Best Practices To Sustain And Measure Employee Engagement

Best Practices To Sustain And Measure Employee Engagement

|May 3, 2021

Employee engagement is quintessential to the growth of every organization. If your employees cannot align their ideologies with the company’s vision, it can cause several roadblocks in the future.

There are various practices that can help you to gauge your employees in order to measure their engagement. The data derived from this practice will also help the organization to correct mistakes from their end if any.

If you are looking forward to planning similar activities for your personnel, dive into this article and grasp every sub-heading to organize an efficient session. These activities have been chosen from a bigger pool of suggestions to provide you with the most stellar suggestions. If you want to gather more details about this topic, you can also check this article on improving employee engagement.

What Is Employee Engagement?

what is

Employee engagement measures the amount of passion and drive that the employees show while working for the organization. It is entirely different from employee satisfaction because that is a basic necessity.

Employee engagement involves the extra mile that any employee covers for the company. It can be a small effort to build the company’s goodwill or to take up some extra work for a few days. To achieve this stage, the company has to imbibe the same level of dedication for its employees.

What Drives Employee Engagement?

Each employee’s drive to perform can be significantly different from that of the other. That is why the driving factors have been enclosed in multiple subheads to accommodate all of them. The two general categories are organizational drivers and managerial drivers. Both of these categories have been chosen after a plethora of research so that the results can be perfect. Understanding those drivers helps you easily measure employee engagement. 

Organizational Drivers

There are many employees who get motivated with the thought of their entire organization. Every minor detail related to the company adds value to them, and therefore it is the organization’s duty to uphold its expectations.

organizational drivers

A few of the major drivers are

  • The involvement of the leaders to constantly contribute towards a better and efficient workplace. It motivates the employees to replicate the actions that their leaders have taken.
  • The innate feeling of trust in reference to the trajectory that the leaders have set. If the employees do not respect their leaders’ plans, it can get complicated for them to be on the same page.
  • Another crucial driver is the sense of belongingness that every employee feels. If they think that their actions are adding value to the company, they will be fired up to enhance their offering.
  • The common courtesy portrayed by the leaders also makes a vital difference in the overall horizon of employee engagement. If the leaders are kind and considerate, the employees will also move towards a harmonious state of mind.
  • The actions of investment in the personnel is also a critical factor that helps the employees feel more connected. It can be as basic as replacing their standard chairs and desks with ergonomic office chairs and office standing desks. If you make up your mind to buy furniture in bulk, you can check this website out for bulk office furniture order and packages.

Management Drivers

The smoothness of operations on a daily basis also acts as an excellent incentive for the employees to show up at work. This smoothness can only be attained after achieving positive dynamics with people handling managerial roles. If you have a splendid relationship with your supervisor, your work-life balance will also be stable.

management drivers

A few of the major drivers are as follows

  • The availability of proper office equipment adds to the efficiency of employees. It is a fixed investment that will derive long-lasting benefits.
  • Decentralization of power is also associated with positive results. If the employees have adequate authority to act on their potent instincts, they will be willing to contribute.

How To Measure Employee Engagement

Now that you are aware of the general engagement drivers, it is time to dive into the specific activities to measure employee engagement that have been designed to achieve the same results.

1. Random Surveys


It would help if you circulated random surveys to record the candid reactions of employees. It will help you to register their mood randomly to have better clarity about their behavior. The key thing to keep in mind about this employee engagement measure tool is the recurrence.

The more times it is circulated, the more data you can derive. The action of measuring employee engagement should also motivate the employees to fill in factual information so that they can take remedial measures. Honesty is the sole basis for its success.

2. Drivers Analysis

survey analysis

As mentioned above, the analysis for an employee’s drivers has to be personalized since every result is subjective. Once an employee’s psyche is broken down into smaller fragments, you will have better control over coming up with suggestions to engage them.

You can introduce various plans and activities according to the information that you receive for measuring employee engagement. There will be some employees in a shared pool, while some will be in an entirely different quadrant.

3. Listen To Your Employees

If you are conducting these activities of measuring employee engagement for the sake of corporate responsibility, you can never derive proper results. It is imperative to pay heed to your personnel’s suggestions and then further implement them.

Once you start listening to your employees, they will be more vocal about their emotions.

4. Team Building Exercises

team building

Before building a better bond between employees, these exercises act as a mirror and employee engagement measure tool depicting the involvement of each employee. It is vital to foster employee engagement, and these activities help to determine a primary picture. If you want to read more about the same, you can check out more on foster employee engagement.

Final Words

Be it physically working in an office space or working online from home, the importance of employee engagement stays unfettered. It can be difficult to engage employees when they are at their homes, but it can be doable with the right set of tools for measuring employee engagement. You can read more about remote employee engagement tools here. Happy engagement!

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