rooms, and a single-person office phone booth. The best thing about room work pods is that they have a built-in desk, so you don't have to buy one separately. They also come with an LED light setup to create the desired illumination.

Room Phonebooth Meeting Pod

12. Zoom Room from Thinktanks

If IKEA's assembling procedures inspire you, you will be glad to have the Zoom Room by Thinktanks. The company has designed this office booth to have a snap-style assembly that comes with a hand tool which is required for assembling the pieces.

The good part is that this phone booth includes an office furniture set too. Its electric locks ensure you stay safe and secure inside while you are attending zoom meetings or working on any specific tasks. If you work in an open office space or at a home office, you will need some privacy to attend a zoom meeting or a client’s call. The Zoom Room provides you with that.

You can easily equip them with standing desks and chairs to have an ergonomic work experience. Since it is designed to dampen any surrounding noise, this phone booth ensures you can focus on your meetings and tasks in the best way. 

13. 2 Person Booth from Thinktanks

Certain tasks are there at work that require two people to brainstorm together. However, they still need some privacy and like working or meeting in an environment where they are not distracted by any other office worker. A 2-Person Booth is the best room phone booth for such people. The interesting fact is that this office phone booth is available in five different colors.

The booth is designed to have LED lighting and two ventilation fans, ensuring you and your colleague can work in a well-lit, cool environment. Its feet are designed in a way that they dampen any sound in the surrounding. So, once you are inside this booth, you are separated from any sort of outside distraction. 

14. 6 Person Pod from Thinktanks

If your gatherings with the client are slightly bigger, you will enjoy having focused meetings inside the 6-Person Pod by Thinktanks. The pod is furnished with comfortable couches, a meeting desk, USB and AC power, and four ventilation fans. In addition, there is LED lighting that ensures you have a well-lit workspace.

The soundproof glasses ensure that you are not distracted while working inside this pod. You may use this pod as a backyard office. Since its glass is tempered and it has an aluminum frame, you can trust its strength and durability. All that with sound-dampening feet makes this office phone pod a considerable choice as an office phone booth.

6 Person Pod from Thinktanks

15. 8 – 10 Persons Pod from Thinktanks

If you have a team of eight to ten people and you want to keep all hands on board in some important project, you can consider the Thinktanks 8 – 10 Person Pod. This spacious office pod comes with eight chairs and a long floating desk. There are six ventilation fans that feature a low noise positive pressure turbine system that throws fresh air inside the pod.

The air circulates every two minutes and ensures your room stays well-ventilated. Like the other models, this variant also has sound-dampening feet that ensure you have a soundproof work environment. Overall, its efficient LED lighting, USB port, and power supply make this large soundproof phone booth a complete package. 

16. Backyard Office Pod from Thinktanks

If you are inspired by the idea of having a backyard office shed, you can consider the Thinktanks Backyard Office Pod an ideal choice. The company has designed a cozy private workspace in the shape of this pod. Since this pod can be enclosed via electronic locks, it is quite safe. The good part is that this pod comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to make any fixtures when you buy it.

It is large enough to accommodate two to four people at a time. Its double-laminated glass makes it a durable choice. Instead of a ventilation fan, this variant comes with a cool air conditioner. Although the furniture is optional in this variant, you get all the other basic facilities built-in inside this pod.

Backyard Office Pod from Thinktanks

17. 8-Person Backyard Office Pod from Thinktanks

Lastly, the 8-Person Backyard Office Pod is a considerable office phone booth in the market. If you compare it to a studio pod, this pod is relatively larger. It is one of the most premium options in the market, so it comes with a big price tag.

As far as the additional features are concerned, you get all the basic amenities and the highest-quality acoustic sound panels. Since it is available in two different colors, you can pick the one that complements your backyard. Overall, it is a cool place to work on important tasks while avoiding distractions.

Sum Up

Above are the nine best options of office phone booths in the market today. Hope this article is helpful for you to pick out the best one for your needs and improve work productivity.

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