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What Is the Best Office Standing Desk with a Modern Design for 2021?
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What Is the Best Office Standing Desk with a Modern Design for 2021?

|Jun 15, 2021

Standing desks have become increasingly popular lately because of the exceptional benefits you can expect to receive from incorporating this ergonomic furniture in your office workspace. From this massive demand, many options have been manufactured and placed on the market.

The endless number of standing desks on the market can make it challenging to find the best one with a modern design for your ergonomic workspace. However, you shouldn’t fear, as we have created this list to help make your search less daunting.

We have searched far and wide to help you find the best office standing desk with a modern design for your 2021 workspace. Continue reading to find out what office sit-stand desk is right for your office setup.

Why Should You Include a Standing Desk in Your Office Space?

You’re likely to pay a hefty price when investing in a standing desk manufactured with a modern design for your office workspace. Hence, many office workers don’t believe it’s worthwhile to invest in an office sit stand desk.

That's why most employees grit their teeth and fight through the immense shoulder, neck, and back pain they feel when using an ordinary office design. However, the price for an electric standing desk design is worth it when you consider the incredible advantages you receive.


One of the most well-liked features of a standing desk is that you can enhance the amount of time you spend standing each day while still being on top of your workload. Sitting for extended periods can cause tension to build on your spine and lower back, making for an uncomfortable working environment.

However, increasing your standing can negate these adverse effects and reduce the strain placed on your body. This doesn’t only enhance your comfort, but increases your productivity and mood while better your circulation. These are benefits that you can’t reap when using a traditional office desk.  

What Are the Benefits of a Modern Design in Your Workspace?

Office sit-stand desks are beneficial to your body and mind, but the design of your adjustable desk can also come with advantages when constructed with a modern design. Firstly, an office standing desk with a modern design can impress clients and boost the integrity and quality customers believe you to have.


You can create an impressive appearance if your office is sleek and professional looking. Your modern ergonomic standing desk can display that you mean business, which is an excellent quality to have when you’re presenting this space to any stakeholders.

Moreover, a modern workspace can be motivating. You might not work well in an area that looks outdated and cluttered. However, an electric office standing desk with a modern design helps make your working space look more inviting, fresh, open, and productive.   

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Office Sit Stand Desk?

Various elements are making up a modern office chair that needs to be considered before you ultimately purchase one. Some of these features include the price of your desired standing desk. Having a budget can help you limit the number of options and rule out those that are too expensive or too cheap.

As we have mentioned before, electric office sit-stand desks are the cheapest. Hence, you should be realistic when setting your budget. Another element that needs to be considered is the height range. If you're a taller or shorter individual, this is especially important.


Having a standing desk that can accommodate your specific height range from sitting or standing is essential. If your office sit-stand desk isn't high enough to match your standing position or low enough to align with your seated one, you can potentially cause more harm to your spine and posture. That's why it's crucial for you to find a suitable height range. A L-shaped standing desk can help to save space for you if you have a small office.

You also want to make sure your modern office standing desk doesn't create a lot of noise when adjusting from a seated to a standing position. Some motorized systems are quiet and produce less than 45 decibels while others can be pretty noisy, leading to disruptions in your workspace. These are disruptions you want to avoid, which is why a modern office standing desk that generates little noise is a must-have in your workspace.

What Is the Best Office Standing Desk for Your Modern Workspace?

You're faced with a relatively difficult issue, as you're shopping in an overly saturated market with a wide array of options to choose from. However, we have made your decision a lot easier by formulating this list of our top picks for the best office standing desk.

Our goal in creating this list was to help you find the right office sit-stand desk for your workspace so that you can enjoy the exceptional benefits that come with this ergonomic furniture. Here are our top 10 picks to help you choose:

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is constructed with heavy-duty stainless-steel standing desk legs. Included in this structure is a dual-motorized system that offers robust yet quiet adjustments when moving from a sitting to a standing position.

smartdesk pro

Additionally, the desk can easily hold as much as 330 lbs. This weight capacity ensures you have enough space to carry all the items you need throughout your normal working day. Moreover, reaching this weight capacity doesn’t adversely affect the desk’s motorized system, nor hinder its ability to make transitions quickly.

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is entirely customizable and versatile. Hence, you can easily fit this modern office desk into any workspace. The modern design can enhance your workstation and make it look more sleek, clean, and professional. You also have a keypad programmed with four pre-set height adjustments. This helps you make transitions easily with little disruption being caused in your work area.

2. IKEA Bekank

Although commonly found in college dorm rooms, these standing desks offer incredible performance while also being budget-friendly. The low-price tag allows you to enhance the ergonomics in your workspace without emptying your bank account to afford this modern office standing desk.

You can effortlessly adjust your desk to either sit or stand while you’re working. However, these mechanisms aren’t as high performance as other options on this list. Nonetheless, these basic features are incorporated to accommodate the price. It also only supports a weight capacity of 154 lbs while the maximum height range is 48 inches. Hence, it’s not an ideal option for taller office workers.

3. Eureka i1 Standing Desk

This Eureka i1 Modern Office Standing Desk is an exceptional option if you’re wanting to enhance the ergonomics in your workspace without breaking the bank. This ergonomic adjustable desk for the office is equipped with many impressive features.


It’s constructed with a black matte desktop that’s built with rubber coating protection and high strength density board for increased durability, making it easy to clean, stain, and water-proof. Moreover, the foundation incorporates anti-collision technology, balance protection, and a self-locking system. These inclusions guarantee you gain the best performance while changing positions throughout your working day.

When purchasing this ergonomic office desk, you also receive four programmable presets to adjust to your preferred height quickly and conveniently every time. Overall, the features included in this desk allow you to work efficiently while standing for more extended periods.

4. GeekDesk v3 Standing Desk

This GeekDesk is manufactured with a modern design of adjustable desk for office and high-performance features while being affordable. Even though the design is a little more basic than other options on this list, these features are equipped with decent specs. You have three different sizing options to customize the desktop size and accommodate your specific workload.

geekdesk v3

Nonetheless, the desk can’t hold more than 275 lbs, making it an unsuitable option for office workers who need their desks to hold a great load during their working day. Moreover, transitioning from a sitting to a standing position is slower when compared to other models.

5. MultiTable Mod-E Electric Standing Desk

One of the best electric modern office standing desks on the market is this MultiTable Mod-E model. It’s equipped with an exceptionally fast transition rate, allowing you to change from a sitting to a standing position rapidly. The motorized system generates a transit speed of 2 inches per second.

Nonetheless, this fast transition speed comes at a price. While adjusting the desk’s height, more noise is created. With a sound level of 75 decibels, this is one of the noisiest modern office standing desks on this list. The noise level is especially drastic when you compare it to the Autonomous Desk Eureka's 45-decibel noise generation.

The height range might be too short to accommodate taller office workers. Furthermore, the desk's stability deteriorates as this height increases. This is because of the low-quality and ineffective crossbar. 

6. Uplift V2 Standing Desk

This modern office standing desk available from Uplift offers a basic design that helps users enhance the ergonomics offered in their workstations. The beauty of investing in this standing desk is that you don't need to spend a fortune. You can raise the desk to your desired height with the robust adjusting feature.


Moreover, the digital controller included in the desk’s design makes it more effortless to transition from a sitting to a standing position. You can set four programmable height preferences for easy adjusting. Nonetheless, the stability decreases as you increase the height.

7. Jarvis Adjustable Office Desk

Another low-cost option on this list is the Jarvis Adjustable Office Desk. It’s the perfect addition for office workers wanting a more comfortable working environment without breaking your budget. Moreover, you receive a decent warranty with customized features that provide enhanced stability.


Nonetheless, the desktop included in this design is made from high-pressure laminate, lacking durability when compared to 3D lamination. Additionally, the speed of this motorized system is slower than other desks on this list with a rate of 1.25 inches per second.

8. iMovR Lander Desk

One of the best ergonomic standing desks on the market is the iMovR Lander Desk. This desk is well-liked for having a revolutionary design with two main features. It comes almost completely pre-assembled while you only need to put it together. This takes mere seconds while no tools are needed.


Another unmatched feature is the intuitively controlled hand paddle. This component in the standing desk's design effortlessly adjusts the height to your specific optimal height.  

9. Eureka E60 Office Sit-Stand Desk

Are you looking for a high-tech, durable, robust, state-of-art base and features incorporated in your modern office standing desk? Well, you can stop looking because the Eureka E60 is the right choice for you.

All of the elements making up this Eureka model’s design make for an exceptional product for office workers who want a more comfortable working environment. This adjustable standing desk is equipped with a five-year warranty. However, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

10. VariDesk ProDesk 60 Adjustable Standing Desk

Your ergonomic needs are met when choosing the VariDesk standing desk. This modern adjustable desk for office comes almost entirely preassembled, which is undeniably convenient. Nonetheless, this adjustable office desk is a costly investment that many office workers might not be able to afford.


Additionally, it also incorporates an outdated ‘knee crushing’ crossbar. Moreover, this model lacks basic customization features, which might be a problem for office workers who want to have this desk fit their specific office workspace. 

The Bottom Line

It's vital that you understand the role of an office standing desk's quality, as this determines the effectiveness of such a product. Hence, a poor-quality modern office standing desk can't enhance your workspace ergonomics and help you reap the benefits of standing for long periods like a high-quality one can.

That’s why it would be best to invest in a high-quality and motorized standing desk office design, like the products offered by Autonomous, to make the most out of your modern office workstation.

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