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What Is the Best Standing Desk Mat for Your Ergonomic Workspace?
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What Is the Best Standing Desk Mat for Your Ergonomic Workspace?

|Jun 21, 2021

With more office employees working remotely, you likely find yourself stationary for even more extended periods. Excessive sitting can have devastating effects on your body.

Remaining seated for extended periods can place a great deal of strain on your feet, legs, and knees. Nonetheless, many standing desk accessories can be used to combat these adverse effects. One of these products is an office standing desk mat, which can help you stand more comfortably for extended periods.

You may think that all of these anti-fatigue mats for standing desks are built the same and offer similar performance. However, this isn’t true, as there are many options (with varied performances) to choose from. Hence, making it challenging to find the right one.

We have created this list of the best anti-fatigue mats for standing desk workspaces to help make your decision easier. Continue reading to find out more.

How Is Workplace Fatigue Caused?

How Is Workplace Fatigue Caused?

Fatigue is more than feeling tired. This can have a drastic impact on your business's productivity levels, which is why employees suffering from workplace fatigue should be avoided. However, it can be difficult trying to prevent this from happening if you're not entirely sure what is causing you to feel this way. That’s why identifying what is the cause in the first place can be beneficial.

Some of the reasons you might experience workplace fatigue include:

  • Disrupted sleep or sleep loss.
  • Prolonged or intense physical or mental activity.
  • Organizational change.
  • Travel.
  • Irregular working scheduling or excessively long shifts.
  • Strenuous activities.
  • Long commutes to and from the office.
  • Extremely cold and hot working environments.  

What Effect Does Fatigue Have in an Office?

What Effect Does Fatigue Have in an Office?

Fatigue has tangible effects on the workplace. One of the most concerning problems caused by this worker fatigue includes increased rates of injuries and accidents while lower productivity and poor decision-making are also prominent issues.

Nonetheless, you can negate these common issues associated with fatigue by implementing specific ergonomic smart office accessories into your workplace. A well-liked anti-fatigue accessory is an adjustable desk mat.

Why Should You Combine Anti-Fatigue with a Standing Desk?

Why Should You Combine Anti-Fatigue with a Standing Desk?

You might think that your problems are solved once you’ve incorporated a standing desk in your workspace. These products help enhance the ergonomics at the office, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely safe from fatigue.

That’s why a mat for sit-stand desk is the right option for you. Ergonomic adjustable desk mats are equipped to take the discomfort commonly caused for standing for long periods while reducing foot pressure and stimulating circulation.

When combined with a solid ergonomic standing workstation and durable anti-fatigue mat office accessory, these setups can reduce the stress placed on your lower back, legs, and neck.

What Are the Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Standing?

Brands have received many different anti-fatigue mats for your standing desk workstation. However, not all of these accessories offer the same benefits, which can make it difficult trying to find the right one. Luckily, we have done all the research and picked out the best standing desk pad options the market has to offer to help make your decision easier.

Here are our top standing desk tips and picks for the best adjustable desk mat:

1. Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Mat

Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Mat

The anti-fatigue ergonomic mat available from Autonomous is known as one of the best available on the market. It’s engineered to encourage micro-movements that are necessary to reduce any possible strain or stiffness. It doesn’t matter how long you’re standing, you’re supported by this ergonomic standing desk pad.

Many customers enjoyed that the product is equipped to be anti-slip and abrasion-resistant while also being designed with vegan leather. Moreover, reviewers were surprised by the excellent durability offered when using this Autonomous standing desk mat because of its tear resistance.

One reviewer claimed that this standing desk mat offered exceptional support to their lumbar and pelvic area. When standing on it for longer periods, they felt it kept their spine balanced while relieving back pain. It also drastically improved the user’s standing posture, which kept them energized while working at their desk.

2. Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

A handful of customers have described this standing desk pad as being as soft as a cloud. One reviewer has even gone on to state that it feels like he’s wearing ‘cloud shoes.’ When using this ergonomic mat for a sit-stand desk workstation, many individuals claimed that they felt more energized while working.

For many of these customers, the experience was ‘hard to believe’ because they were so comfortable. All aches and pains they previously felt simply vanished into thin air when using this anti-fatigue standing mat with one customer stating that he felt 10 years younger.

Another customer claimed that the slip-resistant mat helps alleviate the symptoms of their plantar fascia. This was due to the cushioning conveniently positioned against the customer's arch. One of the best reviews we saw was from one client claiming that this anti-fatigue mat was the Goldilocks of ergonomic mats. In their words, 'It isn't too soft, not too hard, and the price is just right.'

When researching what people had to say about this mat for sit-stand desks, we found many users who said they could stand all day without thinking too much about it nor feeling any pressure or tension build-up. Many reviewers appreciate the exceptional balance offered in the cushioning that cradles their feet. 

3. AmazonBasics Premium Mat for a Sit-Stand Desk

AmazonBasics Premium Mat for a Sit-Stand Desk

Most reviewers bought this standing desk pad to address the foot and back pain experienced while working at their adjustable desk all day. One reviewer used this mat because he couldn’t conduct work on his couch while standing was too painful.

He stated that the mat is an excellent addition to relieve some of the stress on his lower body while he hasn't experienced upper body aches since implementing this anti-fatigue mat office accessory into his ergonomic workstation.

Another reviewer claimed that they now can comfortably stand for up to eight hours while the mat remains in pristine condition. This is because of the excellent durability included in the mat’s design. One customer described the mat as durable, springy, and cheap.

The quality is especially surprising considering the cheap price. Many clients were shocked because they were under the impression that they had to spend more than $40 dollars to get a decent standing desk mat, but the value offered with this pad is incredible.

4. ComfiLife Slip-Resistant Standing Desk Mat

ComfiLife Slip-Resistant Standing Desk Mat

Not only is this standing desk pad comfortable and well-cushioned, but it also doesn't slip, even if it's placed on a hardwood floor. One reviewer was surprised by how good of quality this mat was and said that it even worked well when placed on laminate wood floors. However, whether you like this mat for sit-stand desks can come down to preference, as it boasts a gel-like texture.

Another customer said that the standing desk pad is the same size as a bath mat, which helps give an idea of how it's likely to fit in your workspace. This standing desk mat reviewer either uses the mat while barefoot or in socks while it's very comfortable to stand on for extended periods. Nonetheless, we found that the most well-liked feature was its slip resistance.

5. NewLife GelPro Standing Desk Mat

NewLife GelPro Standing Desk Mat

One thing that stood out for reviewers is the gel material included in this standing desk mat. A customer was extremely pleased with this purchase and stated that they had no idea there was such a significant difference in gel mats. They went on to say that none measured up to the performance of this NewLife GelPro Mat.

Another reviewer claims that after many washes and wipes, this gel mat remains in perfect condition. After much use, the edges remain flat and the color is vibrant and fresh. One customer stated that they bought this standing desk pad after knee replacement surgery, as they were in immense pain when trying to stand. However, the mat rapidly took this pain away. 

6. Featol Store Cushioned Foam Adjustable Desk Mat

Featol Store Cushioned Foam Adjustable Desk Mat

Unlike the other firm gel standing desk mats on this list, this adjustable desk mat consists of two foam layers that perfectly conform to the user's feet. The extra cushioning offers the same features like memory foam, which ensures that customers remain comfortable and supported.

One reviewer claimed that their feet were no longer in pain anymore because of this thick foam standing desk pad. More than a dozen customers also highlighted the mat’s amazing one-inch thickness, which is greater than the other products mentioned on this list.

Another reviewer stated that this mat is the thickest and most comfortable anti-fatigue mat office accessory on the market and they depend on this product to get them through 10 hours in front of their standing desk.

When using this standing desk mat, a reviewer stated that its exceptional thickness offers good support to their high-arch feet when standing for extended periods. Many reviewers compared the foam to a cloud or waterbed for your feet.

7. Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat Office Accessory

Royal Anti-Fatigue Mat Office Accessory

Although most standing desk pads claim to be equipped with anti-fatigue properties, this Royal Anti-Fatigue mat certainly fights against any leg or foot fatigue you might be experiencing in the office. Many customers stated that this mat helped them stand on uncomfortable surfaces for extended hours without needing any supportive footwear.

One reviewer stated that they could stand at their computer barefoot without feeling any pain in their legs or back. From our research, we found that most users enjoyed that they could now stand for longer periods without feeling any tension build in the back or legs. One person even claimed to stand comfortably for eight hours while using the standing desk pad.

8. Kangaroo Original Standing Desk Mat

Kangaroo Original Standing Desk Mat

When conducting our extensive research, we found that more than 600 reviewers mentioned how much this mat helped their feet. One person claimed to have a 100 percent reduction in pain after using this standing desk mat. This made it more comfortable for the user to remain standing at their ergonomic adjustable workstation for longer periods.

Another reviewer stated that it helped with tired feet. Many office workers claimed that this mat made a massive difference in their working day. Standing on concrete all day hurt their feet, knees, ankles, and back while no foot cushion or insole made a difference.

However, employees could feel a massive change once they began using this Kangaroo Original standing desk mat. Soreness and pain in their legs and feet were drastically reduced and they could work comfortably.

There are also many reviews left about this mat admiring its incredible quality. One customer stated that the mat for sit-stand desks was very well-made and even after much use, it looked brand new – like they had just bought it the other day.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that sitting for extended periods in front of your desk can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. We’ve all struggled from the immense back, neck, and shoulder pain. That’s why an ergonomic standing desk is a brilliant option.

Nonetheless, standing can also come with its own set of problems. You might begin to feel your legs, feet, and lower back getting tired and stressed after a couple of hours. However, an anti-fatigue standing desk mat can help alleviate the foot pressure commonly associated with standing in front of your desk for a while.

Yet, each adjustable desk mat is constructed differently and includes various materials. That’s why you should only include a standing desk pad that’s equipped with high-quality materials to ensure you’re gaining optimal performance and enhanced durability.

Including the right anti-fatigue mat office accessory, like the one available from Autonomous, is the best way to ensure you remain comfortable in your workspace while also eliminating any muscle fatigue and workplace injuries.

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