Best Places to Buy Office Furniture in London Ontario Canada
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Best Places to Buy Office Furniture in London Ontario Canada

|Jan 29, 2024

There are many amazing furniture stores in Ontario; however, if you are shopping specifically in the London area, make sure to buy from one of the 5 stores listed below. All of the office furniture in London Ontario stores mentioned in this article ensure quality and value-to-money. However, you still need to read the reviews in detail to understand which store is ideal for the product and style you desire.

5 Best Places to Buy Office Furniture in London Ontario

1. Autonomous Online Store

The first store on our list is the Autonomous online store, that offers the best wholesale office furniture in London, Ontario. The star products at the store are ergonomic office chairs and standing desk, as both of these products come in multiple variants built to meet the requirements of every kind of office worker. If you are looking for a comfortable office chair in London Ontario, there is nothing better than Autonomous Chair pro and Autonomous Chair curve. The design of the chairs with a curved back allows the spine to stay in its natural position, allowing you to work for longer hours without getting tired. On the other hand, standing desks come with modern controls and features, including collision sensors to avoid damage. Almost every product you will find at the store ensures high durability, material quality, and modern features.

Autonomous Online Store - Office Furniture London Ontario

Buy with Bulk Order Program

The best part of shopping from the Autonomous online store is its bulk order program. The program allows you to buy all your office equipment at a wholesale rate, which allows owners to get high-end desks and chairs for their employees without spending a fortune. Moreover, adding more items to your cart also increases the overall discount you get on your purchase, so make sure to choose a product and buy the maximum quantity you can get.

Autonomous bulk order

2. Atwork

If you want a furniture store that follows all the trends of Furniture in Ontario, Atwork is your place to visit. The store has been operating in the field since 1983, which has given their team enough experience to build Furniture for both small and large office spaces with ease. Once you are at the store, the first category you need to check is the top-rated office chairs, where you will find top ergonomic office chairs, including ICON Q2 Mesh Back and Mesh Back Ignition 2.0.

On the other hand, for office desk in London Ontario, you can select from various categories including reception desks, standing desks, and l shaped desks. One major advantage of getting a desk from Atwork is that you can get the desk parts separately as well. There are 10 different parts listed with multiple variants of tabletop and desk frames. Atwork is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy home office furniture in London Ontario.

Atwork Office Furniture London Ontario

3. Jennings Furniture

Jenning's Furniture is the second oldest furniture store in Canada, as they have been operating in the market since 1885. The store is quite popular for its traditional home office furniture in London Ontario. Most of the furniture items at the store ensure durability and quality, with most of the designs built with a mix of old and new styles. Although there are limited office furniture products at the store, the ones available for purchase are so unique that they make up for the lack of variety. To improve the shopping experience, the store has introduced a virtual tour of the showroom where you can get a 3D view of the store and stroll around the showroom without physically visiting the place. For people shopping on limited budgets, there is a clearance section that lists all the items currently on sale for you to get, so make sure you check it out as well.

Jennings Furniture

4. The Office Shop

For office supplies in London Ontario, the office shop is your place to go. The wide range of products at the store allows the customer to find exactly what he needs. From workstations to office desks to reception furniture, you will find almost anything you can think of. Furthermore, these categories have their subcategories as well, with the table section allowing you to choose from modern educational tables, collaborative tables, and many more design categories. While you are at the store, we highly recommend checking out the ergonomics section, where you will find ergonomic chairs and equipment that help boost employee performance through better posture at work. However, before making the final purchase, make sure you get the office furniture consultation and space planning service, which reduces the risk of getting the wrong size and design for your office. Used home office furniture in London Ontario is also available at the store as well, with a professional team assisting you to choose the right used Furniture.

The Office Shop

5. Austin and Taylor

Austin and Taylor is another great store for home office furniture in London Ontario. The one category highly recommended for you to check is the home office chairs, where you will find the Stressless Series chairs with more than 100 different products available for you to choose from. On the other hand, storage items such as cabinets and bookcases are also available for the ones looking who love their office items organized. Although the variety of items for categories other than chairs is very limited, the ones available are all worth buying. With 170 years of experience and 6 generations evolving the designs with one step after another, the furniture store is constantly moving up in the market in terms of quality and affordable Furniture.

Austin and Taylor


Now that you have the top 5 stores for office furniture in London Ontario, make sure you choose the one that fits best with your office space, budget, and requirements. Furthermore, if the store offers third party products, you also need to check the name of the brand it is offering. The more popular the brand is, the better the quality it provides.

Good luck finding your ideal furniture, and we hope you have a great shopping journey ahead.

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