Best Places to Shop for Office Chairs in the UK
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Best Places to Shop for Office Chairs in the UK

|Dec 27, 2020

The choice of office chair affects the quality of work, health of employees, and aesthetics of the workplace. The significance of having ergonomically suitable furniture in the workplace is increasing day by day. Thanks to the awareness and decades of research that emphasize the health of employees. As per research, 80% of adults experience back pain due to poor posture and stress on the lower back for long hours.

One major reason for this physical stress is improper seating arrangement and careless attitude towards office ergonomics. If you are looking to buy an office chair in the UK or finding the best office chair buying guide in the UK then making an informed choice is highly significant.

Since investments like an ergonomic office chair are huge, it's not possible to replace your furniture every other year. To choose the best ergonomic chair and helpful tips for buying an office chair in the UK, here are some factors to consider and some of the best places to buy an office chair in the UK.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Chair

To buy office chairs online and make sure you make the best choice in this regard, it is important to set certain standards. These standards help you filter out the best chairs for your workplace and rule out those that won't serve your best interests. Although the choice of office chair varies from place to place, and each organization or even an employee has a different priority, here are some factors that help you make the filtration process much easier.

Adjustable Height

Office chairs are always bought in bulk, and bulk orders do not offer customization unless you pay extra. Considering that each employee does not have the same height nor body type, having a height-adjustable system in an office chair is a must.

Adjustable Height

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of an office chair depends on the strength of the frame. A stronger frame holds more weight as compared to a weaker one. The weight capacity is usually written on the box or informed by the seller. Make sure to choose a product a few pounds greater than your desired weight.

Seat Material

The seat material adds to the aesthetics of the as well as the comfort. The seat portion of the chair and the armrests and back of the chair should be appropriately cushioned to provide support. The padding should be firm enough that your weight is supported by the chair but not so hard that you can feel the sections of the chair poking beneath.


Although it may seem self-evident, not all office chairs swivel. Static chairs are suitable for those who do not need to move throughout their job; nevertheless, if you do need to move, even merely to reach something, it is crucial that your chair can swivel, so you do not twist, and therefore damage, your back.

Back Rest

Back rest and back support in a work chair is an essential factor. If the chair has to be ergonomically strong and suitable, it shouldn't add any pressure to the upper or lower back. By adjusting the backrest to the position, the user can relieve any strain on their upper back, reducing tension on their muscles and vertebrae. Good lumbar support keeps the spine in its natural curved ‘S' form, preventing overworking of the muscles around the spine.

Back Rest

The Best Places to Buy Office Chairs in the UK

Experts have recommended using a great ergonomic chair or a chair that adjusts to your posture to get rid of that backache. Investing in a good chair once can reverse the negative repercussions of poor sitting practices over the years. It is also a great way to work and remain attentive.

A great office chair also increases your energy levels and boosts productivity by minimizing physical fatigue. Since the unnecessary strain from your back and shoulders is lifted off, you are not subjected to physical stresses. Here are some of the top places to buy office chairs in the UK.

1. Autonomous

If you want to buy an office chair in the UK, you cannot ignore the Autonomous. Autonomous is a wholesale office store ideal for bulk office furniture orders. The idea of autonomous is to create a modern workplace for you with all the suitable hybrid furniture and other smart office accessories. The company sells high-quality furniture in bulk and even in small amounts to transition your workplace into a safer, smooth, and efficient organization. Autonomous offers a wide collection of ergonomic chairs for both adults and kids.


2. Sihoo

The School office chair is an ergonomically designed office chair. It is a great mesh office chair in the UK with a design and structure that supports your whole back. For people who complain about backache while sitting, the school work chair will support their backbone with a suitable design that doesn't put any unnecessary strain on your body.



Ikea has one of the best collections when it comes to reclining chair offices in the UK. Not only are their chairs made ergonomically efficient, but they are also very aesthetically pleasing. Ikea brings office chairs with various helpful features such as height adjustment, back support, back adjustment, and chair lock for added stability.


4. Herman Miller

The Herman Miller Aeron chair line is one of the best office chairs recognized worldwide for its durability and comfort. This is one of the best places for you to buy an office chair in the UK.This chair results from years of research and healthy practices combined to deliver a smart and strong option. Although the series is a little pricier, with the options such as customization, the deal is a great catch.

5. Human Scale

Diffrient is a line of chairs by Humanscale, and there are several versions to pick from. The Diffrient World is a simple meshwork chair designed for long-ish periods, but it may not give the support you need if you're going to be seated for 8+ hours a day. It offers lumbar support, adjustable height, and armrests and can adapt to your body weight, ensuring that whoever sits in it has the right recline. It is an ideal place for you to buy an office chair in the UK

Human Scale

6. GT Player

GT Player

Serving multiple purposes, the GT player chairs are ideal for both gaming and office work. Once you are done with the work, switch to your consoles and enjoy a fun gaming session with your homies. The chair is made with extra cushioning at the seat and the back. The armrests add to the versatility, and the bonded leather adds to the comfortable touch and great aesthetics.

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